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2015 WWE Elimination Chamber Start Time, Odds, Predictions

On Sunday May 31st the WWE universe will see the return of the Elimination Chamber, which has been known to change lives and shorten careers. This is the most diabolical structure in the WWE. The event will take place at American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas and has a start time of 8:00 pm (Est). Odds and predictions are below. 

Diva's Triple Threat Title Match: Nikki Bella (13/5) vs Naomi (8/11) vs Paige (13/5)

Okay what am I going to say first here? Yup you guessed it, "Paige is Back". After missing a few PPV's my favorite Goth chick is back and battling for the WWE Diva's Title this weekend. The last time Paige was in the ring she had just won a Diva's battle royal which gave her a title match vs Nikki. She never made it to that match as Naomi came out and laid the smackdown on Paige right after the battle royal, which put Paige out of commission for a few weeks. Actually the time off was needed for Paige as it turns out that she was filming a movie. While she was gone it was Naomi that got a title shot, but has failed in both attempts. Naomi has unleashed a new vicious attitude and has added some backup in the form of Tamina. The two have stated that the Divs's division is now theirs. I'm sure that Paige and the Bella Twins will have something to say about that. Nikki Bella has been the Diva's champ since November and has been a fighting champ and while she doe have her sister in her corner and while Naomi has Tamina in her's I feel that it will be Paige that comes out on top here. She is talented enough to do it and this is not a homer pick. I really feel that she can win the title. PREDICTION: Paige

Singles Match: Neville (1/7)  vs  Bo Dallas (4/1)

This will be a battle of two former NXT Champions and it has really started to get personal between the two of late, as Bo Dallas has come out and attacked Neville on a few occasions of late. Bo Dallas has been around for a couple of year in the WWE, but this is his first single Pay-per-view match. Bo Dallas is a self-proclaimed inspiration, but his messages have really fallen on deaf ears and he must now put up vs the WWE's newest superstar. Neville is the "man that gravity forgot", but he may be a bit more grounded in this one as he is nursing a bad knee right now. Will that injury hurt him in this one? I don't think so. Neville is more talented than Bo Dallas and he beat him in NXT for the Title and I say he will do so again here. PREDICTION: Neville  


Singles Match: John Cena (1/2) vs Kevin Owens (6/4)    

This is a champion vs champions match as Kevin Owens is the current NXT Title holder, while John Cena is the WWE U.S. Title holder. I have to admit that I don't watch NXT so I have to go on info I read from WWE when it comes to Kevin Owens. Each and every week John Cena has an open invitation for anyone to face him for the U.S Title and 2 weeks ago on Raw it was Kevin Owens that came out to take the challenge. The fight didn't take place that night and Owens stated that they will fight, but on his terms only and then he hit Cena with a Pop-up Powerbomb. After that confrontation, Kevin made a deal in the back with HHH to face Cena at Elimination Chamber. This past week on Raw Owens came out after Cena's match with Zack Ryder and hit him again with the Pop-up Powerbomb. This Kevin Owens is a beast and when he won the NXT title he took it from Neville, who had been the longest reigning champ in the history of NXT. Owens does look very tough from what I have seen and that should make for a very good match between these two, but still this is NXT vs the big boys and I will have to side with John Cena here. PREDICTION: John Cena


Elimination Chamber Match: Intercontinental Title Match--- R-Truth (11/1)  vs  Sheamus (1/2)  vs  Bad News Barrett (4/1)  vs  Ryback (13/2)  vs  Dolph Ziggler (17/2)  vs Rusev (17/2)

This is the first time ever that the Intercontinental Title will be decided inside the Elimination Chamber and it is up for grabs due to the fact that Daniel Bryan had to relinquish the title because of health reasons. This should be a really exciting match and I give 4 of the participants the best shot at winning this. They are Barrett, Ziggler, Sheamus and Rusev. R-Truth is just in this for comic relief, while Ryback just doesn't seem like one that is right for this title. The other 4 have do seem right for this and It does make it tough to pick a winner, but I will try. The new rivalry between Rusev and Ziggler may keep those two from winning this belt. Rusev has been on a downturn of late and now to have it throw in his face is the fact that Ziggler and Lana seem to be in the early stages of a relationship. That really hasn't set well with Rusev. Ziggler also has had issues with Sheamus, who have had a couple of PPV matches vs each other of late. Bad News Barrett comes in as the reigning King of the Ring Champion and not sure that the WWE would also like to give him the Intercontinental Title as well. This really should be a good by these 6 competitors and while i would love to go with Ziggler, I have to think that it is time for Sheamus to win this belt. He has an aggressive new attitude and he should use his aggressiveness to walk away with the Intercontinental Title and will have earned it as it will not be easy. PREDICTION: Sheamus

Elimination Chamber Tag Title Match:  The New Day (4/5)  vs  Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (11/5) vs  Prime Time Players (17/2)  vs  The Ascension (10/1)  vs The Lucha Dragons (15/2)  vs  Los Matadores (11/1)

This is the first time that the Tag Titles will be on the line in the Elimination Chamber. This one should be fun, especially if we get to see all 6 teams in there at once. I feel that this one will really come down to the Ascension, Kidd and Cesaro and the current Title holders the New Day. The Prime Time Players are not Title material and I just don't feel that the Lucha Dragons or Los Matadores fit the bill either. Those last two teams will certainly add some high flying excitement to this match, but that is about all. Cesaro and Kidd had the Tag titles before it was taken from them by the New Day, which is a team that the WWE universe just loves to hate. They just aren't buying into the overly positive message that the New Day is trying to convey. Cesaro and Kidd and the New Day are very familiar with each other. In fact all teams got to know the New Day on Raw as they were put in a 10-3 handicap match. They won the match by DQ, but that was because all teams just ganged up on them. The Ascension may be the team to watch here, although it is not often you go from a non-fan favorite to another non-fan favorite, but still this team is tough and the Elimination Chamber goes right along with their aggressive style. The Ascension has been in the WWE long enough now for them to get their hands on the belts and they are good enough to hold the belts, but in the end I feel that this will be Cesaro and Kidd's show and they will walk out as Tag Team champs. PREDICTION: Cesaro & Kidd  


WWE World Heavyweight Title Match: Dean Ambrose (1/6) vs Seth Rollins (7/2)

This has the feel of a match that was set up just to fill the card. I mean can you really see Ambrose walking out with the title? I know I can't, even though it would be nice. I am tired of the Authority and feel its about time they take a fall. It won't happen just yet, but it is worth dreaming about. LOL Anyway this should be a pretty exciting match and what really will make it that way is the unpredictability of Dean Ambrose, who will do anything at anytime. He really s fun to watch and gets the crowd excited. He is not intimidated at all by Seth and will take the fight right to him, Of course when you are fighting Seth Rollins you have to worry about the two munchkins on the outside of the ring, along with Kane. It usually is a 1 on 4 fight when taking on Seth. The Odds may a bit more even this time though as I expect Reigns to come out at some point during the match. It will be an exciting match, but no belt will change hands here. Just too much on the side of Rollins and the fact that Dean is just not a good fit for the WWE Title. PREDICTION: Seth Rollins 

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According to professional sports bettor Steve Fezzik, the early bird can catch a profitable worm if they put money down on Green Bay's opening week showing against the Chicago Bears. With the line currently at -4.5 at most Vegas sports books, Fezzik predicts it will move to -6.5 come game day, as no one is going to be betting on the Jay Cutler-helmed Bears, so the money will pour in on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. With that being the case, time strike early while the iron is hot.

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