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Teddy Covers
  • Full-time Las Vegas Professional Bettor since 1998
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75% NFL Run! Thursday Night 3* Big Ticket!

Teddy and his clients are cashing in betting football RIGHT NOW, riding a 67% football hot streak over the past two weeks!

Fresh off another Big Ticket winner on Saturday, Teddy is 19-7 (73%) with his strongest plays - 3* Big Ticket Reports - in college football since the start of 2013 campaign and 31-19 (63%) with his Big Tickets across all sports since April!

Teddy is primed for another HUGE winning week.  He is passing on Monday Night Football tonight, but he's locked and loaded with a 3* Big Ticket winner on tap for Thursday Night NFL.  This line will move -- get onboard right now!

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Teddy Covers
Sun, Oct 19 2014
8:57 AM

LOL, thanks Prme.  BOL to you today as well!

Sun, Oct 19 2014
8:41 AM

Good luck Teddy, the USF/UCF post was pretty funny

Teddy Covers
Sun, Oct 19 2014
8:34 AM
I'm ready to cash another 3* Big Ticket winner (31-18 63% sinec April) with my NFL Game of the Month today as part of a four play NFL card. Get it here, now:
Teddy Covers
Sat, Oct 18 2014
12:53 PM

I just watched it win :)  

USF, not UCF sir, if you are going to curse me out before halftime, at least know what team or bet you want to swear at me about...

Sat, Oct 18 2014
9:43 AM
All u guys so is always lose but claim to win just like your ucf bet right now your a joke

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