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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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[Scott Seidenberg] (0:02 - 0:04) Gray's Sports Almanac. [Scott Seidenberg] (0:05 - 3:06) Start talking, kid. What else you know about that book? Good pod tonight, guys. Scott Seidenberg here. No R.J. Bell for this episode, but we had Steve Fezzik. Mackenzie Rivers talked NBA. A.J. Hoffman was with us live from San Antonio. Got his NFL bets. Remember, we gave out ours last week, so we got an over and under... Read more

Their combined experience in the sports betting business would be classified under senior citizen status. That's how long Pregame Pros Joe Gavazzi and Marco D'Angelo have been at it. Today, Host Gill Alexander has the privilege of exploring that... Read more

Topics: NFL

Pregame CEO RJ Bell reaches deep inside his own brain (and heart) for thoughts on how the Pregame community can take one more step towards his vision, with host Dan Bebe. As a community grows, situations arise that require resolution, and there are... Read more

Pregame CEO and Super Bowl media Wunderkind R.J. Bell breaks down the Christina Aguilera National Anthem, and how the sportsbooks have responded, with host Dan Bebe! Who won, who lost, what timer was used? These questions have dominated the sports betting... Read more

Pregame CEO and Super Bowl media darling R.J. Bell breaks down Super Bowl PROP BET VALUE from both a matchup and line perspective, with host Dan Bebe! RJ is back for round two of Super Bowl handicapping... Read more

Pregame CEO and Super Bowl media darling R.J. Bell breaks down THE ARBITRAGE and gives his early take on the Steelers strategy heading into the Super Bowl, with host Dan Bebe! There's a lot to discuss, as RJ makes his first appearance on TiSB in 4 weeks... Read more

One of the few men on Earth that truly beat the NFL, Brandon Watson, talks NFL Playoffs, value, and the state of Michigan, with Pros Dan Bebe and Mike Hook! Bwatson crushed the NFL, mastering the Plinko game from season start to season end, and his thoughts... Read more

Sharp bettor Jared Ferree (of Ahead of the Spread and What's Your Fantasy) joins host Dan Bebe to lay out a contest with up to $4,000 in prizes! The guys play some OVERRATED-and-UNDERRATED before breaking down some key NFL Systems and ALL 7 NBA games... Read more

TiSB: Christmas Hangover

12/27/2010 8:05 AM ·

Too much egg nog? No problem. Join Pregame Pros Mike Hook and Dan Bebe for a recap of the Christmas Weekend, and a look at both College and Pro Hoops on this Monday "Today in Sports Betting!" (December 27, 2010) Click here to listen To Save to... Read more

It has been almost half a year, but Pregame Pros Mike Hook and Dan Bebe are bringing back the most beloved segment of TiSB - the Public Disaster! Mike and Dan play Overrated-and-Underrated with the NFL card, break down the most marquee NBA matchups, and... Read more

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