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Bryan Leonard
  • Featured by ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC
  • Featured in Documentary: "Life on The Line"
  • Pro Bettor since 1984
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Bryan Leonard Win Streaks

  • 10-4 Grand Slam Run
  • 22-16 Run on Game of the Week Releases
updated: July 20 at 5:29 AM PT

Working on the current card, Back in the morning

We currently have no plays posted. We are back in the morning with any qualifying plays.
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Tue, Jul 22 2014
2:04 PM
tough bases
Bryan Leonard
Sun, Jul 6 2014
3:54 AM
7/5/2014 Indians W 7/1/2014 Marlins W 6/27/2014 Giants L 6/24/2014 Diamondbacks W 6/22/2014 Dodgers W 6/20/2014 Rockies L 6/16/2014 Royals W 6/12/2014 Brewers W 6/9/2014 Reds L 6/4/2014 Cubs W 6/2/2014 Phillies L 5/31/2014 Indians W 5/26/2014 Dodgers W 5/23/2014 Brewers W
Fri, Jul 4 2014
8:28 PM
electrowheels - OK great, so where is a list of the plays? That is my request to Bryan. I'm not really sure why you're responding?
Fri, Jul 4 2014
2:30 PM
It is called marketing. The records for those particular plays are correct. While misleading they are truthful.. That is why you should do your homework when buying plays from any handicapper. You must look at how he is doing OVERALL..
Fri, Jul 4 2014
10:38 AM
For example, when I pull up your documented "top plays" in baseball, you are 8-11 for the season, correct? So what picks am I missing for these great runs you're on?

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07/23 MLB ML -125 -$250
07/21 MLB ML 161 -$200
07/19 MLB ML -111 -$333
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07/11 MLB ML -119 $200
07/10 MLB ML -106 $200
07/09 MLB ML 147 -$200
07/09 MLB ML -127 -$254
07/09 MLB ML -127 L
07/08 MLB ML 116 -$200
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