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NFL Week Eight OU results

For the second straight week, there were more UNDERS than OVERS in NFL Week Eight action. In fact, the results were exactly the same (7-8 O/U) as they were last week (7-8 O/U). The Sunday early-kickoff games went 4-5 O/U. The Sunday late-kickoff games went 1-2 O/U. And the primetime games went 2-1 O/U. For the season, there's been 64 OVERS and 57 UNDERS. Here's the breakdown for the year:

NFL DIVISION games have gone 23-13 O/U. They went 3-1 O/U last week... and are now on a current run of 7-2 O/U in the last two weeks.

AFC non-division conference games have gone 11-13 O/U. That includes 4-10 O/U when the home team has been favored... and 7-3 O/U when the road team has been favored. A pattern might be emerging here. Home Fav = UNDER... Road Fav = OVER. It that pattern continues this week, our first inclination would be: Broncos @ Patriots OVER (road team is favored)... and Chargers @ Dolphins UNDER, Jaguars @ Bengals UNDER, and Jets @ Chiefs UNDER (home team is favored). 

NFC non-division conference games have gone 13-14 O/U. They went 1-4 O/U last week (UNDER winners in: Det vs Atl / TBay vs Min / Seat vs Car / Phil vs Ariz). These NFL non-div conference games have gone 7-3 O/U in the last four weeks. If that pattern continues, there could be HIGH-scoring results in the following games: Redskins @ Vikings and Cardinals @ Cowboys.

NFL non-conference games (AFC vs NFC) have gone 17-17 O/U. Last week, these games went 1-1 O/U. The Bears / Patriots game went OVER (Our 5* NFL GOM)... and the Chiefs / Rams game went UNDER. It's quite a change from last year at this time when these non-conf games were already at 27-11 O/U. 

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Tue, Sep 9 2014
4:45 AM
Horrible start to the NFL season after a horrible preseason...I know there are high and lows hopefully it will get better soon!!!
Wed, Aug 13 2014
1:28 PM
Also I was aware that the play was an over by your write up. I have been purchasing your montly all acces package since December. GL with the upcoming NFL/CFB season
Wed, Aug 13 2014
1:25 PM
Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I do not have a twitter account. My concern with the free plays is that because of my job I don't look at your home page until the evening, that's why I signed up for pick alerts, it cannot be done with free plays not sure why.
King Creole
Wed, Aug 13 2014
9:09 AM
In addition to Wednesday's 2** OVER... here are additional OU opinions: Rockies-Padres OVER Red Sox-Reds OVER White Sox-Giants OVER Cubs-Brewers UNDER
King Creole
Wed, Aug 13 2014
9:09 AM
Please check my page for all Free Picks. the Atlanta / Los Angeles UNDER was posted there on Tuesday, and I also mentioned that it was indeed a 2** Play. Please feel free to send a message to my twitter account if I can answer any of your questions. And again, thank you for your service.

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Sun, 11/02/14 - 1:00 PM King Creole | NFL Total
free pick 452 MIA / 451 SDC Under 44.0 Hilton

We will NOT go against a Chargers / Dolphins SERIES which has gone a PERFECT 0-11 O/U in the last 11 meetings (only 33.7 combined PPG)! Both of these teams are also ranked in the Top 7 in passing DEFENSE for the year... so there should be a lot of rushing plays to grind out that clock. Miami returns home off BB big road wins (27-14 vs Chi / 27-13 vs Jax)... 4-23 O/U s'1980: All home favs of < 7 pts off BB double-digit road wins (Mia). Since 1992, these teams have gone 1-16 O/U. 

San Diego plays off a division road loss vs Denver that went OVER last week... 1-9 O/U L5Y: All GAME 8 > underdogs of < 7 points off a SU division road loss that went 'Over the Total' (Chargers). 

The Chargers come in off 3-game ATS losing streak... 0-7 O/U L5Y: All non-div road dogs of 10 < pts off 3 or more ATS losses in a row (Chargers).. when the OU line is 44 < pts. 

So the Chargers are on an ATS losing streak, and Miami is on an ATS winning streak... 1-10 O/U L5Y: All GAME 5 > home favs of < 9 pts off BB ATS wins (Mia) vs an opp off BB ATS losses (Sd). At last look, Miami was a short 1-2 favorite in this one... 1-8 O/U L3Y: All AFC home favs of 3 < pts off a SU win (Mia) vs a non-div AFC opponent (Sd). Final score in SoFla: 20 to 17...

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