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Turkey Day OVER / UNDER research

Turkey Day OVER / UNDER results

One of the things that I'LL be thankful for on Thursday are three VERY compelling division games on the Turkey Day schedule. There are Playoff implications in ALL three of Thursday's games. And the NFC Conference takes center stage. The pattern as of late is for these Turkey Day games to be high scoring. Last year, these games went a perfect 3-0 O/U: Packers @ Lions OVER... Raiders @ Cowboys OVER (which we used as a Tipsheet winner in 2013)... and Steelers @ Ravens OVER. In 2012, these game ALSO went a perfect 3-0 O/U. So in the last two seasons, the Thanksgiving Day games have ALL gone Over (6-0 O/U). Here's your year-by-year breakdown: 

2013: 3-0 O/U... 2012: 3-0 O/U... 2011: 0-3 O/U... 2010: 2-1 O/U... 2009: 0-3 O/U... 2008: 2-1 O/U... 2007: 2-1 O/U... 2006: 1-2 O/U... 2005: 1-1 O/U... 2004: 0-2 O/U... 2003: 1-1 O/U... 2002: 1-1 O/U.

Thursday games by DIVISION:

NFC North Division games on a THURSDAY (Bears @ Lions) have gone 3-5 O/U since 2003.... NFC East Division games on a THURSDAY (Eagles @ Cowboys) have gone 3-1 O/U since 2002... and NFC West Division games on a THURSDAY (Seahawks @ Niners) have gone 2-4 O/U since 1995.

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Tue, Dec 16 2014
7:49 AM
Look at all the REDS, the only loser on Monday night football for all the pros here!
Navin R Johnsun
Sun, Dec 7 2014
6:13 AM

He had bypass sugery on Thanksgiving day.  Marc Lawrence gave this information on podcast.

shafik shariff
Sun, Dec 7 2014
5:50 AM
I bought your NFL package and have not received a pick since thanksgiving thursday. does anyone know why?
Navin R Johnsun
Thu, Dec 4 2014
10:36 AM
Hope you get well soon.
Mon, Dec 1 2014
3:38 PM
Best Wishes for a "SPEEDY" recovery and good health. Stay strong...

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