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Dwayne Bryant
  • Many Documented Top 10 Finishes at
  • Low Volume Bettor; Extremely Selective
  • Legendary 20-game football win streak in 2009-10
Dwayne Bryant Signature

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Dwayne Bryant Win Streaks

  • 29-17 (63%) on MAX BETS since 11/16/2013
  • 2014 YTD: 131-101 (56%) +36.40 Units
  • Unmatched 20-game FB Win Streak 2009-10
updated: October 13 at 11:16 AM PT

Proven Long-Term Winner Without The Hype

I'm not a "sharp," nor am I a "wise guy" (although my friends & family might disagree... LOL).  I'm just a regular guy with a love of sports, betting, and working with numbers.  Put those three things together and you get a guy who is passionate about sports betting.

I don't do the "Game of the Month/Year" thing, although there's nothing wrong with that if done properly.  No mega-hype.  No crazy pick titles.  I simply release the same plays to you that I'm betting.  I also advise you on whether to bet 1 Unit (small bet), 2 Units (normal-sized bet), or 3 Units (Top Play).

I include analysis when time permits.  I have ventures outside of the betting/handicapping world that demand my time, not to mention a large family that always comes first.  My philosophy is: If I have three hours to handicap today's games, place my bets & release my plays to you, then I'm going to spend every minute of that three hours doing so, if need be.  I simply will not cut my 'capping short just so I have time to do a write-up.  Quite frankly, if you don't trust that I've done the work, then I'm not the right 'capper for you.

I understand the frustration that comes with losing streaks.  Unfortunately, those are unavoidable.  I have no problem with clients venting as long as it is done respectfully.  Chances are I'll vent right along with you.  But I will not engage or interact with anyone who disrespects or insults me, my work or my integrity in any way.  Period.

I'm a low-volume bettor in basketball and baseball.  I average one or two bets per day in those sports, and passing completely on a card in these sports is not unusual.  I bet a little more volume on football.  I bet an average of three college football games on a Saturday, and usually anywhere from three to five NFL bets on a Sunday.  I also have many more 3-Unit Max Bets in the NFL simply because I follow the NFL much more closely than any other sport.

When looking to invest in a pro 'capper, it's important to find someone who fits your style (volume, write-ups or no write-ups, pick release times, etc.).  If I'm that guy, I'd be honored to have you onboard.

Interact with me in my personal forum thread at

Follow me on Twitter at


  • 1st in 2012-13 NFL Units Won
  • 1st in 2010-11 NFL Units Won
  • 1st in 2008-09 College Football Win % (71%)
  • 2nd in 2008-09 NBA Units Won
  • 3rd in 2010-11 NBA Units Won
  • 3rd in 2010 MLB Units Won
  • 5th in 2011 MLB Units Won
  • 6th in 2008-09 NFL Units Won
  • 9th in 2012-13 NBA Units Won
  • 9th in 2011-12 College Basketball Units Won
  • 10th in 2009 MLB Units Won
  • 10th in 2011-12 College Football Units Won


#1: Please use proper money management.  Whether you flat bet my plays or play them according to the Unit ratings, PLEASE bet within your means.

#2: PLEASE take a moment to tell your loved ones you love them.  Take a moment to kiss your spouse/significant other, hug your children, call your parents, etc.  Those things are so much more important than betting on any sporting event, and you never know when it will be the last time you get that chance.

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Last 5 Comments

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Mon, Oct 20 2014
5:30 PM
Thanks for posting them DB, I hit the Chiefs hard on spread and ml. I appreciate you.
Dwayne Bryant
Sun, Oct 19 2014
8:16 AM

[quote user="TexanSam"]Hey DB,

Good Day today man, congrats, I cant wait to see what you do for NFL tomorrow, where will i be able to find the picks? Thanks again brother.


Thanks, Sam.  Today's NFL plays are here:

Sat, Oct 18 2014
9:56 PM
Hey DB, Good Day today man, congrats, I cant wait to see what you do for NFL tomorrow, where will i be able to find the picks? Thanks again brother.
Dwayne Bryant
Sat, Oct 18 2014
7:06 AM

[quote user="chuckg1971"]Any plays today?


Were you looking for a daily package?  I only ask because today's plays should be in the system for long-term clients.  I did not put up a daily package because I just released the plays a few minutes ago.

Sat, Oct 18 2014
7:02 AM
Any plays today?

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