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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

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NFL Divisional Playoffs

01/09/2012 7:45 AM ·

By Marc Lawrence After expanding its playoff format to 12 teams in 1990, the NFL left the door wide open to the possibilities of a Wild Card team running the table and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. And while a Wild Card team has done so only seven times in Super Bowl history, five such winners have been crowned since 1997. Last year witnessed the Packers hauling home the hardware. In 2007 it was the NY Giants, in... Read more

NFL Wild Card Concepts

01/03/2012 7:52 AM ·

By Marc Lawrence Handicapping the NFL Playoffs can be a bit tricky. The knee-jerk reaction is to back home teams. After all, they have been a solid-moneymaker, going 161-131-6 (55.1%) dating back to 1980. Today, however, that would be a mistake as the success of home teams in the playoffs has dissolved faster than an Alka Seltzer in a cold glass of water. A closer look finds home teams just 108-98-5 ATS... Read more

By Marc Lawrence Nowadays everyone is familiar with the term' Super Bowl loser'. Simply out, these are teams that made it to the NFL Super Bowl game but failed to win the trophy. The one common denominator of these teams is they have struggled, both straight up (SU) and against the spread (ATS), the following season. Thanks to my powerful database, I explored the same school of thought with NBA teams that... Read more

By Marc Lawrence With the top seeds having flexed their muscle in the opening round of the NBA playoffs, it's one to Round Two where a series upset or two is always in the realm of possibility. Here are four solid moneymaking angles from my powerful database that have withstood the test of time throughout 2nd round playoff action. All results are ATS and since 1991, unless noted otherwise. Enjoy. Tripped out favorites... Read more


04/11/2011 7:06 AM ·

By Marc Lawrence With the NBA regular season drawing to the finish line, and while we await the start of the 2011 NBA playoffs, let examine a favorite handicapping ploy that has served me well over the years at this stage of the campaign. It all centers around team teams concluding the season that will be playing with same season triple revenge. This particular handicap works for two reasons. One - Trips Is Enough... Read more

With the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers meeting in the 2010 NBA Finals, rather than rehash stories of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, let's instead look at four solid Championship Round betting theories outlined below from our powerful database. (Note: all results are ATS since 1991 unless noted otherwise.) NO. 1 SEEDS DO NOT LIKE TO LOSE You might beat them once. Twice in a row is another story. That... Read more

One month into the NBA Playoffs and we’re down to the Conference Finals. In just two weeks the season will conclude with the Championship Finals as the 2009-10 season winds its way to the finish line. From our database, let’s take a peek and see what we can expect from teams in the Third Round of the playoffs. Remember, all results are ATS (Against The Spread) in Third Round action over the past 20 years, unless stated... Read more


04/13/2010 7:19 AM ·

Opening Round Betting Strategies By Marc Lawrence It’s never too early or late to prepare for the playoffs. Like preparing for a marathon, it’s best to put ourselves into the best possible condition we can as we make a season ending dash for the cash. With help from our trusted database, let’s examine four time-tested proven theories that have lined our pocket during the opening round of playoffs since 1991. Here... Read more


01/19/2010 1:12 PM ·

By Marc Lawrence It's Championship Week in the NFL and with it two teams are one win away from playing in Miami for Super Bowl XLIV. Like most football fans nationwide, everyone has an opinion on who those two teams will be. Our database does, too. There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to handicapping the final four teams on this week's card. You can look at them statistically, or you can analyze... Read more

By Marc Lawrence Pregame Pros Handicapper One month into the NBA Playoffs and were down to the Conference Finals. In just two weeks the season will conclude with the Championship Finals as the 2007-08 season winds its way to the finish line. Lets take a peek into our database to see what we can expect from teams in the Third Round of the playoffs. Remember, all results are ATS (Against The Spread) in Third Round action... Read more

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