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2015 WWE Payback Start Time Betting Odds Predictions

Tonight live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore Maryland the WWE will present it's next pay-per-view, entitled Payback. The event has a start time of 8:00 pm (Est) and will be televised on the WWE Network. Predictions and betting odds for each match are listed below. 

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler (6/4) vs Sheamus (1/2)

This has really been a developing rivalry of late and it has made for some exciting matches. Back at Extreme Rules these took hooked in a Kiss Me **** Match and the two put on a great show. At the end of the Match it was to be Sheamus that had to kiss the backside of Dolph, but Sheamus did not and in turn beat up Dolph forcing him to kiss Sheamus' butt. That is extremely humiliating for a WWE wrestler. Now the two will go at it again and while they haven't met since Extreme Rules in a sanctioned match, Sheamus has really gotten the better of Dolph in post match altercations. Sheamus is vicious again and will stop at nothing to get his victories, but still I feel that Ziggler will walk out as the winner here as he gets revenge for what happened at the end of Extreme Rules. PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler 


Tag Title Match: Two Out Of Three Falls---  The New Day (3/10) vs Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (11/5)

The New Day is comprised of Big E Langston, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and their goal has bee to spread positivity throughout the WWE, but the fans are not buying it and the New Day now comes out to chants of "New Day Sucks" by the WWE Universe. They are not fan favorites, but the Team of Kidd and Cesaro are and they are really looking to get their belts back that were taken from them by the New Day. Kidd and Cesaro have take some after match beatings by the New Day recently, but they did pick up a nice singles win by Cesaro this past Monday night on Raw. Two out of 3 falls might benefit the New Day as I can see them substituting one of their other members in between falls and that could mean that they will stay fresher throughout, giving them just what they need to retain their belts. PREDICTION: New Day


United States Title Match: I Quit Match---  Rusev (5/1) vs John Cena (1/9)

This is the Final match between these two in this very intense rivalry. John Cena won the match at Wrestlemania to take the belt from Rusev and then successfully defended his title at Extreme Rules in a Russian Chain Match. Now we come to Payback and the two are set up for an "I Quit" match. The rules are simple. You just have to make your opponent say I Quit. John Cena has really been a fighting champion each week as he has put his title on the line in an open challenge on each Raw and Smackdown since he won the belt. He wanted to give anyone the chance at the belt. He has had some good matches, but still has remained with the belt. Rusev has done little in ring wrestling since Extreme Rules, so if anything he should be fresher for this one. John has been in 4 "I Quit" matches and is a perfect 4-0 in them, which does go with his never give up motto, but I see that streak ending here. Not because John will give up, but because I expect Ruzev to lock in the Accolade, which John will pass out to, just like he has done before. John has had a nice little U.S. Title run, but I feel the WWE ants him back in the big picture and a loss right here would give him the chance to go after the WWE Title. Should be a hell of a match though. PREDICTION: Rusev     


Singles Match: Bad News Barret (5/6) vs Neville (5/6)

This has been a nice developing rival and it started back at the Extreme Rules Kickoff Show, in which Neville upset BNB. The two then had another fight in the finals of the King Of the Ring tournament and Barrett got his revenge and was crowned the 2015 King of the Ring. Neville is really the new sensation in the WWE and is known as the “Man That Gravity Forgot”, because of his extreme high wire act that he puts on every night. His Red Arrow may be the most exciting finishing move in the WWE and he has hid Barrett with it, plus many other super stars as well. Barrett has not taken to well to an uprising from the peasants and he will certainly look to squash this newcomer, but I just feel this is Neville’s fight to win. He was the longest reigning champ in NXT History and has made his mark on the WWE so far. I expect him to keep making marks with a big win over the king in this one. PREDICTION: Neville


Singles Match: Bray Wyatt (8/15) vs Ryback (11/8)

Bray Wyatt is starting to be like Brock Lesner as he has been wrestling in just Pay-per-views of late. By seems to pick a target and focus on them for a few weeks and this time it is Ryback. Usually Wyatt starts off with some hidden messages about who he is talking about and then reveals that person when he feels the time is right. Ryback though isn’t into playing the mind games that Wyatt is looking to do. The Big guy just wants to fight and you can bet he will bring the fight to Bray in this one. Both are really brawlers and very intense and that always makes for a good fight. Ryback has taken a beating from Bray in after match altercation, but Ryback has fired back as well. This should be a good fight all the way around and as much as I hate to say it I feel that Bray will come out on top. PREDICTION: Bray Wyatt  


Divas Tag Match: Naomi & Tamina vs The Bella Twins (No Odds Available)

Naomi has said no more and is fed up with getting nothing from the WWE right now, so she has set out to take and has recruited the services of Tamina to help her get it. Tamina is a vicious woman and is used to being an enforcer for someone. The Bella have been running roughshod over the Divas Division the last few months and finally someone is stepping up to take them on. Nikki and Brie had gotten the best of Naomi before Tamina entered the picture but now things have evened up and the 2 teams will do battle this Sunday. Of course I am sorry that I will not be able to see Paige for the 2nd PPV in a row, so these gals will have to do I do expect a spirited effort from the Bellas, but in the end I feel that Naomi and Tamina will come out on top, which will really put Naomi in the conversation for a title shot. PREDICTION: Tamina & Naomi


Fatal 4-Way WWE Title Match: Roman Reigns (7/1) vs Dean Ambrose (12/1) vs Randy Orton (10-1) vs Seth Rollins (1/7)

This one should be fun for sure and there are so many story lines and rumors that I have no clue who will come out on top. Kane, the Director Of Operations, but this little shindig together, much to the dislike of Seth Rollins, who is the current WWE Title holder. Kane and Seth have been at odds with each other for a couple of months right now and it just may finally boil over here at Payback, even though HHH has told Kane that he will no longer be Director of Operations should Seth not walk out of Payback with his title intact. Kane has stated that he would rather lose his job that to help Seth. We shall see. The real wildcard is Dean Ambrose, who was added recently to the title match thanks to a win over Seth Rollins in singles competition. Randy Orton is always dangerous in these type matches, but Im not sure the WWE wants him as the Title holder, at least not right now. That brings us to roman Reigns, who was robbed of the title at Wrestlemania by Rollins. Reigns really has the desire here and I would be surprised to see him walk out with the title, but still overall there are just so many questions to be answered. Will Kane finally turn on Rollins? What role will J&J security play? Will Ambrose turn in this match, which is a possibility? Can Orton and or Reigns finally get their revenge on Rollins? The key here is Kane. If he finally turns then we will have a new title holder, but if he doesn’t then Rollins will still be the champ. I say he turns. PREDICTION: Roman Reigns   

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