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Scott Spreitzer
  • All-Time Win Champion in Station's Casino Contest
  • 6 years host of lendendary "Stardust Line" radio show
  • Featured handicapper for over a decade on national TV
Scott Spreitzer Signature

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Scott Spreitzer Win Streaks

  • 79-50 & 96-63 NFL Reg Season Runs!
  • 24-6 Run w/3* NFL Reg Season Smackdowns!
  • 85-73 Last 158 NBA!
  • 32-18 (+20.35 units) NHL in 2014-15!
  • 36-24, 60% 3* Tapout Run!
updated: March 5 at 1:05 AM PT

3* CBB TAPOUT Tops 2-Play CBB Thursday Pack! 36-24 Run!

We enter Thursday's slate on a 65% winning run with all plays released at Pregame in the month of March thus far!

We split 3* CBB/NBA plays last night, cashing a Tapout release with the Denver Nuggets and extending our Tapout run to 36-24 with our last 60!

Now grab a Thursday night CBB 2-PLAY PACKAGE, topped by my 3* CBB Conf Revenge Tapout.  You'll also get my Matchup Mismatch in the same report, just $25!

I passed in the NHL last night, where we're 32-18 on the ice this season, producing 20.35 units of profit, wagering 1* to 3* per play.

Please check back on Thursday for possible NBA & NHL releases.

As always - check back throughout each day for possible additional releases in college baskets, the NBA, and the NHL.

FREE THURSDAY CBB: 517 Texas St. -2 over Appalachian St. (4:30 PM PST).

WINNING REG SEASON MARKS (Through Thursday, Feb. 12)

24-6, 80% Winning Run with 3* NFL reg season Smackdowns!

79-50 & 96-63 NFL reg season Runs (52-40, 57% NFL Last Season, Overall)!

59% Last 23 in NFL Playoffs!

82-65 NBA Reg Season run! *220-179 L399 Reg Season!

25-13 (+17.1 units ) NHL in 2014-15 season!

55.8% CBB Last 6 Years (losing so far this season).

45-23 MLB Winning Run!

25-11 & 73-42 CFL Winning Runs!
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Tue, Mar 3 2015
6:25 PM
My God Scott--listened to your impassioned support for the Celts-good Lord!! ???!!
Sat, Feb 28 2015
9:48 PM
Once again the fabled GOY goes down...these labels are just aweful. Would love to see a GOY cumulative record for Pregame cappers....I bet it's lucky to be .500
mobig wins
Sat, Feb 28 2015
2:30 PM
How many game of the years do u have?
Sat, Feb 28 2015
7:22 AM
He is a name from the old proline show, but here he has to post his records and "he is who we thought he was".-Coach D. Green LMAO!
Sat, Feb 28 2015
6:09 AM
Summer Steely, I don't like to be a hater, but I have been wondering that the last few months. This guy seems to be pushed a lot, and his record clearly is awful.

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Thu, 03/05/15 - 7:30 PM Scott Spreitzer | CBB Sides
free pick 517 Southwest Tex. St. -2.0 (-110) 5Dimes vs 518 Appalachian St.
Analysis: I'm recommending a play on Texas State minus the points on Thursday.  Analysis is posted with all premium plays and will be posted with this free release on Thursday afternoon.  Thanks & GL!  Scott Spreitzer.
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Scott Spreitzer cashed his TAPOUT release last night (finished with a slight profit overall), extending his Tapout run to 36-24 with his last 60! Scott's back at it on Thursday night's hardwood slate with his 3* CBB REVENGE TAPOUT! This conference crusher is backed by 100% and 83% winning spots revealed inside. Make the move and you'll also get his double dime CBB Matchup Mismatch!
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03/04 CBB Sides -2.5
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03/04 NBA Sides -3.5
03/04 CBB Sides 5.5
03/03 CBB Sides -3.5
03/03 CBB Sides -3.0
03/03 CBB Sides 2.0
03/03 NHL ML -150 -$150
03/03 NBA Sides -8.0
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