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Bryan Leonard
  • Featured by ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC
  • Featured in Documentary: "Life on The Line"
  • Pro Bettor since 1984
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Bryan Leonard Win Streaks

  • 49-42 NBA Run
  • 9-1 Run on Top Plays
  • 20-12 CFB Run
  • 6 Straight Overall Winners
  • 29-18 in MAC Football
updated: December 21 at 4:54 PM PT

9-1 Run on Top Plays/6 Straight Overall Winners

We swept the weekend board including a huge 3 unit winner on Saturday with Utah and a 4-0 Sunday sweep with two  outright winning underdogs.
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Sat, Dec 6 2014
9:00 PM

I thank you, my kids thank you, bookie hates you.

I admit to having to swallow hard to take the Buckeyes because I actually liked Whisky..........big fat ass steak on me next trip to Vegas.

Sat, Dec 6 2014
8:28 PM
2 Easy winners today! Good work Bryan!
Wed, Dec 3 2014
8:26 AM

Outstanding my friend!

Wed, Dec 3 2014
8:22 AM
NOW THAT is what I'm talking about!! GO GO GO
Mon, Dec 1 2014
9:11 PM

Nice job Bryan.........I told you those Nick Saban footed pajamas were magical

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12/21 NFL Side 6.5
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12/21 NFL Side 10.5
12/21 NFL Side 7.0
12/20 CFB Side -3.0
12/17 NBA Sides 9.5
12/14 NFL Side -6.5
12/14 NFL Total 48.0
12/13 NBA Sides -5.5
12/12 NBA Sides -7.5
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