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Scott Spreitzer
  • All-Time Win Champion in Station's Casino Contest
  • 6 years host of lendendary "Stardust Line" radio show
  • Featured handicapper for over a decade on national TV
Scott Spreitzer Signature

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Scott Spreitzer Win Streaks

  • 29-12, 71% & 46-25, 65% NFL Runs!
  • 15-1, 94% NFL Smackdown Run!
  • 10-3 MLB Sides (+14.90 Units) L10 Days!
  • 101-75 MLB/NBA/CBB Winning Run!
  • 37-25 NBA Run! 42-29 in 2014!
updated: April 18 at 11:26 PM PT

NBA *EARLY* KNOCKOUT Starts Sat's NBA/MLB Card! 71% Run!

We have crushed the books in the NBA in 2014, posting a 42-29 winning mark. And we finished last postseason on a 15-6, 71% winning run!

START SATURDAY with a winner right out of the blocks, our NBA *EARLY* SATURDAY KNOCKOUT, the side between the Nets & Raptors, backed by combined spots on a 40-5 ATS winning run!

More NBA posted early Saturday!

Also - after last night's SWEEP and 3* TAPOUT WINNER, we head into today's card on a 10-3 run with MLB sides over the last 10 days, producing a healthy 14.90 units (sides).

Grab Saturday's baseball as Scott looks to stay red-hot!

It's night-3 in the NHL playoffs!  I dropped my opening night playoff total, but we did cash a free total on Friday.  Please check back throughout Saturday for potential additional NHL playoff releases.

101-75 overall winning run (CBB/MLB/NBA)!

And be sure to check back each day by 3:30 PM ET for possible Late Release additions. 3-1 with MLB Late Release Slammers this season!

Thanks & GL!  Scott Spreitzer.


11-3 run w/ 3* Tapouts!

10-3 (+14.90 Units) with MLB Sides Since Wed., April 9!

41-33 CBB Run!

15-6, 71% NBA Playoff Run!

37-25 run in the NBA!

42-29 run in the NBA in 2014!

101-75 Overall Winning Run (CBB/MLB/NBA)!

SATURDAY FREE: 969 Orioles +1.28 over Red Sox (Norris/Doubront) 1:35 PM ET.



SUPER BOWL SIDE, TOTAL & PROPS swept on Sunday (5-0, 100% winners)!

Scott finished the NFL season on a 29-12, 71% winning run since November 11 and  46-25, 65% since the first week of October!

He also finished on a 15-1, 94% run with his NFL Smackdowns!


Scott Spreitzer has rocked the books, entering Saturday (Mar. 8) on a 24-10 winning run and he's 30-14, 68% winners in the NBA in 2014.  

Scott's 70-44, 61% in the NBA with his last 112 and 39-21 since December 10. 


Scott finished off another winning November in CBB.  He'll enter next

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Sat, Apr 12 2014
6:30 AM

UGH........tough beat for us on the total of the week when Wellington Castillo hits a 3 run DONG in extra's off one of the best closers in the game.  Game was 1-1 and should have CASHED.


Fri, Apr 11 2014
5:16 AM
My 30 subscription ended @ midnight. It was a very tough 3 weeks or so, but glad to see you have turned it around the last few days. Knew you would. Thanks for your efforts and best of luck going forward.
Sat, Apr 5 2014
5:42 PM
I'm tapped out. Lol. Time to start looking at some dogs, Scott.
Sat, Apr 5 2014
12:56 PM
Thanks Scott! I will be sure to keep listening for the selfish reason that my wallet is fatter. You guys are pretty entertaining two. Good luck with your picks!
Scott Spreitzer
Sat, Apr 5 2014
10:41 AM

Thanks, Chumley...I stayed away from the game.  Both teams are on upticks and both have something to play for as far as playoff positioning is concerned with the Bulls battling the Raptors for third and the Wizards  trying to catch the Nets for 5th in the East.  The Wizards are tough to play at home because of their 14-22 ATS home mark, but they are 4-1 SU (3-2 ATS) at home since March 15. I was tempted to take the points with the Bulls at first glance (0-2 SU v. Wash this season) but Butler & Hinrich did not handle John Wall well in the two meetings earlier this season, and while the teams are a little different than they were last time they met, the Bulls were getting 4 1/2 to 5 points at Washington in the most recent, they're only getting a bucket at the most.  And, neither team with a big look-ahead up next.  Just couldn't make a call on the game and decided to pass.  Thanks for the question and for tuning in!  We appreciate it!

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71% Playoff Run! 82-58 Last 140!
Scott Spreitzer looks to continue his book-busting ways in the NBA!  Scott's  42-29 in 2014 and he's 82-58, 59%  in the NBA with his last 140 plays.  If that's not enough, Scott closed last year's  playoffs on a 15-6, 71% NBA sides run and he's on a 30-12, 71% NBA Finals  run since 2008!  Grab it all, Scott's entire NBA playoff package right through  the Finals!
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Sports: NBA; number of picks: 1
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Last 10 Picks from Scott Spreitzer
04/19 NBA Sides 3.0
04/19 MLB ML 126 0
04/19 MLB ML -147
04/18 MLB ML -105 $100
04/18 MLB ML -120 $300
04/18 NHL Total 5.5
04/17 MLB ML -127 -$254
04/17 MLB ML -105 W
04/16 MLB ML -125 W
04/16 NHL Total 5.5
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