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King Creole
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Turkey Day OVER / UNDER research

Turkey Day OVER / UNDER results

One of the things that I'LL be thankful for on Thursday are three VERY compelling division games on the Turkey Day schedule. There are Playoff implications in ALL three of Thursday's games. And the NFC Conference takes center stage. The pattern as of late is for these Turkey Day games to be high scoring. Last year, these games went a perfect 3-0 O/U: Packers @ Lions OVER... Raiders @ Cowboys OVER (which we used as a Tipsheet winner in 2013)... and Steelers @ Ravens OVER. In 2012, these game ALSO went a perfect 3-0 O/U. So in the last two seasons, the Thanksgiving Day games have ALL gone Over (6-0 O/U). Here's your year-by-year breakdown: 

2013: 3-0 O/U... 2012: 3-0 O/U... 2011: 0-3 O/U... 2010: 2-1 O/U... 2009: 0-3 O/U... 2008: 2-1 O/U... 2007: 2-1 O/U... 2006: 1-2 O/U... 2005: 1-1 O/U... 2004: 0-2 O/U... 2003: 1-1 O/U... 2002: 1-1 O/U.

Thursday games by DIVISION:

NFC North Division games on a THURSDAY (Bears @ Lions) have gone 3-5 O/U since 2003.... NFC East Division games on a THURSDAY (Eagles @ Cowboys) have gone 3-1 O/U since 2002... and NFC West Division games on a THURSDAY (Seahawks @ Niners) have gone 2-4 O/U since 1995.

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Tue, Nov 4 2014
1:20 PM
5:1 on NFL from SUN-MON I bought your MON's OVER pick, Nice job! If u can release your SUNDAY NFL's pick on SAT before 3PM that would be nice! has to go to work after 3PM and SUN no access to computer! Thanks!
Tue, Nov 4 2014
4:32 AM
Nice comeback in the NFL
Sun, Nov 2 2014
8:08 AM
Very tough day in College, won 1 lost 5 YIKES Hopefully today will be better
Tue, Sep 9 2014
4:45 AM
Horrible start to the NFL season after a horrible preseason...I know there are high and lows hopefully it will get better soon!!!
Wed, Aug 13 2014
1:28 PM
Also I was aware that the play was an over by your write up. I have been purchasing your montly all acces package since December. GL with the upcoming NFL/CFB season

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Sun, 11/30/14 - 1:00 PM King Creole | NFL Total
free pick 468 MIN / 467 CAR Under 43.0 Hilton

2** UNDER the TOTAL / Panthers @ Vikings

1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT / #468

My dog SPEEDEE has been kicking ass lately with his NFL Underdogs AND his NFL 'Unders'. He'll go LOW this week in the Panthers / Vikings game featuring two dysfunctional offenses. Minnesota is ranked #30 in offensive YPG this year (only 308.2)... and Carolina is ranked #23 (327.2 YPG). In addition, both teams are averaging LESS than 20 ppg (Min: 18.4 / Car: 19.5). 

The Panthers come into this one off their Bye Week...  1-9 O/U L5Y: All non-division road dogs playing with REST (Panthers) when the OU line is < 44 points. 

Carolina also comes in on a current FIVE-game losing streak...  2-14 O/U L3Y / 0-8 O/U L12 months / 0-4 O/U THIS season: All road dogs of 9 < pts playing off 5 or more SU losses in a row (Panthers)... when the OU line is 48 < points. 

Meanwhile, the host Vikings are in the middle of 3 straight 'homies' in a row....  3-17 O/U since '84 / 0-8 O/U since '98: All teams in the 2nd of 3 STRAIGHT home games (Min) off a SU loss that went 'Under' in their last game. 

This game features two of the worst teams in the league (Min: 4-7 SU / Car: 3-7-1 SU)... 3-13 O/U since '07 / 0-5 O/U last 3 years: All GAME 11 or greater < .400 home favs of < 5 points (Min) vs a < .400 opponent (Car). 

Sealing the deal are the UNDER-whelming recent tendencies of this series. Minnesota and Carolina are 1-4 O/U in the last 5 meetings, with an avg of just 36.4 total PPG.

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