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WWE Money In The Bank Start Time, Odds

WWE presents Money in the Bank live on PPV on Sunday, July 14, with a start time of 8 PM ET. This event will be broadcast live from Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Money in the Bank has a number of solid matches on the card and I have the complete match card below, along with odds and predictions for each match.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (1-66) vs. The Usos (12-1)

The Usos earned this title shot by beating Tons of Funk and 3MB in a #1 Contender's Match. The Shield is one of the most marketable and entertaining aspects of WWE programming right now, and though the Usos shouldn’t just be thrown into the dumpster, Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose are the ones who are going to mean more to the company in both the short and long terms.  If Rollins and Reigns do not handily defeat the Usos at the PPV, then the days of their victories over the likes of Cena, Sheamus and Jericho will be forgotten. Prediction: The Shield

Chris Jericho (15-2) vs. Ryback (1-20)

After losing high-profile matches at Payback, neither man was happy about being left out of the championship picture at this event. When both men complained to Vickie Guerrero about their lack of a spot on the card, Vickie decided to pit them against one another. Mr. Back is in a really interesting position. His helter skelter character arc is so bizarre that it's fascinating. Add in the possibility of an alignment with heat magnet Vickie Guerrero as teased on last Monday's Raw and he could come out of six-to-nine months of PPV losses in a surprisingly strong position. For the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla (soon to be returning to his other job as lead vocalist), his commitment to the third act of his career as the pro wrestling equivalent of a main event gatekeeper seems to have silenced most of his critics. I expect Rybac to finally get his PPV win. Prediction: Ryback

Intercontinental Championship: Curtis Axel (1-40) vs The Miz (19-2)

Curtis won the title last month in a Triple Threat Match against Wade Barrett and The Miz. The Miz was on the verge of making Wade Barrett tap out to the Figure Four Leg Lock when Curtis pinned Wade's shoulders to the mat to win the title. The champ dispatched Barrett from the scene with a win shortly after the last pay-per-view and has looked good in his dealings with Y2J. Beyond that, his most distinguishing characteristics remain his genetics and affiliation with Heyman.Axel's run with the belt his father made famous is just getting underway...can two-time Intercontinental champ The Miz stop it before it gets rolling? I don't think so. At least not at this PPV. Prediction Curtis Axel

Divas Championship: AJ Lee (1-14) vs Kaitlyn (11-2)

Over the last few months, AJ Lee vs. Kaitlyn has emerged as one of the better women’s feuds in WWE history. AJ and Kaitlyn are former BFF's whose friendship went very bad. A few weeks ago, AJ made Kaitlyn believe she had a secret admirer but really set her up to be humiliated. That humiliation helped AJ win the title a few days later at Payback. Their match at Payback was very good, and there’s no reason their rematch at Money in the Bank shouldn’t be worth watching, provided they get enough time. This one is tough to call, but I do expect a great show from these girls and I am also leaning slightly to Kaitlyn taking her title back. Prediction: Kaitlyn

World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (1-7) vs Dolph Ziggler (4-1)

At WWE Payback, knowing that new World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler was just medically cleared to compete following a very serious concussion, Del Rio attacked the vulnerable champion, striking Ziggler in the formerly concussed skull repeatedly until The Showoff could no longer defend himself, or the title. Medical clearance doesn’t matter to Ziggler anymore. Neither does looking good. The Showoff cares about mercilessly battering Alberto Del Rio as much as is humanly possible before pinning his unconscious shoulders to the mat and steal back the two things he loves most: “Big Gold” … and, of course, the show. The Showoff has gotten the best of Del Rio at every turn since getting his savage beating at Payback and dropping the title to him (except for one episode of SmackDown). That kind of momentum is usually a bad thing in the WWE, but not in this instance. I see Dolph pulling the surprise here.. Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

WWE Championship: Mark Henry (5-1) vs John Cena (1-10)

The night after Payback, Mark Henry appeared to announce his retirement. John Cena was at ringside and handed the WWE Championship to Mark after Mark mentioned that not having won it is the only thing he never accomplished in his career. After Mark's speech, Mark gave John the World's Strongest Slam. There won’t be too many technical holds applied when two of WWE's strongest competitors go head-to-head with the most coveted prize in sports-entertainment on the line. The sure-to-be epic bout will be a struggle of force between the two mighty grapplers.  The 17-year career of Henry has not been the best—plenty of awful storylines and character changes that benefited no one—but the last two years have been utter domination from the big man. At this moment, Henry is the best heel in the WWENot only has the former Olympic star changed his character and how he approaches his role, the fact that he has worked so hard all these years later proves he is still a vital part of WWE programming. Having said all that I just don't see Cena losing his belt right here. Prediction John Cena

Money In The Bank All-Stars Ladder Match: Randy Orton (8-15)... Daniel Bryan (6-4)... Rob Van Dam (16-1)... CM Punk (16-1)... Sheamus (20-1)... Christian 50-1.

