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NBA Regular Season Wins and Win Matchups

NBA season win totals are out, and the defending champion Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder sit atop the list, with the revamped Los Angeles Lakers right on their heels. William Hill has released NBA win totals on the betting market for the 2012/13 NBA season as opening day is upon us. Below I have not only have the NBA Season Totals for each team, but also some NBA Regular Season Wins Matchups as well.

2012/13 NBA Regular Season Win Totals:  Miami Heat (OU 61)... Oklahoma City Thunder (OU 59.5)... Los Angeles Lakers (OU 57)... San Antonio Spurs (OU 56)... Denver Nuggets (OU 51.5)... Indiana Pacers (OU 51.5)... Boston Celtics (OU 51)... Los Angeles Clippers (OU 51)... Memphis Grizzlies... (OU 49)... Chicago Bulls (OU 47)... Philadelphia 76ers (OU 46)... Brooklyn Nets (OU 45.5)... New York Knicks (OU 45.5)... Utah Jazz (OU 43.5)... Atlanta Hawks (OU 42.5)... Dallas Mavericks (OU 42)... Minnesota Timberwolves (OU 39)... Milwaukee Bucks (OU 37.5)... Golden State Warriors (OU 37)... Portland Trailblazers (OU 33.5)... Toronto Raptors (OU 33.5)... Phoenix Suns (OU 33)... Detroit Pistons (OU 32.5)... Sacramento Kings (OU 32.5)... Houston Rockets (OU 31.5)... Cleveland Cavaliers (OU 30.5)... Washington Wizards (OU 28)... New Orleans Hornets (OU 27.5)... Orlando Magic (OU 23)... Charlotte Bobcats (OU 18.5) 

My Top 3 Season Totals Plays:  Washington Wizards Over 28... Philadelphia 76ers Over 46... Charlotte Bobcats Under 18.5

NBA Regular Season Wins Matchups

Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks--- This is a Pick

LA Clippers vs LA Lakers---  Lakers are favored by 7 Wins

LA Lakers vs Miami Heat--- Miami is favored by 4 Wins

LA Lakers vs Oklahoma City Thunder--- Oklahoma City is favored by 2.5 Wins

Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings--- Golden State is favored by 5.5 Wins

Dallas Mavericks vs San Antonio Spurs--- San Antonio is favored by 14

Orlando and Washington vs Boston Celtics--- Boston is favored by 1 Win

Charlotte and New Orleans vs Chicago Bulls--- Chicago is favored by 1 Win

I would say the best play of this group would be LA Lakers +2.5 Wins over Oklahoma City 

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