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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The scene at the Rio last night was electric as Phil Hellmuth was chasing bracelet #12 in the $50,000 Players Championship. The Amazon room was full of fans watching what could be history in the making. As the Final Table kept getting smaller you could feel that Phil Hellmuth was going to do it. When they were 4 handed the short stack Owais Ahmed shoved preflop and Phil Helmuth called the All In and it looked... Read more

For seasoned Horse Players this article may seem like old news but for the casual Horse Bettor this is a must read... The Triple Crown Races always present huge overlays for the sharp bettor. In fact some of the biggest scores have been made on Kentucky Derby Day and the other Triple Crown Races. The reason that sharp horse players love to bet the these big races so hard is because of the inflated betting pools. You see... Read more

You can't Win the Kentucky Derby in the Post Position Draw but many horseman believe you can lose it at the Post Position Draw.. In today's Video I break down the value of Post Positions in the Kentucky Derby. I also discuss the 3 different racing styles of horses and what style isbest suited to win the Kentucky Derby.. Below is a chart that represents the number of Kentucky Derby Winners by Post Position. ... Read more

Poker is a fascinating game as the swings can be so severe. When your running good it's like your on the Top of the World but when the deck turns cold the fall can be fast. The other night I stopped at the M Resort on my way home to place some wagers and chill watching the games. The M poker room is set up right next to the sportsbook so if you desire you can play poker and watch all the sports action, which is just what... Read more

The $45,000 Seat Change

01/11/2011 8:44 AM ·

I was at Red Rock Casino last night playing poker and watching the BCS National Championship Game . Red Rock is part of the Stations family of casinos. Stations has what is known as the Jumbo Hold'em Poker Bad Beat Jackpot. The Jackpot starts at $150,000 and grows until it is hit. A qualifying bad beat is quad 10's or better getting beat. So now that you know the rules let's set the story. Guy in seat #10 gets up to cash... Read more

The NFL's hard stance on fining players for hard hits has handcuffed the league's best defenses. Playing against an aggressive, hard hitting defense players would think twice before wanting to go over the middle on a pass play. Well that fear is now gone as you can't punish a player anymore. I remember when Pittsburgh Steeler great Jack Lambert once said in regards to the league wanting to protect the QB him saying "why... Read more

Ok guys when it comes to sports betting I'm Old School I don't advise you play parlays or teasers but there is one time when I will make an exception to that rule in regards to teasers. The NFL presents some very good opportunites to make 2 team 7 point teasers. Using that full touchdown to move the line 7 points up or down creates solid winning opportunities. The reason for this is that in the NFL the lines are the sharpest... Read more

Phil Jackson may be the Zen Master but what was he thinking making the comments he made during the timeout knowing the TV mics were running. Nothing like giving the Boston Celtics bulletin board material for Game 6. The Los Angeles Lakers return home for Game 6 with their backs against the wall. Watch the Video of what Phil Jackson said during the timout... Click here for Video Do you think Jackson's comments will fire... Read more

The Boston Celtics need to rebound in the NBA Finals after losing Game 3 to the Los Angeles Lakers . Boston snatched Home Court advantage by winning Game 2 in Los Angeles but gave it right back in Game 3 with a loss at home. Boston needs to win on Thursday or this series may be over. Does Boston get the money in a must win situation? Vegas Runner & Marco D'Angelo look at how they see Game 4 unfolding from... Read more

Gavin Rossdale lead singer of Bush and a successful solo career may be best known for being married to Gwen Stefani . The two are one of music's hottest couples. Gavin has a 18 year old daughter that is hot in her own right. Being the daughter of a famous Rock Star and having a famous Stepmom can make for some Wild Child behavior. Check out Gavin's daughter's Hot You Video and you will see that this 18 year old is going... Read more

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