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Scott Spreitzer
  • All-Time Win Champion in Station's Casino Contest
  • 6 years host of lendendary "Stardust Line" radio show
  • Featured handicapper for over a decade on national TV
Scott Spreitzer Signature

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Scott Spreitzer Win Streaks

  • 45-26 & 62-39 NFL Winning Runs!
  • 16-2 NFL 3* Smackdown Run!
  • 14-4 & 37-14 MLB Winning Runs!
  • 23-9 & 71-40 CFL Winning Runs!
  • 51-36 Winning Football Run!
updated: September 30 at 10:52 PM PT


Be sure to get Scott's MLB Playoff Package on Monday.  The postseason begins on Tuesday and Scott will look to go to 9-2 winning postseasons on the bases over the last 11 years.  He finished the regular season on red-hot 13-4 & 36-14 MLB winning runs!

Don't miss a single postseason pitch!

And his AL TUES NIGHT KNOCKOUT has been posted, the side between the A's & Royals! Go get it!

Scott cashed a winning weekend in CFB & NFL, including yesterday's Triple Dime Smackdown winner with the Packers (16-2 NFL Smackdown run).

And finished with the KC CHIEFS BLOWOUT WIN on Monday Night!

Scott's first CFB and NFL football release for the new week will be posted by Tuesday evening, if not sooner.  



51-36 Overall Football Run!

16-2 NFL 3* Smackdown Run!

45-26 & 62-39 NFL Runs (52-40, 57% NFL Last Season, Overall)!

42-29, 59% NBA Reg Season in 2014 & 181-143, 56% L324 Reg Season, Overall!

72-50, 59% CBB Regular Season! (14-8 & 44-21 November runs)!

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Scott Spreitzer
Tue, Sep 30 2014
2:16 PM
Ha! Sorry Ryan. Just an error. Yoenis, obviously. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and for following. BOL to us! Scott.
Tue, Sep 30 2014
12:14 PM
Should i be concerned that in your write up you dont know Cespedes first name.. Orlando!?
Scott Spreitzer
Fri, Sep 26 2014
2:14 AM
I'll find out why my replies are being cut short.
Scott Spreitzer
Fri, Sep 26 2014
2:13 AM
Cnany1 - thanks for asking. We are on 13-4
Scott Spreitzer
Fri, Sep 26 2014
2:12 AM
Yes, Shafik. Let's put a few in the win column on Saturday. Thanks

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$20.00 (for Wednesday)
14-4 & 37-14 MLB Winning Runs!
Scott Spreitzer is off to a winning start in the postseason, cashing last night's AL Wildcard matchup. Scott enters Wednesday on red-hot 14-4 and 37-14 winning MLB runs!  Tonight, Scott looks to continue his red-hot ways with his NL Wildcard Over/Under Knockout between the Giants & Pirates!  Grab the double dime total right here as Scott looks to extend his MLB runs to 15-4 & 38-14!
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Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
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First Double Dime (Road Warrior) has been posted. The other 2 posted later this week.
Sports: CFB; number of picks: 1
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Last 10 Picks from Scott Spreitzer
09/30 MLB ML -101
09/29 NFL Side 3.0
09/28 NFL Side 3.5
09/28 NFL Side -1.5
09/28 NFL Side 7.5
09/28 NFL Side 8.0
09/28 NFL Side 13.0
09/28 NFL Side 3.0
09/27 CFB Side -5.5
09/27 CFB Side -17.0
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