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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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[Scott Seidenberg] (0:02 - 0:04) Gray's Sports Almanac. [Scott Seidenberg] (0:05 - 3:06) Start talking, kid. What else you know about that book? Good pod tonight, guys. Scott Seidenberg here. No R.J. Bell for this episode, but we had Steve Fezzik. Mackenzie Rivers talked NBA. A.J. Hoffman was with us live from San Antonio. Got his NFL bets. Remember, we gave out ours last week, so we got an over and under... Read more

[Munaf Manji] (0:10 - 0:44) Welcome everyone to the NBA podcast on RJ Bell's Dream Preview. Back here with another episode for the NBA playoffs and we'll go through the next three days in the NBA playoffs. The Wednesday games, the Thursday games, the Friday games. We'll discuss what we've seen over the past couple days here as we're on to the conference semifinals in the NBA playoffs. But joining me here to help... Read more

Pregame podcast hosts Gill Alexander and Dan Bebe break out the microscope on public perception's impact on NBA lines, and the two discuss how NOT to handicap towards a goal! There's plenty on the docket, as the Heat finally snapped their losing streak... Read more

The Big Cup, Marco D'Angelo, presents one of the ultimate winning strategies to taking down Conference Tournaments, with hosts Dan Bebe and Mike Hook! It's a very rare time of year, when College teams can play 3-5 straight days, and dealing with the awkward... Read more

It's Hoops-time! College expert Sac Lawson illustrates the best way to find multiple-win teams during Conference Tournament time, with Pros Mike Hook and Dan Bebe! It's ALL BASKETBALL today, as the trio of hoops experts/screwballs break down the various... Read more

Mike Hook makes his much-anticipated return to co-hosting, and forum stud Sig introduces his new podcast, with host Dan Bebe! Sig is the latest podcaster on the Pregame platform, so it's now up to you to learn how you can use his beautiful knowledge... Read more

Pregame CEO RJ Bell reaches deep inside his own brain (and heart) for thoughts on how the Pregame community can take one more step towards his vision, with host Dan Bebe. As a community grows, situations arise that require resolution, and there are... Read more

Pregame Pro and show host Dan Bebe attacks ALL ELEVEN NBA tilts on the Friday card, spending 3 minutes on each game to find the most bettable angles...and the ones worth avoiding! If you want to learn to handicap NBA like a Pro, this is a fantastic place... Read more

The Big Cup, Marco D'Angelo, joins the madness for a three-game (1 CBB, 2 NBA), 45 minute full dissection of tonight's basketball action, with NBA-loving host Dan Bebe! Get a dose of Marco's work for Pregame.TV and learn the true ins and outs of capping... Read more

Pregame Hoops expert Sac Lawson discusses why the line moves you've been tracking have been *WRONG*, with host Dan Bebe! Sac breaks down a very rare time when you can GO AGAINST early line moves that you've been falsely told are "sharp" and breaks down... Read more

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