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Scott Spreitzer
  • All-Time Win Champion in Station's Casino Contest
  • 6 years host of lendendary "Stardust Line" radio show
  • Featured handicapper for over a decade on national TV
Scott Spreitzer Signature

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Scott Spreitzer Win Streaks

  • 79-50 & 96-63 NFL Reg Season Runs!
  • 24-6 Run w/3* NFL Reg Season Smackdowns!
  • 115-95 NBA Run!
  • 28-14 & 96-61 MLB Winning Runs!
  • 81-55 Last 136 3* Tapouts!
updated: May 30 at 12:15 AM PT

GO 3-0 SATURDAY! 2 MLB SIDES! NHL GM-7 (64% Season)!

3* MLB KNOCKOUT G.O.M. WON on Thursday evening (SFO 7-0 winner)! Thanks to all who joined in the winning!

WE SLAMMED the books against on Friday with another winning card (2-1), including underdog winners in the NHL (Tampa Bay) and MLB (Reds)!

*7-0 this week in NBA/NHL!  

*5-0 run in the NHL!

*14-5 run with premium plays! 

*8-2 NBA/NHL/MLB last 3 nights! 

MLB run now stands at 28-14 with our last 42...and 96-61 with our last 157 premium diamond releases, overall (since last season).  We're up over 20-units since April 30!



24-6, 80% Winning Run with 3* NFL reg season Smackdowns!

79-50 & 96-63 NFL reg season Runs (52-40, 57% NFL Last Season, Overall)!

59% Last 23 in NFL Playoffs!

115-95 & 253-209, 55% NBA Runs!

44-25, 64% NHL in 2014-15 reg season + playoffs!

28-14 & 96-61 MLB Winning Runs!

25-11 & 73-42 CFL Winning Runs!

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Scott Spreitzer
Fri, May 29 2015
9:04 PM

Premium plays are 2-0 on the night with one play in progress.  We'll pick up a profit win or lose this final game.  Big underdog winning night with the Tampa Bay Lightning & Cincinnati Reds in the win column.  Bummer the free play on Minny couldn't hold a 4-0 early lead. But over 20 units won in MLB with premium plays over the last 30 days.  We should have Saturday's PREMIUM card loaded by 7 AM ET if not sooner.   

Fri, May 29 2015
8:12 PM
Anytime 3 cappers are on one team that's fade material.. Nice call on MINN
Scott Spreitzer
Thu, May 28 2015
10:40 PM

Thanks for jumping on board Trapslap. Glad we landed in the win column with SFO.

Thu, May 28 2015
10:25 PM
Thank you for the $1 winner tonight, appreciate the work you do.
Bama man
Mon, May 25 2015
10:55 AM
Early trouble for Guthrie. I hope they get him out soon. Early in the 2nd he's thrown over 50 pitches.

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