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WWE 2014 Hell In A Cell Start Time, Odds, Predictions

Sunday, October 26th and the WWE will present Hell In A Cell, which will take place at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The event has a start time of 8:00 PM Eastern and will be televised on PPV and the WWE Network. Below are the Odds and predictions for each match.

United States Championship-- Sheamus  (1/4)  vs  The Miz  (12/5)

This one should be interesting and the wildcard will be Damien Mizdow. The Miz does have a couple non-title victories over Sheamus, although really just one as he allowed his stunt double Damien Mizdow to take his place during a 6-man tag match vs the Uso and Sheamus, which Damien got the win over Sheamus. Could that be setting up a rift between the two? Could Damien feel that the Miz is his Stunt Double? We may get more of an answer to that during an edition of Mizdow Tv on the Kickoff show, in which the Miz will be a guest of Damien. Sheamus' days of headlining PPV cards may be over, but his is very good as the US Title holder and I feel hat he will hold on to the belt a little longer, with some possible outside interference from Mizdow. PREDICTION: Sheamus

Singles Match-- Brie Bella  (9/4)  vs  Nikki Bella  (1/3)

 I know they don't put women in steel cage matches, but this grudge between sisters would be a strong candidate to do so if they did. This feud has been going on for a few months now, but this will be the first time that the women face off in a singles match. The feud really began with the Brie vs Stephanie McMahon feud, in which Brie quit the WWE and then Nikki was put in a few handicap matches as punishment for her sister slapping Stephanie. When Brie came back to the WWE, Nikki held resentment for that and turned on her sister, stating that she has been paying for her sisters mistakes all her life. Now they finally settle this in the ring with an interesting stipulation that states that the loser will have to be the others personal assistant for the next 30 days. Brie has really gotten the better of her sister as far as mind games have gone the last 2 months and I expect that to continue here as she beats her sister in this bitter feud. PREDICTION: Brie Bella

Divas Championship-- AJ Lee  (1/3)  vs Paige  (9/4)

This has been a fun and hot rivalry over the pasty few month and I for one hope that tonight is not the last night for it. AJ Lee lost her Diva's in surprise fashion way back around Wrestlemania, and then after a few months off AJ came back to the WWE and won the title in the same way that she lost it. Paige now has a new friend in Alicia Fox, while AJ states that she needs no friends and can do this on her own. Can she? Well she has had the upper hand in the rivalry of late and will be facing a determined Paige with Alicia in her corner, who will at some point probably get involved in this match. I feel that the 2 on 1 is something the usually favors the 1 in the WWE and as much as i am in love with Paige, I feel that AJ will walk out still the Diva's Champion. PREDICTION: AJ Lee

Singles Match-- Big Show  (11/4)  vs Rusev  (1/4)

Here we are again with a full blooded american wrestler trying to defend the country vs Rusev, the Bulgarian Brute. The feud has been made even more personal when Rusev kicked an American solider last week on Raw. This one is setting up as a huge brawl, but I'm not sure it will last all that long. Usually matches with Big Show or Mark Henry don't last all that long and aren't all hat entertaining. Rusev has been impressive in his time in the WWE so far and I feel that the WWE will continue build him up, because I also believe that coming up we will see the Rock back in the ring to take on the Undefeated Rusev, as the WWE did tease that a few weeks back. What a draw that will be for the WWE, as that is what's best for business. PREDICTION: Rusev

WWE Tag Team Championship-- The Usos  (11/4)  vs  Goldust & Stardust  (1/4)

The Uso held on to the Tag belts for a long time as the WWE continuously searched for another team that could take their place. Well they found that team in Stardust and Goldust, who have held the belts for over a month now. Right now this is the only thing going on in the tag division and when these teams have hooked up they have had some high flying and fun matches. This one figures to be no different. Not only do both teams know each other so well , but they also know their partners very well as both teams are comprised of brothers. This should be another exciting and high flying match with Gold and Stardust retaining their belts. PREDICTION: Goldust & Stardust. 

Intercontinental Title Match-- Dolph Ziggler (4/9) vs  Cesaro  (13/8)

This was the last match added to the card and it should be a very intense and exciting Matchup, especially since it is the Best 2 of 3 falls. Neither Dolph Ziggler or Cesaro lack energy, as both their motors just don't have off switches. Ziggler is the current champ and has stated that the Title has been very important for him. It shows just how far he has come in this business. For Cesaro, he is still looking for his defining moment in the WWE. He did beat Ziggler in a non-title match, but couldn't duplicate that again when the title was on the line on an edition of Smackdown. Is it time for Ceasro to make his mark in the WWE? I think it is. I do like Ziggler and the energy he brings, but it's time for Ceasaro to hold some gold in the WWE. PREDICTION: Cesaro

Hell In A Cell Match 1-- John Cena  (4/7)  vs   Randy Orton  (5/4)

This one should be a very good and brutal match between two guys that know each other very well. The Reward for winning this match is a date with the Beast Brock Lesner at Survivor Series. Not sure how much of a reward that is, but okay. John Cena comes in having lost his last 2 PPV, which is unusual for him, while Orton has not had many headlining matches of late. Still this match came about hen Cena took on Ambrose with the winner getting to face Rollins and the loser getting Orton. Not much of a build up has been made for this match, but you really don't need much. Orton vs Cena should say it all. I do expect a great match between two men who have combined for 27 World Titles in their careers, but in the end I expect Randy Orton to come out on top and get his shot at the Beast. I also expect that that match vs the Beast will signal a new FACE of Orton. Stay Tuned. PREDICTION: Randy Orton

Hell In A Cell Match 2-- Dean Ambrose  (4/11)   vs  Seth Rollins  (2/1)

Finally these two will meet. No more running. No more hiding. These two combatants will finally settle this in the ring with nowhere to go as they will both be locked in Hell In Cell. This one should be dynamite. The feud came about when Rollins stabbed the Shield in the back by joining the Authority a few back. That really hasn't set well with Ambrose who has been dying to get his hands on Rollins ever since. Because of the feud Dean Ambrose has really become a fan favorite, while Rollins has been called a sellout by the WWE Universe. One think to note here is that there seems to be some growing conflict between Rollins and Orton and Kane. Will they play a part in this even though the two will be locked in a cage? I can really see that happening, but I also see the Luantic Fringe finally getting his revenge over his one-time brother in arms, in what should be the best match of the night. PREDICTION: Dean Ambrose

Info gathered from and Cageside Seats, with odds taken from Paddy Power


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