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I am having trouble verifying my account. 

You will need verify your account with the link we sent to your email address.  Please note, the email may have gone to a trash or spam folder. 

If this is your first account with Pregame.com and you are still having trouble after checking your email, send us a message at support@pregame.com.

Purchased Picks

I purchased some picks. Where are they?

After purchasing a pick, you will see a "pick details" link on the confirmation page. 

In addition, at any time, you can click on the white "Purchased Picks" link above the Pregame.com logo in the top left corner of your screen.
Once you are on the "Purchased Picks" page, click on "see pick" to view. 

I bought plays from two cappers on the same game.   They are taking opposite sides.

Shoot us a message at support@pregame.com. Here are the details of our unique "opposite side insurance": 


My sign-up discount isn't working.  Why?

To access your discount, you need to verify your email by clicking on the link in the welcome email we sent to you at sign up.  You also need to have at least $10 of picks in your shopping cart.  If this the first discount for your household and you are still having trouble, send us a message at support@pregame.com

Can I use more than one discount at a time?

Discounts are limited to one per purchase.

Can I combine discounts with bulk dollars?

Bulk Dollars are a type of discount. Only one discount per purchase. 

Where are my discounts? Where are my Pregame Dollars?

Click on the "Buy Picks" tab to see your available discounts and Pregame Dollars.  To use them, simply add an item to your shopping cart, wait for your discounts to generate, and click "apply" to use one.


My posts are "in moderation."  Why is that?

We want posters who want to help each other win.  As soon as you show yourself to be that type of poster, you will be removed from moderation (often it takes only a few posts to show that). This moderation approach is used to weed out spammers and trouble-makers from our community.


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