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2014 WWE Payback Start Time, Odds, Predictions

Payback is the next PPV on the schedule for the WWE and it takes place tonight with a start time of 8:00 pm (Est). The event will be broadcast live form the Allstate Center in Chicago, Illinois on PPV, and the WWE NetworkOdds and predictions for each match are listed below.

Before I get to the matches there is one event that takes place and isn’t a wrestling match… The Daniel Bryan decision. Daniel Bryan is currently out of action due to a neck injury and was recently asked by Stephanie McMahon to surrender the title, because the WWE fans deserve an active champion. Well Daniel refuse to do it so Stephanie gave him an ultimatum, either surrender the title at Payback or she will fire his wife, Brie. What will Daniel Bryan Do? I actually am stumped on this one. I really don’t see him handing over the title, but we shall see.

Hair vs Mask Match—Hornswoggle  (9/2)  El Torito  (1/8)

This is the Payback Kickoff match and will be the comic relief match of the night.  At Extreme Rules these two hooked up the Kickoff match and it was won by El Torito. Now these two have been battling it out for the last month with the help of Los Matadores and 3MB, prompting this match, which has been dubbed the Hair vs Mask match. Should Hornswoggle win then El Torito will have to take off his mask, but should El Torito win then Honswoggle will have to lose his hair.  I’m sure that 3MB and Los Matadores will get involved at some point, which will make this even more of a fun match. I don’t see Hornswoggle win this one as taking off El Torito’s mask would mean he would lose his gimmick. PREDICTION— El Torito

Divas Championship Match---Paige (1/25)  vs Alicia Fox  (17/2)

First let me say, Is Paige hot or what? Sorry I have a thing for Goth chicks and and I just think she is one of the hotter around. Ok on to the Match. Alicia Fox is one crazy woman as displayed on Raw the last few weeks. Prancing around the Ring, taking drinks from the fans and pouring them on herself, but I’ll tell ya that Paige can be just as crazy, only she does her craziness in the ring and that is where this match has to be won. Still, craziness may be the way for Alicia to attack the unorthodox style of Paige. I would love to call for the upset here, but Alicia did beat Paige on Raw and usually when that happens the other one wins at the PPV. Still the WWE is starting to throw curves so anything is possible. In the end though I feel that Paige will hold on to the belt just a bit longer. PREDICTION--- Paige


Intercontinental Title Match--- Bad News Barrett  (1/14) vs  Rob Van Dam (11/2)

Believe it or not Bad News Barrett has become somewhat of a fan favorite, with his “I got some bad news for you”. The fans seem to love it, but they also love Rob Van Dam and his daredevil approach. Rob recently made his return to the WWE and has been as high flying as ever, which will make for an interesting match vs the hardnosed brawler that Barrett is. This should be an exciting match, with both men getting plenty of cheers, but in the end it should be Wade Barrett that comes out on top and retains his Title.  PREDICTION --- Bad News Barrett


The United States Title Match--- Sheamus  (1/6)  vs  Cesaro  (3/1)

This is an interesting match and should be an exciting one as well. Sheamus loves to fight and will be taking on Cesaro, who may be the strongest man pound-for-pound in the WWE. Cesaro looked like he was heading to be a real fan favorite until he aligned himself with Paul Heyman. Now he has lost some fans, but I’m not sure that will continue. I feel the WWE has more planned for Cesaro and I feel it would eventually involve him vs Brock Lesner. If that is true it would make no sense for Cesaro to win this match, but a loss here my just start the friction between him and Heyman needed to set up a Cesaro vs Lesner match. Still it does seem like the WWE is protecting Cesaro so we may see some outside interference that allow Sheamus to keep the belt but at the same time Cesaro wouldn’t be tagged with an outright loss. PREDICTION--- Sheamus.   


Rusev vs Big E Langston (No Odds As Of Yet)

This match will be all about power as both Rusev and Big E know nothing else but displaying their power.  So far the WWE has put Rusev in matches that he would look dominant in, but this is a big step up in class and will be by far his biggest test. Big E is a powerhouse in his own right and a former intercontinental champion, so a victory here by Rusev would be very impressive for the Bulgarian brute. Of course still not sure what is more enjoyable, watching his matches or Lana. Rusev is being brought along just like Ryback was, but I feel the WWE will be a bit more careful with him. I feel they have big plans for Rusev and a loss here would not do those plans any justice. This match will not be a technical match. It will be all about power and that Power goes to Rusev and Lana in this one. PREDICTION--- Rusev


Last Man Standing Match--- John Cena  (8/15)  vs  Bray Wyatt  (5/4)

Anyone else have “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” stuck in their head. I do and it’s annoying, but that’s what Bray Wyatt keeps singing every time he comes to the ring. He is trying to get the WWE Universe to be his followers and they have responded by doing just that, for the most part. Lately it seems as if Cena is starting to get back some of his fans and a win here in one of the most brutal type matches (Last Man Standing) will go a long way to silencing the Wyatt and their cult like messages they have been spouting off. John Cena has been in a few of these so he has the experience, while this will be Bray’s first. Still this match has no rules, so you can expect plenty of outside interference from Rowan and Luke, but I don’t see Cena coming down without backup, as the tag champs, the Usos, should be in his corner. This one may be the toughest to predict on the card. These two split their last 2 matches, so this one is the rubber match. Cena is the Golden Boy of the WWE and I would like to think that they don’t want him to lose here, but still is it time for him to start fading away a bit. Uhh I don’t think so. This should be a hell of a match with bodies strewn everywhere and action from start to finish, but in the end I have to go with my boy Cena to get the job done here, with some help maybe from the Usos. PREDICTION--- John Cena   


6 Man Tag Elimination Match--- Evolution  (4/7)  vs The Shield  (5/4)

This one should be fun and not only is it an Elimination Tag Match, but also a no-holds barred match. Evolution consists of Batista, Randy Orton and Triple H and they have been decimating the Shield at every turn since the loss to them at the Extreme Rules PPV. The Shield is made up of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins and they had been running roughshod through the WWE until they met up with Evolution and it has been a nice rivalry, but unfortunately it will end after this PPV, as this is also a loser is gone match as well. That really has me expecting a Shield win but how will they get there? The last few weeks Evolution has been targeting Roman Reigns and saying once he is out then then the rest of the guys will be easy pickings. After all Roman is the powerhouse of the group. Then it is only fitting that he will be the last one left to face whoever is left for Evolution. I I do expect Evolution to be done after this one, especially with talk from Batista himself about not being happy since his return. Still this has been a fun rivalry and Im sure the WWE will come up with a new one for the Shield. Possibly something involving Reigns and Triple H. Who knows, but this should be a very exciting match and is really the headline match. One that the Shield should win. PREDICTION --- The Shield

Some info gathered from & Bleacher Report

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