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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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Listening to all the Kobe vs. Lebron talk got me thinking back to the 80's when the NBA still had some class and people actually did something called a jump shot. Granted, I was a child of the 80's being born in the mid 70's, but if you look at the rundown, it is hard not to say cats like Jordan, Bird and Magic would not school the glorified gang bangers of today. Tit for tat, best of best, what era was the best and why... Read more

Drum roll............ Anyone who has blanket bet the Boston Celtics this season! With the NBA season winding down, I think it is necessary to crown the champion. The Boston Celtics have won 57 of their 90 games ATS (includes the playoffs) for an amazing 64% winning rate. Regardless what happens in the playoffs, in regards to sports betting, the Celtics are the champions in my book. One the flip side, the New Jersey Nets... Read more

The line right now for game seven is the Celtics minus a whopping 14.5. So here is the task for today: I do not want any "no way" or "will be a blowout" talk. Say you were hired to present a case on why the Hawks have a shot to win game 7 outright. So essentially a debate on the two sides and the coin flip gave you the 14.5 point underdog Atlanta Hawks. The best case will get a $100 from me via Pay Pal. $200 if the Hawks... Read more

Man, moral dilemma. Hammered Atlanta this morning off a tip from a friend offshore. Now the line is Atlanta -2.5, with Magic +120. Obviously I am not letting all the bets roll as my intention was to buy back alot of it and middle. Now my dilemma is do I take some Magic at +120 for some and Magic +2.5 for some and have the +120 bets offset the juice on the losers? Where are my math guys at! VR! VR! VR! 15778954... Read more

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Yesterday was nice as the Grizzlies game hit right in the middle of the line move for a nice cash. So far on Saturday, there is already some decent movement on the board off the openers: #503/504 Sixers/Wizards: Total opened at 199.5 and is down to 196.0 #507/508 TWolves/Grizzlies: Total opened at 216.0 and is down to 213.5 #511/512 Jazz/Nuggets: Jazz opened as a 7.0 point fav, dropped to 6.0 and is now in the middle... Read more

Going to try and stay on top of the movers and shakers for Friday and share with the board so they can see how games will move up and down multiple points in one move. It is not uncommon in the NBA to see a total move 3 points in one move. I monitor three real time lines feeds and can beat almost any book (besides the one making it of course) to a move. Not tons of movement in the NBA so far today, so looking forward... Read more

Granted the wife is none too happy, but here is my weekend: Friday: 20 rows from the court at the Sweet 16. Backing both favorites in Wisconsin and Kansas to cover (and obviously win). Saturday: Friend gave me his (2) season tickets to Pistons/Cavs game. First row right behind the visitors bench. Taking Pistons 1st quarter in this one. Small bet on the Cavs in the 4th. I will explain reasoning on this in a later blog... Read more

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Wiseguys were taking full advantage today with the books guarding the store on the early college basketball action. Some BIG moves early in the NBA: #701/702 Hawks/Rockets went from 197 down to 194 #713/714 Jazz/Bucks in ONE MOVE was hammered from 215 down to 212.

No description from me needed besides this: Play by Play 0.0 107-114 End of game. SEA 7.0 Chris Wilcox made Layup, Assist Luke Ridnour IND 12.0 24-second shotclock violaton turnover on Danny Granger IND 37.0 Defensive Rebound by Danny Granger SEA 37.0 Chris Wilcox missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws 15514563-1 3/11/2008 12:16 PM Spread 825.00 750.00 Basketball - 552 Indiana Pacers -8 -110 for Game Disgusting... Read more

There could be countless factors on why these numbers play the way they do (home crowd, used to the rims, etc), but in the NBA the home court seems to have more of an edge than most sports. You can see below the average margin of difference when a team is playing on the road versus at home: Team AMOV Home Away Boston Celtics 9.74 12.17 7.21 Detroit Pistons ... Read more

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