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King Creole
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2014 NFL Pre-season: Best HOME 'Over' and 'Under' teams

Best Home 'OVER' teams
Over the last four seasons, the best OVER team at home has been the DENVER BRONCOS. They've gone 7-1 O/U (88% Overs) at Sports Authority Field. Average OU line: 38.5. Average total points: 46.8. The average Bronco home game has gone OVER by +8.3 points.
Right behind them at the #2 spot is the DETROIT LIONS. In the same 4-year time frame, the Lions have gone 6-1-1 O/U (86% Overs)… and the average total points in those games has been a very high (for pre-season) 49.0. Last year, both Lion home games went OVER (43 and 49 points respectively).
Taking our database query a little farther back in the past, we find the JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS and NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. Both teams have gone 11-4 O/U at home (73% Overs) since the 2006 season. Jacksonville home games have averaged 42.1 PPG in this time frame. New England 'homies' have averaged 43.9 ppg in that same 8-year stretch. And both of their home games went OVER last season (47.0 ppg).

Best Home 'UNDER' teams

The first team is one in which you NEVER want to go 'Over the Total' when they are playing at home. That would be the MIAMI DOLPHINS. In the last six seasons, Miami has gone UNDER the Total 83% of the time in their pre-season home games (2-10 O/U). Average combined points: just 27.9 ppg. The average Dolphin home game has gone UNDER by more than a touchdown (-7.8 ppg). I'm sure that the heat and humidity in the month of August down here in South Florida has a lot to do with those consistent low-scoring results.
Next up is the KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. In their home games, Kansas City has gone 6-17-3 O/U (74% Unders) over the last 13 seasons. When the OU line in these Chief home games has been greater than (>) 34 points, the results improve to 3-15-3 O/U, with an average of 30.8 combined PPG. But exercise caution.  Our third solid UNDER team at home is the PITTSBURGH STEELERS. Their home games have gone 8-19-1 O/U (70% Unders) since the 2000 season.

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Sun, Jun 29 2014
8:57 AM
King Creole, do you offer a package for longer term than 30 days?
Thu, Jun 26 2014
8:52 AM
Victor's concentration
Mon, Jun 23 2014
4:24 PM
King Creole it is one of the best out here and it is a long time winner...I know this.I can't wait for NFL and College football to start.I will follow King and I know we will win after all !!!
King Creole
Mon, Jun 23 2014
1:53 PM

Hi Liudyyan,

Appreciate the feedback. Every single negative comment is certainly warranted and justified... and I don't blame you at all. Our service finished the 2014 NBA Playoffs in the most pathetic manner possible. Some of the losses were because of overtime, but the bottom line was they were STILL losses. Four weeks after the fact, and I am still steaming about it in anger.

I was in Las Vegas when the tailspin started. And the 2-4% of my overall bankroll that I lost on every one of those plays will take a long time for me to replenish. At least we have begun to get some of those losses back with a profitable baseball season thus far. I know this does nothing for your losses. I sincerely hope you're wagering only what you can afford to lose.

Never claimed to be the best handicapper in the world. But if you consistently read our writeups and analysis, you can obviously see that we put a GREAT amount of time in our selection process. We're not throwing dart here. I will never guarantee that a game will win. To do so would be foolish. The human element means that luck is indeed involved in every sporting event. But I WILL guarantee that you will always get a great deal of hard work and effort in our selections.

Again, thanks for all the feedback.

Wed, Jun 18 2014
1:58 PM
NBA final King release 4 O/U and one side, final result is 0:6 Excellent record the best caper in the world!!!

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