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Andy Iskoe
  • Wharton School of Business graduate
  • Columnist for Gaming Today
  • 2-Time Top 10 Finisher in Hilton NFL SuperContest
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Outstanding Wagering Opportunties Just Around The Corner!

Please check back later today or in the morning to see if I have found plays presenting wagering value.  I may not recommend plays every day but when I do you can be sure that I've done a thorough analysis and evaluation of the game(s) at hand and have determined that the selection(s) have a positive expectation of success using a myriad of factors that have historically worked for me and continue to work in the current, ever changing and evolving handicapping environment.

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Tue, May 12 2015
8:04 PM
Sun, May 3 2015
8:30 PM
Grab a broom again, SWEEP
Mon, Apr 27 2015
6:55 AM
Andy Iskoe
Sat, Apr 25 2015
11:27 AM

There's a game like that every few years where the score is tied 0-0 or 1-1 after 9 and ends up going OVER -- and I've been on the losing side of most of them -- I'd make the same play under the same circumstances every time and, given a 0-0 tie after 9 innings, would win 99 out of every 100.  Last night just happened to be #100.

Sat, Apr 25 2015
9:39 AM
one would think, 0-0 after 9 innings, should be a winning under. Great work, just unlucky result. GL today!

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