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The Pack are back. The team that played in, and won, the very first Super Bowl, and repeated in Super Bowl II, brings their socialist, share-the-wealth act back to the Championship game.

Comedian Bill Mahr, in a recent monologue on his HBO weekly TV show, claimed that the NFL's penchant for pooling the income of all teams and redistributing that wealth among them equally made the NFL a socialist enterprise. Mahr was wrong.

The NFL is a great bastion of American Capitalism. They even have rules that forbid fan ownership of their favorite team. Under the 30% rule, the ownership and control of each NFL team is limited to just a few very rich guys. Other rules
work to forbid community, nonprofit, or charitable ownership of an NFL team.

These rules assure that all teams have owners whose only interest is earning a profit. Don't expect loyalty to your city or its fan base. The biggest city with the biggest audience base can lure any team they choose simply by offering the best stadium and tax abatement deal. I have never understood why anyone would root, cheer, or even care about a team that is nothing more than a business organization whose only interest is profiting from those doing the cheering. Spending taxpayer money on a victory parade for the local NFL team is akin to spending taxpayer money for a victory parade for the local bankers when they make a profit selling their inventory of foreclosed houses.

The lone exception to the NFL rules are the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay has over 100,000 shareholders, almost all of whom are residents of Green Bay Wisconsin and fans of the team. As a result, the Pack are unlikely to be lured away from tiny Green Bay, Wisconsin by bribes from other, bigger, better-heeled cities. This clearly Communist collective was grandfathered when the NFL passed its current rules. It is ironic that such a sinister socialist system exists in the State that elected the reviled Joseph McCarthy to the U.S. Senate not once, but twice. Wisconsin is even further to the right than Texas, and you notice that NFL proved their capitalist credentials by choosing to hold the Super Bowl this year in the only state, other than Wisconsin, in which McCarthy could have won an election. In past years they've held it in Florida, the State that gave us all that great Texan, Georgie Dubya Bush. The Pack don't belong in Wisconsin, and they don't belong in Texas either, they belong in some pinko place like New York City or Vermont. Maybe they could move to San Francisco and change their name to the Fudge Packers. But it will never happen so long as the Packers are owned by the Green Bay Commies.

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is America's team. No fudge packing for them, they've got Buns of Steel. In the true capitalist tradition, they are owned by a very rich guy, Dan Rooney. Dan made his money the old fashioned way, he inherited it like a good American should. But all that inherited wealth did not stop Dan from seeking profit in business. Unlike those pinkos up in Green Bay, who built a stadium for their team because they kcollectively own the team and share in the profits, Rooney, like every good capitalist, took corporate welfare from the Pittsburgh taxpayers in the form of the construction of Heinz Field and tax beneifts for his business. Unlike that commie situation up in Green Bay, the public taxpayers who paid to build the stadium don't share in any of the team or stadium profits. Sharing the profits with the taxpayers would be heinous redistribution of wealth and government control of football, and would make the Steelers as socialist and unAmerican as that Green Bay gang. None of that sort of thing in Steel Town.

If you are a patriot who favors the capitalist system of free enterprise, and you believe Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Sharon Angle are GILF's (Grandma's I'd Like to, etc), you have no choice but to wave the Stars & Stripes and root for the only truly American team in this contest -- the Pittsburgh Steelers. America's team will not be defeated by a collective of socialists from the cheesy State of Wisconsin. Of course, if you are one of those traiterous pinkos, feel free to shout loud for Green Bay so we can identify you and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights.

To make things even better for Pittsburgh, the Rooney family owns casino and race track gambling interests in various places including Yonkers, NY. How can you go against someone affilated with the NFL who is in favor of gambling? Rooney might even be tempted to leave the Pittsburgh taxpayers with that stadium they paid for, in favor of a better offer from N.Y., if only New York weren't so fond of the color red.

But wait a minute! Before you start screaming for Pittsburgh, I just read that Dan Rooney donated to, and actively campaigned for, that purveyor of socialism, the Kenya-born Barack Obama. Not even the formation of a community football team is more unAmerican than that. obviously, as real Americans, we can't root for Pittsburgh either. Donating to Obama is even worse than being a Green Bay Commies. At the Pack are open and honest about their economic system beliefs. Rooney is one of those socialists in capitalists' clothing.

I don't understand the world today. Things used to be black and white. Now the Russians and Chinese Communists have become the world's greatest capitalists, and they're taking our jobs, while the American capitalists are socialists in disguise looking for government handouts.

But there is one thing I DO understand. That is, how to handicap football and the side and total with the edge in today's game.

My advice: Forget all the rooting and all the cheering. What could be more American than becoming a stone-cold, unemotional businessman, and betting on the team that handicaps to win? Then, like a real capitalist, you can root for the only thing that matters -- your money. That's the truly patriotic way to go.

To find out which team handicaps to win, the final number of points that will be scored, and the best propositions for profit, CLICK HERE.

Remember, nothing could be more American than personally profiting from the Super Bowl!

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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