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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The Ups and Downs of Poker from 2.6 Million to 5 cent 10 cent


Poker is a fascinating game as the swings can be so severe. When your running good it's like your on the Top of the World but when the deck turns cold the fall can be fast. The other night I stopped at the M Resort on my way home to place some wagers and chill watching the games. The M poker room is set up right next to the sportsbook so if you desire you can play poker and watch all the sports action, which is just what I did. 

Being a Tuesday Night the poker room was not busy and they only had a 1-2 No Limit Game going along with 4-8 limit so I sat down at the 1-2 Game to pass the time. Much to my surprise I see a familiar face it was Poker Pro Scott Fischman playing 1-2 at the M at my table. Scott was nice as he was there with a buddy playing 1-2.  Scott and his buddy got into a side bet over whether or not a guy at the table made a call or a raise. The 2 went back and forth and decided to wager on it. 

I guy raised preflop to $6 and a guy behind threw in two $5 chips and Scott's buddy insisted that should of been a raise instead of a call. They went back and forth before making a bet on it. Once they agreed on the Bet I said it is not a raise because the one chip rule applies. Scott's buddy smartly there were 2 chips bet sir. I said the bet was $6 there are no $6 chips so it would take 2 chips to make that bet. By throwing two $5 chips in without announcing a raise it is treated the same as the one chip rule for a oversized chip, which is just a call unless a raise is announced. Well they decided to call the Floor Man they know at the Aria to make a ruling and the answer was exactly what I

But back to the story Scott Fischman who has 2.6 million in tournament earnings and was at the top of the poker world in 2007 is now grinding 1-2 at the M Resort. What was even more bizare is while he was playing 1-2 Live at the M he was online playing at Full Tilt from the table. I didn't know what level he was playing till I went home that night and logged into Full Tilt and looked him up. He was playing 5 cent 10 cent NL on Rush Poker...

Talk about the Swings of Poker!!


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