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2012 Kentucky Derby Payouts, Results and Winner

Once the race is final we will post the 2012 Kentucky Derby Payouts, Results and Winner so make sure to bookmark this page. The Kentucky Derby start time is 6:24pm ET this Saturday from Churchill Downsin Louisville, Kentucky. You can catch the Kentucky Derby wrap-up show on Sunday on HRTV.

2012 Kentucky Derby Results and Payouts:

19 I'll Have Another
 M. Gutierrez 32.60 13.80 9.00
6 Bodemeister M. Smith 6.20 5.60
5 Dullahan K. Desormeaux 7.20

$1 DAILY DOUBLE Paid: $408.80 1-19
$1 EXACTA Paid: $153.30 19-6
$1 PICK 3 Paid: $1648.70 6-1-19
$1 PICK 4 Paid: $15562.20 10-6-1-19
$1 PICK 5 Paid: $47847.60 4-10-6-1-19
$1 PICK 6 Paid: $1580.90 2-4-10-6-1-19
$1 SUPERFECTA Paid: $48046.40 19-6-5-13
$1 TRIFECTA Paid: $1532.80 19-6-5

How to read the toteboard: Many causal horse betters do not understand exactly how to read racing results. Basic information includes "win odds" for each horse. Typically payouts are quoted for every $2 bet. Even seconds before the race the payouts our estimates - official results that are actually paid out are only available once the race is complete. Payoffs are rounded down to the nearest dime or nickle (depending on the track). Rounding is called "breakage" - and is an advanced horse racing results topic.

To determine the precise win odds on a horse, you will require figures beyond those provided by the toteboard - specially, total win pool and amount bet on each horse. Before payout, the track takes it's "take" - typically 15%-20%. So, exact odds are calculated by subtracting the take from the pool minus amount bet horse in question divided by the amount bet by the player. (rounded off to the nearest dime or nickle.

Here are the results from 2011:

2011 Kentucky Derby Results:

Animal Kingdom 43.80 | 19.60 | 13.00

Nehro xxx | 8.80 | 6.40

Mucho Macho Man xxx | xxx | 7.00

$2 exacta: 329.80
$2 trifecta 3952.40

$2 superfecta 48,126.00 

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