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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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One thing that always baffled me was the lack of discussion on weather in general when it came to betting on baseball. During football season, you could not talk about a total and not have someone chime in with wind or a pending rain storm coming. The fact is, especially in football, to think the oddsmakers do not have the weather channel and factor all the above into the number is nieve. I am not claiming the lines and... Read more

Modern day video games are very realistic when it comes to stats, names, game play, and graphics. No matter how much of an old school gamer you are, it is very difficult to say that the greatest football game of all time, TECMO BOWL, is as good on paper as the newest Madden. Trust me, I spent a portion of my life in Tony's basement with a group of friends drinking beer and playing tournament after tournament of TECMO... Read more

I have seen tons of great sporting events live as shared in an earlier blog post . When reviewing my old blog posts and reading the one about "overall" events it got me thinking about what "moment" was the best. I racked my brain over and over and went through all the shots, goals, bodyslams (Steve Austin jumping from a zamboni onto Vince at RAW sounds cheesy but it was insane at the Joe) and touchdowns witnessed from... Read more

Not sure what forum or where this started, but I keep hearing people with the utmost confidence claim all they do is bet +140 dogs and clean up. While in Vegas for RJ's bachelor party I was at the Venetian playing 2-5 and this arrogant cat next to me claimed that is all he does and what do I know as he gambles for a living! Well, after I shot my resume out and left him with the stupid look I explained to him how he determined... Read more

The other day while tossing back some cold Labatt Blue at good ole' Malarkey's Irish Pub, some of us started talking about all the sporting event we have seen over the years. Thinking about it made me realize I have seen many exciting things and when asked to narrow it down to one moment I had to quickly recap the top ones over the years: Detroit Lions defeat Cowboys in playoffs: Was the game that sealed the deal (sadly... Read more

Even though I believe various sharps will debate this topic, I am one who is under the belief that when comparing sides and totals, that totals are more profitable long term than sides. The most obvious reason would be the fact that since more people bet sides, the lines themselves are inherently more accurate. Reviewing close to two years of data on the NBA and CBB you see that the side lands close to the number in some... Read more

There is not a baseball fan and/or expert in the WORLD who at this point in the season would have believed the Tigers would only be behind the San Diego Padres as the worst team in baseball (record wise). Being a long time Tiger's fan who had season tickets the year they were the worst of all time, I was beyond excited about this upcoming season. Going down to one of the nicest parks in the country to watch some winning... Read more

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