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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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Gill Alexander is a pioneer in applying advanced statistics (i.e., Sabermetrics ) to handicapping and MLB betting. Gill joined RJ Bell on the “Today in Sports Betting” podcast to discuss. News from the interview . . . Value uncovered from Sabermetric analysis points to opportunity on the underdog side of baseball games much more often than the favorite side. This is consistent with the general principal that the unsophisticated... Read more

October 7, 2010 (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Betting odds for the 2010 MLB playoffs . . . World Series Betting Odds: Philledelphia Phillies +250 (29% chance) New York Yankees +370 (21% chance) Tampa Bay Rays +550 (15% chance) San Francisco Giants +1000 (9% chance) Minnesota Twins +1150 (8% chance) Texas Rangers +1250 (7% chance) Cincinnati Reds +1600 (6% chance) Atlanta Braves +1800 (5% chance) Division Series Odds: Phillies... Read more

Stephen Strasburgh, of the Washington Nationals, is scheduled to make his MLB debut Tuesday night. Line on tonight's game: Strasburgh is a -220 favorite (69% chance to win) over the Pittsburgh Pirates (see updates at ) Picks: See free picks on Strasburgh and more on free pick page Stephen Strasburgh Odds and Prop bets: Over/Under of strikeouts tonight: 6 Will Strasburgh give up a homerun... Read more

Wednesday's Sabermetrics handicapping is discussed with forum guest Basewinner and host Gill Alexander. Plus, some glaring ERA-FIP numbers on today's MLB board, and some afternoon and evening free picks on today's Betting Dork podcast. >>> CLICK to listen to Sabermetrics Wednesday podcast To Save to Computer: Right Click here and “Save Target As” This is NOT Basewinner (but it could be!): 3 premium picks free from Gill... Read more

MLB Totals and Run Line bettors and the role of Umpires with over and under betting is discussed on today's Betting Dork podcast. In addition to a general statistics updated for 2010, Gill Alexander also discusses: * Top Run Supported Starters (some of whom are on the mound tonight) * Best / Worst Run Line Teams in 2010. >>> CLICK to listen to 2010 MLB Stats Update To Save to Computer: Right Click here and “Save Target... Read more

Phillies Fan Tasered - Video

05/04/2010 7:15 AM ·

The net is buzzing about the Phillies fan who ran onto the field, and was tasered. Below is the best version of the video showing the fan being tasered. Did this Phillies fan deserve to be tasered? Too harsh? Let us know in the comments section. Video of Phillies Fan Tasered:

How a Milwaukee Brewers fan wearing a Jim Edmonds jersey is treated at a Chicago Cubs game. Is this a sign of supporting your team, or a sign of classlessness? Comment your opinion . . .

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Yankees alone have same chance as the three other teams combined! Las Vegas, Nevada (October 13, 2009) - Using Las Vegas odds, the teams expected to make and win the World Series can be identified. RJ Bell of provides the most accurate possible consensus of a sporting event's true odds. Odds to win the 2009 World Series: New York Yankees: 1 to 1 (50% chance) LA Dodgers: 5 to 1 (16.6% chance) Philadelphia... Read more

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For the first game the star is out, the other players on the team rally to the rescue, playing with extra effort to compensate for the star's absence. In addition, the opponent often lets down - thinking it may be an easy game with the star out. Also, if the star's absence is announced the day of the game, the betting market tends to over-adjust; bettors betting the game at any price, with a sense of processing insider... Read more


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