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Dec 19th: 2** OVER New Mexico Bowl (W)... 2** UNDER Las Vegas Bowl (L)... 1* UNDER New Orleans Bowl (L)
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Dec 26th: 2** OVER Independence Bowl (W)
Dec 28th: 2** OVER Quicklane Bowl (W)
Dec 29th: 3*** OVER Texas Bowl (W)
Dec 30th: 2** UNDER Belk Bowl (L)
Dec 31st: 3*** OVER Peach Bowl (W)
Jan 1st: 2** OVER Rose Bowl (W)
Jan 2nd: 3*** GOY: OVER Alamo Bowl (W)
Jan 11th: 2** UNDER BCS Championship (L)
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Fri, Oct 7 2016
10:57 AM
Sat, Oct 1 2016
8:19 PM
Congrats on your 3*** Winner over ucf
Sun, Sep 25 2016
10:07 AM
Nice sat Sweep
King Creole
Tue, Aug 16 2016
9:08 AM

Thanks for the comment peakee's

The ratings for all Pregame cappers are 1-3 stars. It's the first week of the NFL pre-season. I would be disingenious if I attached a higher rating during this week. At the very least, we bailed out the very next day with a winner in the Oak / Arz game. As always, I appreciate all feedback. Best of luck to you!

Thu, Aug 11 2016
8:28 PM
A 1* for $17.00, WOW. Enjoy it, that was the last time ever. By the way it LOST.

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Sun, 12/11/16 - 4:25 PM King Creole | NFL Total
free pick 128 GBP / 127 SEA Under 46.0 Greek
Analysis: 4:25pm ET / 1:25pm PT
Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers
2** Play on: UNDER the TOTAL

This is the ONLY game on the Week 14 schedule in which BOTH teams are ranked in the Top 13 in overall defense for the season (GB: #13 / Sea: #8). And don't forget that the Seahawks are back to their usual NUMBER ONE ranking in terms of SCORING defense as well (allowing only 16.2 ppg in 2016). There's no way we can fade numbers like these: SEATTLE is 1-10 O/U on the non-division NFC road in the last 4 years (32.9 combined ppg). Meanwhile, Green Bay is an equally UNDER-whelming 1-10 O/U in their last 11 non-division home games against NFC opponents (39.8 combined ppg). 

Our first database query looks at GREAT NFL teams playing on the road in the 2nd half of the season. Looks like a LOW-scoring outcome is VERY possible. 

7-23-1 O/U L3Y: All GAME NINE or greater > .700  road favorites (Sea is -2.5 to -3) when the OU line is < 50 points. These teams have gone 2-11 O/U (85% Under) in the last 12 months. 

The Seahawks just put up a lot of points (40) in their Sunday NIGHT home victory last week. 

1-8 O/U s'2009: All non-division favorites who scored 35 > pts in a Sunday NIGHT game the previous week (Sea) when the OU line is 55 < pts. 

So in their last two games,  Seattle has scored 40 points (vs Car) and only 5 points (vs TBay). 

NFL teams who scored 35 > pts and 7 < pts in their last 2 games (Sea) have gone a PERFECT 0-6 O/U in the last 3 years when the OU line is 40 > points. 

In addition, Seattle's last 2 games have had contrasting ATS results: An ATS WIN of +24 points (vs Car) and an ATS LOSS of -14 points (vs TBay). 

5-19 O/U s'2005: All NFL favorites off an ATS win of 14 > pts and an ATS loss of 14 > pts in their last 2 games. FAVORITES in this role have gone 1-10 O/U. 

Both of the teams in this one have allowed 14 < points in EACH of their last 2 games. 

2-10 O/U s'99 / 0-6 O/U in NON-division play: GAME 13 or less when BOTH teams allowed 14 < pts in EACH of their last 2 games (GBay / Sea). 

*This IS a 2** Play on King's Sunday GAMEDAY service...

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