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Andy Iskoe
  • Wharton School of Business graduate
  • Columnist for Gaming Today
  • 2-Time Top 10 Finisher in Hilton NFL SuperContest
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Andy Iskoe Win Streaks

  • +46.28 Units NFL 2015 Reg Season!
  • 20-9 Football 3* Win Streak!
updated: June 29 at 6:41 AM PT


My 7/30 Day packages saves you up to 50% OFF of daily access.  Get every pick I release including late adds each day that are not available in daily packages - more than double the picks!

We had a fantastic NFL season and finished regular season at +46.28 units! Solid College Football season finished at +20.65 Units. Thanks to all those onboard.

Best of luck to us!



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Andy Iskoe
Thu, May 12 2016
12:12 PM

Thanks.  I am guessing the remark refers to last night although it would be nice for tonight as well.  The reality is that I never 'expect' to win all the games although the intention is to win each individual selections.  The more realistic approach is to look for a profit on a nightly, weekly, monthly basis etc -- not easily accomplished sports being what they are with fine lines separating success from failure in most sports and most events having the potential result flip flopping -- often several times -- during the contest.  Even though we look to have success over the long run the 'long run' results from many 'short runs' and we handicap in a short term framework (i.e. on an event by event basis).  Good luck to all of us tonight!  Baseball plays to be posted within the next hour.

Thu, May 12 2016
11:45 AM
Broom Time!
Thu, May 5 2016
9:04 PM
Sweep Em Up!
Thu, May 5 2016
8:14 PM
Great job in the two 3*. Thank you.
Thu, Apr 28 2016
10:08 AM
Oh I can handle losses just not when I jump on a Game of the Year ass pirate go vote Trump you Yankee doodle moron I had $500 on Nashville in Hockey to make up for my $800 on the under in this one .

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06/24 MLB ML -107 $300
06/24 MLB Total 7.5
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06/21 MLB Total 9
06/21 MLB Total 8.5
06/17 MLB ML 115 -$300
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