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King Creole
  • Over/Under Expert
  • #1 apprentice to Marc Lawrence
  • Playbook writer / Creator of Totals Tipsheet
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NFL pre-season WEEK ONE Over / Under TEAM tendencies

Week One (OU record and average PPG)

Philadelphia 4-0 O/U (52.0)… Chicago 4-0 O/U (43.5)… Carolina 4-0 O/U (41.8)… Los Angeles 7-1 O/U (40.8)… Indianapolis 5-1 O/U (45.1)… Seattle 5-1 O/U (40.5)… Atlanta 9-2 O/U (44.4)… Baltimore 3-1 O/U (47.8)… Jacksonville 8-3 O/U (42.8).

San Francisco 0-5 O/U (25.0)… Green Bay 0-4 O/U (30.0)… Pittsburgh 1-9 O/U (30.1)… Minnesota 1-4 O/U (22.6)… Washington 1-4 O/U (29.0)… NY Giants 1-4 O/U (37.4)… Arizona, Dallas, New England, NY Jets, Oakland 1-3 O/U.

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Sun, Feb 21 2016
9:46 PM
just another tuff day.. lets bounce back
Sun, Feb 21 2016
9:45 PM
lots of red. lots of reddddddddd. lets goooo
Fri, Feb 5 2016
10:05 PM
King Creole= Happy Mardi Gras Sir. Kudos to you on your under total on Celtics/Cavaliers NBA game!$$$ BOL
Sat, Jan 23 2016
10:44 PM
King Creole, any weather update for this weekend's games?
Sat, Jan 23 2016
9:48 AM
King. Anyway to ask you a question about your pick off the message boards

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