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Dr. Ed Meyer
  • Physics PhD (Case Western Reserve)
  • Featured in New Yorker: “Brainiacs Build Money Machine!”
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Dr. Ed Meyer Win Streaks

  • NBA Triples 51-28-2 this season!! WOW!
  • 48-34-3 in 2012 NFL Hilton Contest
updated: April 18 at 4:29 AM PT

Put the power of PhD Scientists in your corner!!
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Dr. Ed Meyer
Fri, Apr 18 2014
3:22 AM

I didn't take it down.  I think it expired or something.  It is reposted now.

Thanks for the inquiry.

Dr M.

Thu, Apr 17 2014
1:17 PM
Dr. M - Did you take you mlb package down?
Dr. Ed Meyer
Sun, Apr 13 2014
3:16 PM

Thanks Freddy.  It was great to see the 42 points the Raptors scored in the first quarter.

For those who did not get the pick, the complete write-up is available at

Our forecasted final score was Toronto 115 DETROIT 104 and then Raptors won 116-107 giving us an easy winner on our Triple Dime Totals Game of the Year on Toronto and Detroit OVER 206.

Our NBA Triples are now 51-27 on the season.

Dr M.

Sun, Apr 13 2014
3:02 PM
Doc - nice win on your GOY...continued success
Sun, Apr 13 2014
6:39 AM
Hey DR. just for curiosity when was the last time you won your 3* paid play(s)?

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