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WWE Extreme Rules Preview, Betting Odds, Predictions

Tonight the WWE will present their next pay-per-view on the schedule, which is called Extreme Rules. This is may be the wildest PPV on the schedule. The event will take place at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. Extreme Rules has a start time of 8:00 pm (Eastern) and will be televised live on the WWE network.Oddspreviews and predictions for each match are below.


Kickoff Match: Tag Title Match--- Kofi Kingston & Big E vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (No Odds For This Match) 

The New Day is an up an coming tag team, but for some reason right now that are not a favorite of the fans. They continuously get booed and here the chants of "New Day Sucks". Needless to say they won't have the fans behind them in this one. The New Day's goal is to bring an air of positivity to the WWE Universe, but that just isn't flying.  They are still an exciting team, especially Kofi Kingston who is a high wire act all himself. The same can be said for Tyson Kidd on the other side and Ceasro has been known as one of the strongest wrestlers in the WWE. Kidd and Cesaro have really gelled as a team and I just can't see them losing their belts just yet. PREDICTION: Kidd & Cesaro 

Kiss My **** Match--- Sheamus (2/5)  vs  Dolph Ziggler (7/4)

First off, what's with the hair and beard Sheamus. You look freaking ridiculous dude. Anyway the loser of this match must kiss the winners ****. This one should be fun. Sheamus was out of the WWE for a few months and when he came back he had turned heel, at that kinda went with his new look. It has been a meaner Sheamus for sure and obviously and he has been targeting the little guys of the WWE, saying they have no business competing in the ring. What a coward, huh?  well that doesn't scare Dolph Ziggler, who is one of the most intense wrestlers in the WWE and will bring the fight to Sheamus. The Irishman has attacked Dolph numerous times after matches of late, but now he won't be able to lay a sneak attack on Dolph, who is one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE right now. Dolph will not back down in this one and I can not see him being made to kiss Shaemus' **** at the end of this one. PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler

Chicago Street Fight--- Dean Ambrose (2/5)  vs  Luke Harper  (7/4)

This one should be very brutal and the rules are that there are no rules. anything goes here. This rivalry really came about at Wrestlemania when Luke Harper powerbombed Ambrose through a ladder. Since then Dean has been itching to get his hand on the big backwoods brute. He did have a martch with Harper shortly after Wrestlemainia, but Harper ended up getting DQ'd and then continued to lay waste to Ambrose. Dean is a lose cannon. It's as simple as that. He is really uncontrollable, which is why he is called the lunatic fringe. He sees his target and just goes after it, no matter the consequences and that means that this type of match sets up perfectly for him. He will use any means and any weapon he can get his hand on to beat down the bigger opponent and that has me expecting dean to walk out with the victory in this one.PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose   

Divas Title Match--- Nikki Bella (1/2)  vs  Naomi (6/4)

Im a bit up set here. A s you all know my favorite diva is Paige and she won a Diva's Battler Royal in order to get a title shot, but after she eliminated Naomi and won the match, Naomi took out her frustrations on Paige, but the goth chick out of commission for a bit. I am very upset about that. LOL. Naomi does have a non-title victory over Nikki and she has claimed all along that it is no fluke she won. Naomi stated that she attacked Paige because she deserved the Title shot more than Paige did. Now its time for Naomi to step up and prove that she deserves to be Divas champ.  It will not be easy as Nikki Bella is one of the toughest Divas around right now, plus she always has backup in here corner by way of her sister Brie, who usually finds someway to get involved. It is not time for Nikki to lose here belt and with Paige out of action and AJ Lee retired I just don't see here losing the belt anytime soon, unless the WWE does what I felt they should do all along is to pit sister vs sister in the near future. It's either that or have Nikki wear the belt for a long time. PREDICTION: Nikki Bella    

Intercontinental Title Match--- Daniel Bryan (2/5) vs Bad News Barrett (7/4)

