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Pregame Blogs

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Convince me the Hawks can win game 7.....

The line right now for game seven is the Celtics minus a whopping 14.5. So here is the task for today:

I do not want any "no way" or "will be a blowout" talk. Say you were hired to present a case on why the Hawks have a shot to win game 7 outright. So essentially a debate on the two sides and the coin flip gave you the 14.5 point underdog Atlanta Hawks. The best case will get a $100 from me via Pay Pal. $200 if the Hawks win!

While in NY I tossed in a small prop wager based on how well I thought the Hawks were playing at home and assuming a game 7 was more than likley (ticket below).

So from now until the game tips, check the stats and numbers and sell me on why I might hit this 16-1 shot. If I pick your reasoning as the best, I will shoot ya $100 via Pay Pal. If by chance the Hawks win, you will get an additional $100 once I cash my ticket.

Wager details for ticket number 20162798-1:

Wager Type: Money Line
Wager Status: Pending
Risk / To Win Amount: 200.00 / 3,200.00 (USD)    Accepted 4/30/2008 6:41 PM - EST
Sport / Period: NBA Basketball  /  Game
Atlanta Hawks (Series)  4/30/2008 8:35:01 PM - (EST)
Opponent: Boston Celtics (Series)

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