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King Creole
  • Over/Under Expert
  • #1 apprentice to Marc Lawrence
  • Playbook writer / Creator of Totals Tipsheet
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King Creole Win Streaks

  • 8 straight PROFITABLE NFL Playoffs
  • 42-25 ATS (63%) in NFL post-season play
  • 65% ATS last 2 years: College Bowls
updated: July 31 at 8:07 AM PT

NFL Best Week Three OVER + UNDER teams

Week Three OVERS: DOLPHINS 4-0 O/U (49.3 ppg)... JAGUARS 3-0 (63.7)... FALCONS 3-0 O/U (62.3)... BROWNS 3-0 O/U (49.7)... JETS 10-1 O/U (50.9)... STEELERS 6-1 O/U (49.9)... RAIDERS 5-1 O/U (50.0)... RAVENS 5-1 O/U (46.8)... 

Week Three UNDERS: CHARGERS 0-5 O/U (36.2 ppg)... LIONS 0-3 O/U (36.3)... EAGLES 1-5 O/U (43.8)... CARDINALS 1-4 O/U (37.0)... BUCCANEERS 1-4 O/U (35.8)... 49ERS 1-4 O/U (36.6)... SEAHAWK 1-4 O/U (36.6)... 
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King Creole
Tue, Aug 16 2016
9:08 AM

Thanks for the comment peakee's

The ratings for all Pregame cappers are 1-3 stars. It's the first week of the NFL pre-season. I would be disingenious if I attached a higher rating during this week. At the very least, we bailed out the very next day with a winner in the Oak / Arz game. As always, I appreciate all feedback. Best of luck to you!

Thu, Aug 11 2016
8:28 PM
A 1* for $17.00, WOW. Enjoy it, that was the last time ever. By the way it LOST.
Sun, Feb 21 2016
9:46 PM
just another tuff day.. lets bounce back
Sun, Feb 21 2016
9:45 PM
lots of red. lots of reddddddddd. lets goooo
Fri, Feb 5 2016
10:05 PM
King Creole= Happy Mardi Gras Sir. Kudos to you on your under total on Celtics/Cavaliers NBA game!$$$ BOL

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