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Teddy Covers
  • Full-time Las Vegas Professional Bettor since 1998
  • Featured by NY Times, WSJ, CNBC, Bloomberg
  • College Basketball Columnist
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88% All Sports Hot Streak L5 Days! MLB Slugfest $$

Teddy stunk up the joint last Saturday, and he was not happy about it one bit, vowing to bounce back strong for himself and his clients.  That's exactly what Teddy has done, cashing at an 88% clip over the past five days (some bettors may have pushed or lost with Atlanta in the NBA on Wednesday, but any bettors who got down within a few hours of his release should have cashed a winning wager).

Teddy is primed to keep the momentum rolling on Friday; locked and loaded with a single high scoring Slugfest winner in MLB action tonight.  Ride the hot hand and cash in riding Teddy's single best bet!

Teddy's opening weekend NBA Playoff Report will be posted here before 9 AM on Saturday morning.

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Sat, Apr 18 2015
1:38 AM
Teddy - We love you, but please spare us anymore Arena Football...It just looks bad. Either go to another sport, or just pass. Thanks
Fri, Apr 17 2015
11:53 AM
Hey teddy, I listened to the radio show today and like the arena league bet. Where is the best place to get down on it and what was the lowest number u should take? Thanks.
Teddy Covers
Fri, Apr 17 2015
7:52 AM

88% All Sports Run L5 Days; single 'best bet' MLB Slugfest winner locked and loaded for tonight and NBA Playoffs start tomorrow.  Check it out:

Teddy Covers
Thu, Apr 16 2015
8:23 AM

I've delivered a perfect 7-0 mark over the last four days.  Some bettors may have pushed or lost with Atlanta in the NBA last night, but any bettors who got down within a few hours of my release should have cashed a winning wager.

I'm primed to keep the momentum rolling today; locked and loaded with a single Sin City Sizzler in MLB action for Thursday.  Ride the hot hand and cash in riding my single best bet tonight!

Teddy Covers
Wed, Apr 15 2015
9:01 AM

Thanks, Inwood; Oakland came through with that shutout win last night as my 3* Big Ticket; now 5-0 over the last three days.  I'm expecting more of the same tonight, thrilled to find a 'final night of the regular season' play in the NBA that was worthy of 3* Big Ticket status; a game where market perceptions do not mesh with team motivation one bit!  And I've got a single MLB selection on tap for Tax Day as well; a West Coast winner to close out your evening.  Get onboard here, now:

Best value RIGHT NOW is a 7 or 30 day extended service package.  NBA Playoff packages are available as well (25-12 run to close out the playoffs last year & primed for more)......

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