What is the DAD Program (Dollar-A-Day)? This might sound too good to be true, but too good to be true is what we strive to deliver at The DAD Program offers products delivering premium picks for a dollar a day (less, actually)! What I've come to realize is that big bettors get to benefit from all the options at PregamePros... Read more

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Dollar-A-Day Premium Picks!
*5-Pros (5 premium picks daily).

Get 5 premium picks for less than a dollar a day! Sample one week for only $1 (no risk, no obligation)! Best of all, there's NO CATCH!

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  • 5-Pros: 5 Premium Picks Daily

    Less than $1 a Day! $1 Week Trial!

    Premium picks from 5 different Pros daily. Members get the chance to sample single & double dime picks from each & every Pregame Pro! Obviously the biggest best bets are not included, though 5-Pros will provide many of the same premium picks that fill out top selling packages. One day's worth of these picks purchased at retail price would cost more than your entire month of access! Amazingly only $29 a month as part of our Dollar A Day Program. Sample your first week for only $1 - no obligation!

    $29 $1.00

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