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Once upon a time, a long time ago, in the land of Las Vegas, far far away, when Pregame was just a fantasy in RJ's head (when you are surrounded by show girls all day, you fantasize about sports websites), there was something called the PLUS10 Club.  Rumor has it the Plus10 still exists. Check it out.

Way back then I was given a free $50 account as a promotion by an offshore sports book.  I was giving a free pick everyday to PLUS10 subscribers, and I decided to that I would see how much I could accumulate in that $50 account while everyone else played along with me in their own accounts.  Once the account got above $300, it never again fell below that.  At its highest point before I stopped contributing to PLUS10, it reached a little over $1100.  

I've gotten another promotional account.  This time it's $100, and I've decided to do it again.  We'll set a goal of beating the 23x top we hit the last time.  Since we're starting with $100, the proportional record would be $2300. To beat it we'll set a goal of $2400 before we take them money out with a hearty thank you to the book and buy the significant other something nice.  Used to be you could buy a damn nice necklace or bracelet for that kind of money.  Today, you can get a damn nice wallet to go inside her $6000 hand bag.  Oh, well, it beats having him or her harp on you for betting the games.  

Here are the rules:

I will post the pick and the exact amount to bet on it from bankroll in this blog thread everyday.  This blog thread will continue until we either bust out or hit our $2400 goal.

Be sure to play exactly as I tell you.  If for any reason I fail to tell you an amount to play, it will be assumed that the risk on the play was a standard 10% of bankroll until the bankroll doubles to $200 and after that it will be a standard 5% of bankroll until the bankroll gets to $1000, at which time it will become a standard 2% of bankroll. Remember those are the amounts assumed only in the absence of any other stated amount.  

In money line sports, the standard amount will be the amount to be risked for the comeback at the odds.  For example, if the assumed bet it $20 on a -150 favorite and it wins the win would be 20/150 = $13.  The loss if the play loses would be a flat $20, NOT $20 x1.50.  

If no play is up by one hour before the start of the first evening game that day, there probably will not be a play. I a play will come up late, I'll post an annouuncement no later than one hour before the first evening.

Finally, these will, in most instances be my plays. I will try to put them up early.  Additional late information may come in on the game after the play is posted, or the Syndicate group whose plays I also use for Pregame subscribers may come in on the opposite side of the game after I post it here.  For that reason, I cannot guarantee that the selections here wil always be one of my selections given to subscribers.  The play may be elimnnated late, or on very rare occasions end up being opposite a play I give to subscribers based on late information or from the Syndicate.  

Under all circumstances, however, the play as posted here will count toward the offshore account.

The balance in our offshore account is now $100.  See the Replies for tonight's play.

A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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