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Peyton Manning 2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

Super Bowl XLVIII has provided a platform for all Peyton Manning all the time coverage (aside from an occasional Richard Sherman interruption). Given the focus on the four-time MVP, it is no surprise he would be the subject of an almost overwhelming number of 2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets. Total completions, total passing yards, total pass attempts, totals touchdown passes...yeah, they are all covered. There is plenty of non-standard fare as well, including distance of his first touchdown pass, total rushing attempts, what will he throw first, and the Over/Under on how many seconds his halftime pee will take. Okay, I added that last one, but you get the point. If you want some Peyton Manning Super Bowl action, it is there for the taking. Here's the complete list:

Peyton Manning 2014 Super Bowl Prop Bets

First Pass Will Be -

Completion -200
Incompletion or Interception +165

Will He Throw and Interception -

Yes -185
No +150

Total Passing Yards -

Over 287.5 (-115)
Under 287.5 (-115)

Total Completions -

Over 26.5 (-130)
Under 26.5 (+100)

Total Pass Attempts -

Over 41.5 (-115)
Under 41.5 (-115)

Will Have More Passing Yards in which Half -

First Half -115
Second Half (includes overtime) -115

Total Rushing Attempts -

Over 1.5 (+150)
Under 1.5 (-185)

Longest Completion -

Over 36.5 Yards (-115)
Under 36.5 Yards (-115)

Total Touchdown Passes Thrown -

Over 2 (-140)
Under 2 (+110)

Over 2.5 (+130)
Under 2.5 (-160)

What Will He Throw First -

Touchdown Pass -250
Interception +200

Will He Throw a First Quarter Touchdown Pass -

Yes +150
No -185

Will He Throw a Second Quarter Touchdown Pass -

Yes -130
No +100

Will He Throw a Third Quarter Touchdown Pass -

Yes +150
No -185

Will He Throw a Fourth Quarter Touchdown Pass (Overtime does not count) -

Yes -115
No -115

Distance of First Touchdown Pass -

Over 12.5 Yards (-110)
Under 12.5 Yards (-120)

Will He Score a Rushing Touchdown -

Yes +800
No -1800

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