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5 Weird and Unconventional Sports You Can Bet On

5 Weird and Unconventional Sports You Can Bet On

Betting on things is a tradition as old as time. There might not be a chapter in our history books about one leg keeping Hannibal from cashing his parlay as he crossed the Alps on his elephants. Still, it’s safe to assume some wagers occurred, even under the strangest circumstances. These five weird and unconventional sports you can bet on may make Billy Madison’s pickle races seem normal.


Reindeer Racing

While reindeer racing may sound strange to folks living in the U.S., it’s serious business in Finland, Russia, and Norway. Reindeer would get pulled over in a school zone, as they can approach speeds as high as 37 mph on the 220-yard track. Jockeys prefer reindeer with long noses because it has greater lung capacity, letting them go full throttle at a longer rate.



We all have gambled at one time or another on paper, rock, scissors, although we don’t think riding shotgun is what other bettors are aiming for when they stake action on this classic game. Professional Ro-sham-bo players take their craft seriously, so much so that the official World Rock Paper Scissors Association decrees their competitors’ professional athletes. So, if someone’s line is “I’m a professional athlete,” make sure their hand doesn’t form into a fist out of habit.


Cow Chip Tossing

When “you might be a redneck” jokes were humorous, betting on cow chip tossing would be a solid source of that joke structure. For over 50 years, hundreds of folks have convened for the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, Oklahoma, a town where cows outnumber humans.


Each piece of dookie must adhere to the tournament standards, measuring at least six inches in diameter. The participant gets to throw the dung twice, and the person who covers the most distance earns the victory. We doubt you can log into your sportsbook account and a tab for cow chip betting, but the locals will be quick to make things interesting with a friendly wager.



If you bought Hogwarts Legacy to get your Quidditch fix, we can sense your disappointment, considering the video game did not include Hogwarts’s favorite pastime. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fictional game in a non-fictional world.


Muggle Quidditch has similar rules to the ones you see in the films, sans the flying broomsticks. Nevertheless, teams of seven to 21 players gather on a hockey-sized field with their sights set on the three different hoops to score. Players must run with a broomstick between their legs for it to be a regulation game.


“Quaffles” are points teams record when a Tom Brady-approved deflated volleyball goes through one of the three hoops. The International Quidditch Association has had betting lines on the contests since 2011.


Professional Wrasslin’

Within the past month, World Wrestling Entertainment made news for wanting to dabble in the sports betting world. After all, if you can bet on other combat sports like UFC and boxing, why can’t you bet on Roman Reigns retaining a championship? Although professional wrestling naysayers say the sport is fake, that isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, the “sport” does have pre-determined results, which can make betting on it seem strange. But demeaning it as being fake isn’t fair to the performers.


When you’re tired of being empty-handed on traditional sports, exploring the five weird and unconventional sports you can bet on is worth exploring. Pregame may not know who to take in the cow chip tossing championships, but our daily sports betting tips for baseball, basketball, football, and hockey can help you bring home the bacon.

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