Bad News was the title holder of this belt heading into Wrestlemania, but he lost it when Daniel Bryan climbed the ladder and took the belt. I predicted a DB win in that match, because if the WWE didn't give him a title then there would a riot among the WWE universe and the Authority might have been put out of commission for good. LOL This match is setup because Barrett is invoking his re-match clause and it really should be a good match. Both of these superstars are very good at putting on good shows, both are pretty technically sound and both are very intense competitors. Daniel Bryan is the man though and when he gets the crowd behind him he has nearly been unstoppable. He fires on all cylinders at that point and is very hard to stop. I see that happening here as well, as it would not be "Good For Business" to have him lose the belt already. PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan

Last Man Standing Match---  Roman Reigns (1/7) vs  Big Show (4/1) 

The rules here are that you have to beat your opponent down so much that they cannot get to their feet by a 10 count. That is the only rule as this is an anything goes match. That usually makes it a very fun match as the competitors use anything and everything they can get their hands on, plus they usually use every inch of the arena that they are in. it a very brutal but fun match and the bigger guy doesn't always win here, although I do find it hard for Roman to put the Big Show down for a 10 count unless he gets creative like John Cena did a while ago when he put Bray Wyatt in a big case and then toppled a speaker on top of him so he couldn't get out. I have seen duct tape and handcuffs used as well to keep wrestlers down. Roman will have to be creative to win this match, but for Big sSow all he need is to just land one punch to the jaw and it's all over for Roman.  The Big Show got the better of Roman overseas in the U.K as he beat him senseless on a taxi cab. I see Roman putting up a hell of a fight here. but for some reason I just can't see him winning this one. PREDICTION: Big Show

Russian Chain Match: United States Title Match--- John Cena (1/10) vs Rusev (5/1)

The Rules in this one are that you are chained to your opponent and must be able to drag them around the ring, touching each ring post in succession. That makes this one very interesting. This is the rubber match between these two as Rusev won at the PPV before Wrestlemania, while Cena won at Mania, with that victory giving him the title. Cena has also been a fighting champ as he has come out on both Raw and Smackdown to offer an open challenge to anyone who would accept. He successfully defended the title in each one of those challenges, but at the end of one of the, Rusev came up and hit him in the head from behind with a chain. It was at that point that Lana announced that the match at Extreme Rules would be a Russian Chain match. These are two men that hate each other with a passion and just think of the carnage that can be dne with a chain in their hands. Yikes. Now one thing to watch here is the relationship between Lana and Rusev. It has been rocky to say the least and something may happen here which would split the two. I think she will get in the way here somehow, which will allow Cena to win the match. PREDICTION: John Cena      

WWE World Heaveyweight Title Match---  Roman Reigns (1/9)  vs Randy Orton (5/1)

What a war this will be as two one time partners will go at it in a steel cage. A couple weeks ago on Raw both Orton and Rollins were involved in separate singles matches and if one won but the other didn't then the one who won got to choose the stipulation for this match. Orton won his match and then it was time for Seth to take on Ziggler and if he won that match then both would get to choose a stipulation, but if he lost then just Orton could choose. Seth then came up with a plan and that is to face Kane instead of Ziggler and have Kane lay down so he can win. Kane reluctantly did so, but not before choke slamming Seth. That meant that both Seth and Orton got to choose a stipulation for this match. Seth chose to have the RKO ban and Orton chose the steel cage, which would keep the authority from interfering in the match. Now HHH has added something of his own and that is that Kane will be the Gate Keeper for the match. He will guard it to make sure no one gets in or out. This makes the match even more interesting and it also should aid to the possibility of Kane turning face. I do see him turning on Seth and the authority at some point and this could very well be the time. The feud between Seth and Kane seems to be growing each week, so watch out here.  Orton turned on Seth and the authority and that has sparked a big feud between these two. Seth has really been getting too high and mighty of late and at some point I see the whole authority turning on him. Right now Seth has to deal with an angry Viper inside a steel cage. Yikes. im glad i'm not him. LOL Orton has been champ any times and while I do see Kane turning here, Im not sure it will impact the ending, which is Seth holding on to the belt. He still has those two munchkins on his side and they will do enough to help him retain. PREDICTION: Seth Rollins

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