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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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Why do my Detroit Tiger's suck so bad????

There is not a baseball fan and/or expert in the WORLD who at this point in the season would have believed the Tigers would only be behind the San Diego Padres as the worst team in baseball (record wise). Being a long time Tiger's fan who had season tickets the year they were the worst of all time, I was beyond excited about this upcoming season. Going down to one of the nicest parks in the country to watch some winning baseball while eating dog-after-dog and washing it down with ice cold Labatt Blue. The way this season is going, the only thing left are the hot dogs, beer and some throwback jerseys to the 1984 squad.

Two years ago they were in the World Series and last season just missed out at the end for a repeat trip to the playoffs. After some major pick ups this year, the Tigers were almost a universal choice to be one of the top two or three teams in the entire league. I mean you keep your entire lineup and add future hall of famer Miguel Cabrera? Yeah, we knew the pitching was average and the bullpen suspect, but with Cabrera, Pudge, Sheffield, Mags, Guillen, Polanco and Granderson in the lineup, did it even matter when you should be scoring 10 runs a game?

So someone help me! Why in the hell are the Tigers so shitty!

Johnny Detroit has built an impressive winning record: He has been booted or had limits lowered at 9 offshore sports books, has numerous documented Top 5 finishes in both NFL and College Football and... Read more

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