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King Creole
  • Over/Under Expert
  • #1 apprentice to Marc Lawrence
  • Playbook writer / Creator of Totals Tipsheet
King Creole Signature

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King Creole Win Streaks

  • #2 in the Country in NBA for 2016/17!
  • FINAL: 5-1 in 2016 MLB Playoffs O/U's!
  • 9 straight PROFITABLE NFL Playoffs
  • College Bowl GOY Win (USC/Penn St OVER!)
  • NFL Playoff GOY Win (Sea/Atl OVER!)
updated: April 15 at 9:01 AM PT

MLB Best OVER and UNDER teams (thru 5/13)

Top OVER teams at HOME: NY METS 12-4-4 O/U… MILWAUKEE 16-6 O/U... SAN DIEGO 10-5-1 O/U… NY YANKEES 11-6 O/U... CHI CUBS, MIAMI 10-6 O/U.

Top OVER teams on the ROAD:  NY METS 11-3-1 O/U... DETROIT 13-5-1 O/U... PHILADELPHIA 12-5 O/U... ST LOUIS 11-5 O/U... SAN FRANCISCO 13-6-2 O/U... CHI CUBS 12-7-1 O/U.

Top UNDER teams at HOME:  SAN FRANCISCO 3-14 O/U…  KANSAS CITY 4-15 O/U...    TEXAS 6-13-1 O/U...  TORONTO 6-11-1 O/U… CLEVELAND 5-9 O/U... COLORADO 8-13-1 O/U.

Top UNDER teams on the ROAD: ARIZONA 4-12 O/U… CLEVELAND 5-14-2 O/U… LA ANGELS 6-13-1 O/U… PITTSBURGH 7-15 O/U… MINNESOTA 5-9-1 O/U... COLORADO 6-10 O/U.

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Sat, Apr 8 2017
6:03 PM
This pace you need OT or it's a no go. Not the pace you want yet.
Wed, Mar 29 2017
7:40 PM
Dude the one time I get tricked into buying your picks you go 0-3. That's wasted money on three plays all didn't even co w close to hitting! I hope you have something to say about this
Tue, Mar 28 2017
10:32 PM
King is the man!! Nice job
Sun, Mar 12 2017
10:56 AM

Nice work King. Good luck in the dance.

King Creole
Sun, Mar 12 2017
10:40 AM
Thank you man! Let's keep it going...

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05/28 MLB Total 9.5
05/28 MLB Total 9
05/27 MLB Total 8
05/25 MLB Total 9
05/25 NBA Sides 10.5
05/23 NBA Total 217.0
05/23 MLB Total 10.5
05/22 NBA Total 217.5
05/21 NBA Total 215.5
05/20 MLB Total 9.5
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