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Andy Iskoe
  • Wharton School of Business graduate
  • Columnist for Gaming Today
  • 2-Time Top 10 Finisher in Hilton NFL SuperContest
Andy Iskoe Signature

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Andy Iskoe Win Streaks

  • 24-14-1 November Run (+18.86 Units!)
  • +22.94 Units NFL This Year!
  • 14-8 NFL 3* Run!
  • +7.39 Units CFB This Year!
updated: November 24 at 8:41 AM PT

Passing on Tuesday

We pushed with the Monday NHL Total last night and will be passing on Tuesday.

Check back on Wednesday for the next update.

Nice 7-4 weekend makes it a 17-8 all sports run.  That's 24-14-1 in November for +18.86 units.

My 7/30 Day packages saves you up to 50% OFF of daily access.  Get every pick I release at Pregame including late adds each day that are not available in daily packages - more than double the picks!

Best of luck to all of us!



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Fri, Nov 20 2015
11:56 AM
Great to see you with daily packages, good luck!
Brady Kannon
Fri, Aug 21 2015
4:13 PM

It is a really good course. Very pretty, always well maintained, and very entertaining to play. Probably the best value in town for a mid range property.

Brady Kannon


Teflon Don
Thu, Aug 20 2015
10:56 PM

Pained Desert is a really cool name for a course, think there's a town in Arizona called Painted Desert.

Andy Iskoe
Thu, Aug 20 2015
10:50 PM

Thanks, Brady.  I've known Craig for at least 6 or 7 years since I first began proxying for him in the Super Contest.  A really nice guy and I know he will enjoy Painted Desert.  I've not played the course in quite a number of years but I recall it being fairly wide open.  You are the first I think of when the question of "where to play golf in Las Vegas" comes up.  Look forward to seeing you soon, probably at the Westgate seminars next Friday.

Brady Kannon
Thu, Aug 20 2015
6:34 PM

Hey Andy! Thank you very much for the referral on your friend needing a tee time here in Las Vegas. Very nice guy and we got him all set up with a nice deal.

Appreciate you thinking of me when you think golf in Las Vegas!

Brady Kannon


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24-14 (+18.86 Units) in November!
Last 10 Picks from Andy Iskoe
11/23 NHL Total 5.0
11/22 NFL Total 50.0
11/22 NFL Side -4.5
11/22 NFL Side 3.0
11/22 NFL Side 1.0
11/22 NFL Side -3.0
11/22 NFL Side 1.0
11/22 NFL Total 44.5
11/21 CFB Side 2.5
11/21 CFB Side -7.0
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