Much of the excitement of Money in the Bank ladder matches comes from the high-flyers using the ladders as launching pads. Wrestlers have shocked us with the risks they are willing to take, leaping and flipping from incredible heights. Many past versions of the match have also included a big man—a grounded force who uses the ladder as a club and plays the terrestrial beast battling the birds flying overhead.

Sunday's Money in the Bank ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is going to be without its monster, as Kane has been ruled out of the bout. Thanks to Bray Wyatt's belligerent brothers, Kane ended Monday night on a stretcher. Rumors are that Bray Wyatt will take his place. We shall see.

Leading the charge is CM Punk, a former two-time WWE Champion who has competed in three Money in the Bank Ladder Matches and won two of them (in 2008 and 2009). Despite a strained relationship with Paul Heyman and a run-in with Brock Lesnar CM Punk insists he remains undeterred in his ultimate goal of reclaiming the WWE Title that he held for 434 days during his most recent reign. ...Daniel Bryan returns to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match format two years after winning a World Heavyweight Championship contract in just such a contest. DB hasspent the bulk of the last year in tag team competition, but he recently made it clear that WWE’s most cherished prize is now squarely in his sights...Randy Orton will enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Match as the most decorated competitor in terms of WWE Championship reigns, at six. Yet, The Viper has not been active in the WWE Title picture for many months. He is a veteran of two Money in the Bank Ladder Matches... Two-time WWE Champion Sheamus, similar to Orton, is seeking to reenter the WWE Title picture with a winning performance at Money in the Bank. The Celtic Warrior’s lone experience in the match format came in 2010 He came up short that night, but made a huge impression with a characteristically intense outing... Christian just may be the hungriest Superstar battling for a guaranteed contract on July 14. Coming off a nearly yearlong sabbatical from the ring, Captain Charisma has been immediately thrust into contention for a championship that’s eluded him for 15 years, the WWE Title... Last but not least is Rob Van Dam, the only competitor in this match to have cashed in a Money in the Bank contract against a WWE Champion (John Cena in 2006). He hasn't been in a WWE ring for 6 year and will be making his return in his home town of Philly. Prediction: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Damien Sandow (8-11)... Wade Barret (5-2)... Dean Ambrose (11-2)... Antonio Cesaro (8-1)... Fandango (14-1)... Cody Rhodes (25-1)... Jack Swagger (50-1).

While this year’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view is already set to unleash the “Money in the Bank All-Star” showdown, featuring seven former World Champions, it will also look to the future! At the urging of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, Senior Advisor to the SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long will be giving seven skilled Superstars a date with destiny.

As the reigning United States Champion, Dean Ambrose likely has the most momentum of any Superstar in the match, Some may believe that essentially guaranteeing Dean Ambrose a world title win during the next year is premature considering he just debuted at Survivor Series, but Ambrose is already one of the most polished Superstars the WWE has to offer... Fandango may be a newcomer to Ladder Matches, but the toe-tapping Superstar boasts impressive victories over not only Chris Jericho, but also Barrett. After missing time due to a concussion, the multi-talented, high-flying competitor could return with authority and announce his presence in the World Title picture... Damien Sandow is easily one of the most talented heels in the WWE today, but the way he has been booked hasn't reflected that. Sandow is largely utilized as a midcardjobber who puts over Sheamus and other face stars. Sandow has also teamed periodically with Cody Rhodes, but they have had very little success together in recent months. Sandow is ready for the big time from a promo perspective as few are better than him on the mic... From an in-ring perspective, Antonio Cesaro may be the best pure wrestler in this match. He is easily one of the best in the entire WWE as well, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he is a strong candidate to win. Cesaro has been stuck inmidcard purgatory for month, but has since aligned himself with Colter and Swagger, as the trio attempts to mold the United States to their liking... As a three-time Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett is a true standout in the match. A fierce participant in the 2011 Money in the Bank battle for the World Heavyweight Title contract, the British brawler has tasted his share of WWE success and is eager to prove that the Barrett Barrage has only just begun... Cody Rhodes has held plenty of WWE championship gold as a former Intercontinental, World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Champion.  After competing in Money in the Bank Ladder Matches the past three years, the fourth time could prove to be the charm for the second-generation Superstar... As the only competitor in this match who has won a Money in the Bank ladder match as well as the World Heavyweight Championship,Jack Swagger has the advantage from a kayfabe perspective, but not sure it is in the cards for him to climb the ladder here. Swagger is just coming off a world title feud with Alberto Del Rio, which included a match at WrestleMania, so he isn't going to be thrown back into the mix already. Prediction: Fandango

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