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Dr. Ed Meyer
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Dr. Ed Meyer Win Streaks

  • NBA Triples finish 62-37-3 in 2013-14!!
updated: July 25 at 4:59 AM PT

MLB +15 DIMES in 2014, NBA TRIPS FINISH 62-37-4!!

We were 3-5 in baseball yesterday.  For Thursday, we have four sides and four totals including a rare TRIPLE total.  $25 for all eight.
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Thu, Jul 31 2014
7:50 AM

Apologies Dr. Ed!

The burden of being a Cooler weighs heavy.

Given it some thought.....I like your style, and the nicest thing to do is stay away. I'll keep tabs from afar, will keep an eye on your plays through a high powered telescope, and will filter your information through a variety of channels to make sure that Bernie Lootz will be far away from your radar.

Former Customer but always a fan -

Joe D aka Bernie Lootz aka The Cooler

Dr. Ed Meyer
Thu, Jul 31 2014
5:19 AM

Well, as soon as the Reds and D-Backs went over the total by scoring five runs in the ninth inning giving us a double play loser, I thought, "I wonder if JoeD bought my plays today."

Dr M.

Wed, Jul 30 2014
4:32 PM
Better luck JoeD. Your post was epic. Just bad timing.......
Wed, Jul 30 2014
3:22 PM


If you would've SDQL'd the SDQL, your SDQL would've shown you that the SDQL doesn't work in the month of July.

Wed, Jul 30 2014
3:02 PM

Gonna' try the SDQL on these next 4 goes.

Let's see, those first 4 games left a trail of vomit that can be seen from space, so let's use this....

8 game package - 1st 4 games = trail of vomit > Great Wall of China

Have got to win at least 3 of the last 4 or I may be locked out of the house, so let's use this....

8 game package - 2nd 4 games = WWW.orelsehomelessshelteron9thave.passthepipe

Alrighty then, feeling pretty good. The SDQL has confirmed my earlier suspicions.....the wisest course of action is clear......If I ever feel the need to try this again, I should go straight to the shelter, hit the pipe, and hurl my guts out until the Hubble Telescope sees the trail of what looks like thousands and thousands of dollar bills that I have wasted buying picks. Thanks SDQL!

The Cooler aka Bernie

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We were 3-5 in baseball yesterday, taking a tough beat on Arizona and Cincinnati UNDER.  For Thursday, we have four sides and four totals, including a rare TRIPLE total.  $25 for all eight plays.
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