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Larry Ness
  • National TV & radio celebrity for almost 25 years
  • Team member on the 2002 Castaway's Challenge Winner
  • Provides comprehensively insight content
Larry Ness Signature

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Larry Ness Win Streaks

  • 6-2 MLB the last three days!
  • 46-30 all Wipeout Winners (s/Dec 23)
  • 6-0 w/Wipeout Winners (MLB totals)
  • now 6-0 w/Situational GOW plays (MLB)
  • plus-$1780 at $100/unit TY in MLB!
updated: April 26 at 6:37 AM PT

15-2 run with NFL reports L3 weeks (18-3 in games)

Larry got back to back 'bowling' Wednesday night with an exclusive Las Vegas Insider winner on La Tech in the Poinsettia Bowl. Looking ahead, his two "signature releases" are his LEGEND and 28-Club plays. Larry's LEGEND Plays were previously available to only his personal clients but he brought them to the net in 2005 and in CFB, he's an impressive 18-8 in the regular season. However, that doesn't include his 5-1 (83%) run the last three bowl seasons. His first of two LEGEND Plays is set for December 27.

The 49ers' dominating 20-3 win (Larry's MNF Game of the Month) was a fitting conclusion to an NFL week in which he won all SEVEN reports, going 9-0 with individual games. This 28-year vet is truly 'on fire' in the NFL, having earned a profit in FOUR of the last five weeks while going a MONEY-MAKING 15-2 in reports since Week 13, including 18-3 with individual games.

Larry's already posted three plays for NFL Week 16 (see individual promos for details). His full NFL 'card' will be complete by Friday night.

This 28-year vet has had an up-and-down week, going 3-0 Monday, 0-2 Tuesday, 2-0 Wednesday and 0-2 Thursday with reports in all sports. Larry traveled cross-country on Thursday and Friday BKB will be posted by 1:00 ET.

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04/26 NBA Sides -8.0
04/25 MLB ML -141 L
04/25 MLB ML -130 $300
04/25 MLB ML -116 -$232
04/24 MLB RunLine -1.5
04/24 MLB ML -150 $200
04/24 MLB ML -116 $200
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