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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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With this the final season of Yankee's Stadium we decided to take a road trip to see the last Tigers/Yankees regular season series in the old ballpark. Besides seeing the first Tiger's sweep in Yankee Stadium since 1966 we had a blast in an amazing city. Highlights: Lombardi's Pizza. Man oh man. With most of the bigger pizza franchises being from Michigan (Little Skeezers, Hungry Homies and Dominhoes), tasting the pie... Read more

Taking a much needed vacation next week. Myself and three old school buddies are hopping in the Caddy and driving to New York City to see the Tigers/Yankees play on Tuesday. Personally, I have been from Las Vegas to Rome, but NEVER New York. Have some plans to meet people for a drink and dinner, but outside of that, the agenda is wide open. Only going to be there for a few days, so any suggestions on a "must do", or in... Read more

I mean "bad beat/back door" cover as in "DOH" and not as in "$$$". Poker stories need not apply as I hear enough of this drival at the casino and the home games I play in. I can only take so many "one outer" and "can you believe he called me" tirades. For mine, you have to go back to 2001. It was one of those infamous "late night" Pac-10 games EVERY true junkie bets the motherload on to either have a monster day or on... Read more

Granted the wife is none too happy, but here is my weekend: Friday: 20 rows from the court at the Sweet 16. Backing both favorites in Wisconsin and Kansas to cover (and obviously win). Saturday: Friend gave me his (2) season tickets to Pistons/Cavs game. First row right behind the visitors bench. Taking Pistons 1st quarter in this one. Small bet on the Cavs in the 4th. I will explain reasoning on this in a later blog... Read more

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In my opinion this shows how hard it is to win at gambling when you have a guy who probably knows more about baseball than anyone: Was Pete Rose a Good Gambler? Conde Nast Economics Blog by Zubin Jelveh Last week I wrote about C.E.O.'s who seemed to be using insider information to create their own tax breaks. Now here's a case where inside knowledge failed to payoff. I recently happened upon this very short paper investigating... Read more

With baseball around the corner, I will start dropping some tips I have learned over the years. This one is in regards to the runline and the difference in home vs away favorites when factoring in the runline. In mlb, there is a correlation between road fav/over. essentially, if a home team is winning they obviously will not bat in the bottom of the 9th. regardless of the margin of the road team being up, there is... Read more

For all of us scalpers, nothing is better than the start of baseball season. Nothing beats being able to bet both sides of the same game and make money regardless who wins. For those who do not know what scalping is, you basically line shop and take advantages of a discrepancy in a line between two books. There are two kinds of scalpers, the one who has a lean toward one side and the one who does a true arb (arbitrage... Read more

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