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King Creole
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NFL pre-season Week Three
Denver: 6-0 O/U (49.2)… New Orleans: 5-0 O/U (54.8)… Oakland: 5-0 O/U (55.0)… Pittsburgh: 4-0 O/U (48.0)… Baltimore: 3-0 O/U (63.7!)… Jacksonville: 3-0 O/U (62.3!)… San Francisco: 3-0-1 O/U (47.5)… New England: 5-1 O/U (47.8)… Buffalo: 4-1 O/U (51.2).

Miami: 1-5 O/U (27.0)… NY Giants: 2-9 O/U (31.1)… Tampa Bay: 1-4 O/U (33.8)… Dallas: 1-4 O/U (32.2)… NY Jets: 2-8 O/U (29.8)… Kansas City: 2-7-1 O/U (35.8)… Chicago: 1-3 O/U (36.8)… Cincinnati: 103 O/U (37.5)… Cleveland: 2-4-1 O/U (39.3).

NFL pre-season Week Four
NY Jets: 6-0 O/U (45.5)… Philadelphia: 6-0 O/U (43.8)… New Orleans: 4-0 O/U (49.5)… St Louis: 4-0 O/U (45.5)… Minnesota: 4-1 O/U (49.6)… Tampa Bay: 4- O/U (43.2)…Baltimore: 3-1 O/U (42.3)… Buffalo: 3-1 O/U (47.8)… Detroit: 3-1 O/U (47.8)… Green Bay: 6-2 O/U (39.8).

Cincinnati: 0-3 O/U (34.7)… Indianapolis: 0-3 O/U (34.7)… Oakland: 0-3 O/U (25.0)… Seattle: 0-3 O/U (25.0)… Atlanta: 1-6 O/U (27.0)… Carolina: 1-6-1 O/U (32.0)… Pittsburgh: 1-4 O/U (34.2)… Dallas: 1-3 O/U (33.8)… New England: 1-3 O/U (32.2)… NY Giants: 1-3 O/U (32.3).

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Wed, Aug 13 2014
1:28 PM
Also I was aware that the play was an over by your write up. I have been purchasing your montly all acces package since December. GL with the upcoming NFL/CFB season
Wed, Aug 13 2014
1:25 PM
Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I do not have a twitter account. My concern with the free plays is that because of my job I don't look at your home page until the evening, that's why I signed up for pick alerts, it cannot be done with free plays not sure why.
King Creole
Wed, Aug 13 2014
9:09 AM
In addition to Wednesday's 2** OVER... here are additional OU opinions: Rockies-Padres OVER Red Sox-Reds OVER White Sox-Giants OVER Cubs-Brewers UNDER
King Creole
Wed, Aug 13 2014
9:09 AM
Please check my page for all Free Picks. the Atlanta / Los Angeles UNDER was posted there on Tuesday, and I also mentioned that it was indeed a 2** Play. Please feel free to send a message to my twitter account if I can answer any of your questions. And again, thank you for your service.
King Creole
Wed, Aug 13 2014
9:08 AM
Hi Rosie17, Thanks for the feedback. The Texas / Tampa game was accidently posted as an UNDER. If you read the writeup, it was obviously an OVER. I went back and changed to an OVER... and it lost.

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