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Teddy Covers
  • Full-time Las Vegas Professional Bettor since 1998
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Tuesday Night Moneymakers: NBA & MLB $$

Teddy's picks have not gotten the job done for himself and his clients here in May, and he's not happy about it one bit.  Expect a STRONG bounceback Tuesday Report, locked and loaded with the Cavs - Hawks Game 4 winner as well as a high scoring MLB Slugfest on tap for tonight!  Go for the 2-0 Tuesday sweep right here, right now!




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Tue, May 26 2015
11:16 AM

You have to love the dripping irony of this Catch-22 set of posts:

Kubo12: Out of curiosity, what is your record since joining Pregame?

Teddy Covers: You can find every pick I've released since joining Pregame last August right here:

ComptrBob: Kubo, Since TC didn't directly answer your question, I went ahead and tallied TC's record August 2014 inception thru May 17 ....

Tom Patterson: "There’s a very good reason unverified records are not allowed."

So TC invites you to look at his picks, but you can't count them up. TP's obfuscation is quite apparent, all Pregame would have to do do is verify and/or correct my tally.

Tue, May 26 2015
9:10 AM

"There's only one surefire way for me to quell the criticism in this thread, and that's to start winning big for myself and my clients."

This is so far off it's hard not to feel a little bit sad. You just don't get it. Please let me finish that sentence for you properly........

"There's only one surefire way for me to quell the criticism in this thread, and that's to start keeping an accurate record of every single one of my picks on a easily accessible spreadsheet for everyone to see."

It's just so simple, how in the world can you not see that?

Please follow the lead of Andre Gomes. Please. Andre keeps every one of his picks on a spreadsheet for all to see. Please let that sink in. He tracks his own picks, keeps an accurate record on a spreadsheet, and makes it accessible for anyone to see.

I try not to comment on a problem unless I can suggest a solution. This is the most obvious solution I have ever suggested. Keep track of your picks on a spreadsheet for all to see. It's incredibly simple. If you don't have enough time, get an 8th grader to do it in their spare time. If that's not a credible solution, have an accountant do it. Wait a minute, you are a grown man, and a professional handicapper, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PICKS YOURSELF.

There is absolutely NO REASON for a professional handicapper to not keep track of their picks in a spreadsheet for all to see. NO REASON.

Start today. Go back a week, go back a month, go back a year, go back ten years.....but START TODAY.

I hate to be redundant, but I am hoping this is sinking in. Keep track of your picks on a spreadsheet for all to see.

That will quell the criticism, track your plays Teddy, track your plays. Start Today.

Joe D

Teddy Covers
Tue, May 26 2015
8:37 AM

There's only one surefire way for me to quell the criticism in this thread, and that's to start winning big for myself and my clients.  May has been a pretty darn lousy month, but it's not over yet.  My confidence and my work ethic are just fine, and I'm expecting dramatically improved results in the weeks and months to come.  I've just posted single 'best bet' winners in NBA and MLB action for Tuesday.  Check 'em out here, now:

Mon, May 25 2015
1:18 PM

[quote user="Tom Patterson"]

We all can learn something by really looking at the recent hater assault on Teddy. So no matter how pissed my wife gets, I'm taking the time on a holiday Sunday to explain it.

Usually the amount of hate a pick seller receives is in line with his fame. Teddy is a famous handicapper. National TV, radio and print. So, haters with 84 followers on Twitter feel a great passion to try to take him down.

We know exactly who many of these haters are - individuals notorious for misrepresentations and vile personal attacks on social media. Our techs could stop them from posting in our forum with a click of a button. But we don't do that - they are free to post here as long as they follow the rules.

Why allow people who have it out for the Pros to post in a Pro's thread? Shoot, the Pros sure as me that question enough! LOL. It's because Pregame learns from legit criticism. Criticism that's not utter BS helps us find the areas that still need improvements. Plus it proves to the world that nothing is hidden - that every part of Pregame is open to public discussion - even the opinion of known liars.

That's why the haters can't win. Heck, they can't even get anyone but each other to pay attention to their bullshit. You have to wonder about the amount of denial it takes not to hate themselves over the hundreds of hours of their lives lost trying to spread lies on the internet about handicappers. LMFAO. It's not like they're dumb, so they know they could have done something productive with that time.

The haters failure to convince any reasonable person drives them even crazier. Each day they see Pregame gaining more and more followers, which makes them feel even more insignificant. So they get desperate and break the forum rules. It's easy to lie on Twitter. No so much when accusations require proof. This time they posted an unverified W/L record and saying it’s Teddy’s.

There’s a very good reason unverified records are not allowed.

Transparency at Pregame is total. Every pick. Every Pro. Forever. Free for all to see.

This total transparency gives customers total access to the info they need to compile any and all records they want to help them decide which Pros to follow. And when it comes to promotions, the rules are simple. Pros are allowed to promote the truth. Promoting the truth in an appealing way is a core of capitalism.
When a hater promotes a Pro's record, you can be sure it will be cherry picked to be the opposite of appealing. Cherry picked to be an accusation. Many would say it wouldn’t make business sense for Pregame to allow that no matter what. But picks selling pre-Pregame had a shady history. We know we have to earn trust. Prove that Pregame is different. Even if it means allowing negativity in our on community to a degree no one ever has in this industry. To a degree few businesses in any industry allow.

But allowing lies to hurt our Pros doesn’t help anyone.

Most attempts to post unverified record accusations  provide zero proof. Nothing more than numbers that make a Pro look bad. 
 On occasion a game list is provided along with the unverified record accusation. But like with most things, the devil is in the details. The difference between a losing bettor and the 55% winners goal of professional bettors is only 3 games out of 100. So imagine how easy it would be for a hater to manipulate a list of games by fudging the grading line of 1 out of 33 of them. 1 out of 33 games manipulated from a winner to a loser makes a winning pro bettor look like a loser. Hater mission accomplished. Or maybe ma

Jeff Scott Sports
Mon, May 25 2015
8:19 AM

All the best to you today Teddy

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