Game Center Guide

The default view in the Consensus show a combination of both the Side and Total action on a given game.

“$ BET” is the total amount wagered on the side and total combined.

“CASH %” This shows what percentage of the “$ BET” is on the team and the Over or Under.

(e.g) Below a total $7,786 has been bet on the Cavaliers / Magic game SIDE & TOTAL combined.

74% of the money has been wagered on the CAVALIERS (26% on the MAGIC) and 92% on the OVER (o92%) and 8% on the UNDER.

“TICKET #” shows how many individual wagers have been placed on this game’s Side and Total.

“TICKET %” breaks down the percentage of those wagers that are on the indicated team and how many on the Over or Under.

(e.g.) Of the 36 wagers made on this game 62% are on the CAVALIERS and 58% on the OVER. (o58%)

Real time changes are indicated by flashing. The values in RED indicates an update from the last 2 minutes and the BLACK from the last 5 minutes.

By using the “BET TYPE” drop down menu you can choose to look at the SIDE or TOTAL information by themselves.

Now we can see that there has been $3,870 wagered on the game with 67% on the CAVALIERS

There have been 34 SIDE bets made with 59% on the CAVALIERS

There has been $4,921 wagered on the TOTAL with 90% on the OVER

There have been 13 wagers on the TOTAL with 54% of them on the OVER


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