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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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What was your favorite sporting event seen live?

The other day while tossing back some cold Labatt Blue at good ole' Malarkey's Irish Pub, some of us started talking about all the sporting event we have seen over the years. Thinking about it made me realize I have seen many exciting things and when asked to narrow it down to one moment I had to quickly recap the top ones over the years:

Detroit Lions defeat Cowboys in playoffs: Was the game that sealed the deal (sadly) for me to get season tickets. Still can see Barry get gang tackled and everyone sitting down than all of a sudden he bursts out of the pack for the mad dash. I thought my head was going to explode from screaming. Have never been at an event that was so loud. Few weeks later my parents were in Vegas and Jimmy Johnson happened to be in the elevator with a friend talking about the game. Jimmy mentioned it was the LOUDEST crowd he has ever played in front of and it was impossible to call any audibles. The downside to all of this is the fact this game has kept me loyal to the Lions year after year.

Wrestlemania: Laugh if you must, but I always hold a grudge against my old man for not taking me to WM III when it was at the dome and missing Andre vs. Hogan. So even though I do not follow wrestling anymore, when I had a chance to see it at Ford Field I went. Considering I have been to the Super Bowl, the NFL can't hold a candle to the WWE in regards to "at game" presentation for the fans. A non-wrestling fan could have fun at Wrestlemania.

2000 Orange Bowl: Michigan vs Alabama in one of the most amazing games I have ever see live. Think it took three days for my throat to heal with all the screaming we did. Tom Brady vs. Shaun Alexander in an offensive explosion. If you have never been to a bowl game, having the conference fans cheering back and forth (SEC vs Big 10) is quite an event.

Missing the cut:

Seeing "Stone Cold" jump from a zamboni on to Vince at RAW at the Joe. Sounds cheesy, but was crazy with when the whole arena erupted.

World Cup. Was not a huge soccer fan, but seeing the USA play Switzerland was pretty exciting. Seeing all the people from around the world chanting and singing was something I will not forget.

Elite 8/Sweet 16. Without having your team in it, not too exciting. Plus I saw lame ass Wisconsin play.

Various bowl games from Citrus to Motor City. Seen some good ones, but nothing topped the Orange Bowl.

Piston's NBA Finals. Nothing too memorable outside of the excitement of being there.

Red Wing's Stanley Cup Finals. See above.

Seeing Wings play the Avs IN Denver. Nice city and great time.

Detroit Drive winning their first Arena Bowl.

MLB All Star game. Don't remember much due to all the drinking.

Kentucky Derby. See above.

Michigan vs. Ohio State. Tradition alone made these games amazing.

Mayweather fight in Vegas. Cool to be there, but seeing the Mayweather/De La Hoya press conference at the MGM was also cool.

USA vs Soviet Union in hockey USA-USA-USA

Final Tigers vs. Yankees game IN New York. Amazing city, amazing time and great win.

Super Bowl (Pitt vs. Sea). Yawn. Super Bowl is over rated in my opinion. My favorite part of the whole thing was the BetUS/Hawaiian Tropic Party on that Friday when I met Jim McMahon and told him he was sweet on TECMO Bowl.

Verlander no-hitter. Still have the tickets (un-used) on my cork board. Decided to stay home and relax and watch the game on TV. Go figure it was the first Tiger's no-hitter since Jack Morris in 1984. First one in Detroit Nolan Ryan back in the 70's. Ugh.....

The winner is the Mag's home run to send the Tigers to the World Series. Following the season of having the worst record ever, only us true fans had the balls to get season tickets. Man, were we rewarded with seeing this live (not me taping, but something I found on YouTube). All I can remember is a sea of people jumping around clapping, hugging, screaming etc in ultimate excitement and joy:

So what was your favorite sporting event seen live?

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