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Bryan Leonard
  • Featured by ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC
  • Featured in Documentary: "Life on The Line"
  • Pro Bettor since 1984
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Bryan Leonard Win Streaks

  • 24-18 NFL Run
  • 27-17 in MAC Football
updated: October 19 at 7:41 AM PT

Six NCAA Football Plays & Four NFL Plays

Lost both of our 3 unit plays this weekend. As a result I won't be selling individual games this upcoming week. Only extended service clients will receive the selections. Hope to bounce back before I release individual plays to the masses. 

We started the week in fine fashion with the Thursday Winner with the MFL/VT game Under the posted total. 10 more best bets away for Saturday & Sunday.

Our job is to keep you ahead of the line moves and so far this season we have done just that. If you are interested in getting the best of the number and adding to your bankroll be sure to purchase our plays early. 

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Vinny Rombi
Wed, Oct 22 2014
5:34 AM

Bryan's page says he won't be selling individual picks until he turns things around which is certainly a reasonable thing to do.

It's a rough patch no doubt, but all winners go through rough patches from time to time.  Bryan has picked 55% winners historically and I think 66% on his MAC plays, so he will surely right the ship soon enough.

Sun, Oct 19 2014
4:49 PM
Bryan Leonard Record Since July 2, 2014 (not counting free plays): 28-58 (32%). Purely stating the facts. I know. It's all about the long term. I guess 3 months is short term? One serious question. Why do you keep charging $20 - $25 per pick? Mahalo!
Sun, Oct 19 2014
1:06 PM
Queen latifah says Whoop! Whoop! Whoop Whoop!
Sun, Oct 19 2014
12:11 PM
And selling plays on multiple sites to boot
Sat, Oct 18 2014
8:38 PM
seriously.....this is unreal. how on earth do you still handicap

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10/25 CFB Total 50.0
10/25 CFB Total 65.0
10/23 CFB Total 49.0
10/19 NFL Side -6.5
10/18 CFB Side -3.0
10/18 CFB Side 14.5
10/18 CFB Side -10.0
10/18 CFB Side -5.0
10/12 NFL Side 3.0
10/12 NFL Side -6.5
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