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NFL Week Eleven OU results / Week Twelve OU lines

For the second consecutive week, it was all about the UNDERS in NFL action. The irony for us is that we DID have more Unders than Overs in last week's Totals Tipsheet newsletter. The queries in our database pretty much pointed out that it would be a lower-scoring week than anticipated. We just chose the wrong game for one of our two UNDERS. 

NFL Over / Under results for Week Eleven were FIVE 'Overs' and NINE 'Unders' (5-9 O/U = 64% Under). In the last two weeks, the results have been 9-17-2 O/U. That's 65% of all games over the last two weeks that have gone UNDER. If you are primarily an OVER player, chances are that your bankroll has shrunk in the last two weeks.  

After eleven weeks, NFL games have now gone 76-81-3 for the season. The week started with yet another Thursday night UNDER (Titans @ Jaguars). Our King Creole service did cash a nice 3* winner in that game. And that low-scoring result makes it 6 STRAIGHT Thursday 'Unders' in a row... and 3-8 O/U for the year. The week concluded with a Monday night game that also went 'Under'. That result wasn't so good for us. Our service released a 3* Play on the Patriots / Bills OVER and lost. After eleven weeks, there has been only TWO Monday night games that have gone Over the Total (2-10 O/U). 

Breaking it down, DIVISION games once again continued their low-scoring recent patterns. These games went a PERFECT 0-5 O/U last week. For the season, NFL games within the same division have now gone 24-26-1 O/U. Next up is the AFC CONFERENCE non-division games. There was only one of those games last week (Jets @ Texans)... and that game ended up going OVER by a HALF point. They are now 22-10 O/U for the year (69% Overs). Moving on, NFC CONFERENCE non-division games are on a mini-OVER run of their own. They went 2-0 O/U last week and have gone 4-1 O/U in the last two weeks. On the season, they  are now at 15-16 O/U. Finally, NON-conference games (AFC vs NFC) continued their strong UNDER tendencies. These games went 1-5 O/U in Week Eleven (including our LOSER in the Lions / Raiders game), and now stand at 15-29-2 O/U on the season (66% Unders). 

Breaking it down even further: The Sunday early-kickoff games have gone 42-46-1 O/U overall (3-5 O/U last week). The Sunday late-kickoff games went 1-2 O/U... and have gone 23-12-2 O/U (66% Overs!). And finally, the Primetime (night) games have gone 11-23 O/U (67% Unders).

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Sat, Nov 14 2015
8:14 PM
Hes not very smart.he says sharps are on kansas city.i say no theyre on denver so they moved the line cause they need kc money to offset the sharps money
Sat, Jun 6 2015
11:32 AM

2-7 last week..terible-..and 23 dollar for pick...HA

Sun, Mar 1 2015
12:31 PM
I got Detroit at 3.5 so I'm not sure why you think everyone won..
Fri, Feb 6 2015
6:46 PM
If I played opposite your total plays I would have a nice profit but unfortunately I didn't. Please stick to sides and maybe you can turn it around...GL either way !!!!!
Wed, Feb 4 2015
7:06 AM
Never got an answer to my question. How can you advertise two picks and only give out one???

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