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Bettor's Perspective: MLB Surprises & Disappointments

While those who had over 8.5 in the MLB All Star Game are still recovering from the 8-0 final (8 runs in first four innings), we want to look at the second half of the baseball season from a bettor's perspective. From the local paper to ESPN, the media and "experts" have opinions galore on what will happen from now until the World Series while trying to explain what transpired in the opening half of the baseball season. Below are the expectations and projections from oddsmakers who take billions of dollars of action on these teams over the course of the season and in the end, put money where their mouth is.

Based on the information below, my biggest surprise award goes to the Chicago White Sox and the biggest disappointment prize goes to the Philadelphia Phillies. After winning 102 games last season, oddsmakers set the over/under on regular season wins for Philadelphia at 93.5. With the second half of the season starting back up on Friday, the projected total wins on the season for the Phillies has dropped down to 76. To add insult to injury, they opened the season the favorites to win the World Series at 5.5-1 ($100 bet pays $550) and are now 33-1 ($100 bet pays $3300). On the flip side, the White Sox were expected to be looking up all year in the standings at the Detroit Tigers and newly acquired Prince Fielder. At the half-way mark the White Sox are in first place and projected to end up winning 14 more games during the regular season (from to 74.5 to 88.5) and their World Series odds have dropped down to 20-1 from 75.1

Updated Baseball Regular Season Wins
Arizona Diamondbacks: 84 (-2.5 from preseason projection of 86.5)
Atlanta Braves: 87.5  (+1.0 from preseason projection of 86.5)
Baltimore Orioles: 80 ( +10.5 from preseason projection of 69.5)
Boston Red Sox: 85 (-5.0 from preseason projection of 90.0)
Chicago Cubs: 65.5 (-9.0 from preseason projection of 74.5)
Chicago White Sox: 88.5 (+14.0 from preseason projection of 74.5)
Cincinnati Reds: 89 (+1.5 from preseason projection of 87.5)
Cleveland Indians: 81 (+2.5 from preseason projection of 78.5)
Colorado Rockies: 66 (-15.5 from preseason projection of 81.5)
Detroit Tigers: 86.5 (-6.0 from preseason projection of 92.5)
Houston Astros: 64 (0.00 from preseason projection of 64)
Kansas City Royals: 73.5 (-6.5 from preseason projection of 80.0)
Los Angeles Angels: 91.5 (-1.0 from preseason projection of 92.5)
Los Angeles Dodgers: 86 (+4.5 from preseason projection of 81.5)
Miami Marlins: 77.5 (-7.0 from preseason projection of 84.5)
Milwaukee Brewers: 77 (-7.5 from preseason projection of 84.5)
Minnesota Twins: 71 (-2.5 from preseason projection of 73.5)
New York Mets: 84.5 (+12.5 from preseason projection of 72.0)
New York Yankees: 96 (+3.0 from preseason projection of 93.0)
Oakland Athletics: 79 (+7.5 from preseason projection of 71.5)
Philadelphia Phillies: 76 (-17.5 from preseason projection of 93.5)
Pittsburgh Pirates: 87 (+13.5 from preseason projection of 73.5)
San Diego Padres: 66.5 (-7.0 from preseason projection of 73.5)
San Francisco Giants: 88 (+0.5 from preseason projection of 87.5)
Seattle Mariners: 68.5 (-3.5 from preseason projection of 72.0)
St Louis Cardinals: 87.5 (+3.0 from preseason projection of 84.5)
Tampa Bay Rays: 84 (-2.5 from preseason projection of 86.5)
Texas Rangers: 95 (+4.5 from preseason projection of 90.5)
Toronto Blue Jays: 78.5 (-2.0 from preseason projection of 80.5)
Washington Nationals: 91.5 (+8.0 from preseason projection of 83.5)

Updated MLB World Series Odds
Arizona Diamondbacks: 40-1 (28-1 on opening day)
Atlanta Braves: 18-1 (24-1 on opening day)
Baltimore Orioles: 50-1 (225-1 on opening day)
Boston Red Sox: 20-1 (10-1 on opening day)
Chicago Cubs: 1000-1 (80-1 on opening day)
Chicago White Sox: 20-1 (75-1 on opening day)
Cincinnati Reds: 14-1 (25-1 on opening day)
Cleveland Indians: 50-1 (80-1 on opening day)
Colorado Rockies: 500-1 (40-1 on opening day)
Detroit Tigers: 16-1 (10-1 on opening day)
Houston Astros: 500-1 (250-1 on opening day)
Kansas City Royals: 300-1 (100-1 on opening day)
Los Angeles Dodgers: 16-1 (50-1 on opening day)
Los Angeles Angels: 12-1 (8-1 on opening day)
Miami Marlins: 40-1 (20-1 on opening day)
Milwaukee Brewers: 100-1 (40-1 on opening day)
Minnesota Twins: 1000-1 (100-1 on opening day)
New York Mets: 40-1 (150-1 on opening day)
New York Yankees: 5-1 (6.5-1 on opening day)
Oakland Athletics:  200-1 (125-1 on opening day)
Philadelphia Phillies: 33-1 (5.5-1 on opening day)
Pittsburgh Pirates: 40-1 (125-1 on opening day)
San Diego Padres: 1000-1 (200-1 on opening day)
San Francisco Giants:  14-1 (18-1 on opening day)
Seattle Mariners: 1000-1 (200-1 on opening day)
St Louis Cardinals: 20-1 (28-1 on opening day)
Tampa Bay Rays: 20-1 (22-1 on opening day)
Texas Rangers: 4-1 (10-1 on opening day)
Toronto Blue Jays: 40-1 (50-1 on opening day)
Washington Nationals: 11-1 (35-1 on opening day)
*Updated odds via 5Dimes
**Past Odds via 5Dimes as of 4/3/2012

Top 10 Projected World Series Matchups
Washington Nationals vs New York Yankees 
Washington Nationals vs Texas Rangers 
San Francisco Giants vs New York Yankees 
San Francisco Giants vs Texas Rangers 
Cincinnati Reds vs Texas Rangers
Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees 
Atlanta Braves vs Texas Rangers 
Atlanta Braves vs New York Yankees 
Los Angeles Dodgers vs New York Yankees 
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Texas Rangers 

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