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Scott Spreitzer
  • All-Time Win Champion in Station's Casino Contest
  • 6 years host of lendendary "Stardust Line" radio show
  • Featured handicapper for over a decade on national TV
Scott Spreitzer Signature

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Scott Spreitzer Win Streaks

  • 79-50 & 96-63 NFL Reg Season Runs!
  • 24-6 Run w/3* NFL Reg Season Smackdowns!
  • 78-56 & 145-103 MLB Winning Runs!
  • 81-61 Last 142 3* Tapouts!
  • 74-48 CFL Run!
updated: August 3 at 10:45 PM PT

6-1 & 145-103 MLB RUNS! GO 2-0 ON TUESDAY!

3* ROAD WARRIOR WON IN BLOWOUT FASHION LAST NIGHT when the Padres thumped the Brewers. 13-5!  We're 6-1 in MLB since Friday!

We'll enter Tuesday on 78-56 & 145-103 MLB long-term runs and I've posted a pair of Tuesday sides, including our next MLB BAILOUT KNOCKOUT and MLB ROAD WARRIOR! 

*NOTE: 40-15 SPOT revealed in the Knockout analysis!

78-56 & 145-103 MLB winning runs!

74-48 CFL winning run!

FREE MLB TUESDAY: 901 Cubs (Arrieta/Happ).

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Thu, Jul 23 2015
8:20 PM
Scott strikes again. "Undefeated system play"
Scott Spreitzer
Sat, Jul 18 2015
11:27 PM

Guys - 3* play on Saturday was a "no play" due to a late pitching change.  Please contact customer service if you purchased the play.  Thanks! - Scott.

Scott Spreitzer
Sun, Jul 12 2015
9:48 PM

Thanks all!  Everyone have a great break and let's come back ready to go for the 2nd half!

Stephen Nover
Sun, Jul 12 2015
8:59 AM

Well done Scott. Congrats!

Sun, Jul 12 2015
7:27 AM
Great call on your SFG RL GOY, Scott. Saved my day. Thx!

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3-0 KOs Run! 6-1 MLB Since Friday!
Scott Spreitzer slammed the books again last night and enters Tuesday's slate on a 6-1 MLB run since Friday and long-term diamond run of 145-103! Now grab Scott's book-busting MLB BAILOUT KNOCKOUT! Scott's side is backed by a 40-15 winning spot, revealed inside. CRUSH the books again as Scott looks to extend his MLB KNOCKOUT run to 4-0 over the last few days!
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6-1 & 145-103 MLB Runs!
Scott Spreitzer SLAMMED the sports books with last night's MLB ROAD WARRIOR winner, a 13-5 blowout with the Padres. Scott enters Tuesday's slate on a 6-1 winning MLB run since Friday and he's 145-103 with his last 148! Grab the next diamond winner, his MLB Tuesday Road Warrior, then extend his diamond runs to 7-1 & 146-103!
Sports: MLB; number of picks: 1
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08/03 MLB ML -102 L
08/03 MLB ML -106 $300
08/02 MLB ML -149 $100
08/02 MLB ML -135 $200
08/01 MLB ML -138 $200
08/01 MLB Total 6.5
08/01 MLB ML -114 W
07/31 MLB ML -122 $200
07/31 MLB Total 8
07/31 CFL Side -110 -$220
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