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2012 Free Super Bowl Prop Bets

FOXBORO, MA - NOVEMBER 6:    Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots congratulates  Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants after the New York Giants 24-20 win on November 6, 2011 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Between the pre-game shows, the elaborate half-time performances, the post-game hoopla, and, of course, the commercial-laden game itself, the Super Bowl can really drag on. Luckily, thanks to prop bets, Vegas has a way to get your heart racing for every moment of the broadcast, from the singing of the national anthem to the MVP acceptance speech.Prop bets, for the uninitiated, are bets you can make on the smallest minutia of the game. From whether the coin toss will land on heads to what color Gatorade shower the winning coach is served, everything is in play. The phenomenon began with Bears D-lineman William "Refrigerator" Perry in the 1985 Super Bowl. Then a rookie, Perry was used sparingly as a fullback in goal-line situations, and even scored a touchdown. Leading up to the Super Bowl, Vegas put up a bet, with 100/1 odds, that Perry would appear in an offensive play. Gamblers bet that line all the way down to 3/1. Of course, Perry did appear as a fullback and Vegas took a massive beating. But that opened bookies' eyes to the potential for prop bets. Soon sports books expanded their offering from a handful to hundreds, and today, they get just as many bets for props as they do on the actual game.

In pouring over all the prob bets hat have been offered, I have come up with a short list of my favorites. The Props are take from

Total Number of Different Patriots to have a Pass Reception (Conversions Do Not Count)  Over 6.5 (-150) / Under 6.5 (+120)

I like the OVER 6.5 in this one. Brady is a QB that likes to spread the wealth and while just 6 players caught passes in the game vs the Ravens, Brady still targeted 8 players. In the game vs Denver 7 players did catch a pass, while in the first meeting between these teams this year, Brady targeted 9 receivers, with 7 of them catching passes. With the pass rush the Giants have Brady will need to use his backs for screens to take the pressure off his OL, while you know he will target his plethora of other receivers down field. I can easily 7 at least 7 players catching a pass in this one. 

Patriots - Total Rushing Yards  OU  101.5

Im gonna look to the OVER 101.5 in this one. Brady will need his running game as well as their screen game to take the pressure off their OL from this fierce Giants pass rush. The Patriots did average 110 ypg on the year and that includes rushing for 126.7 ypg in their last 3 games, while the Giants have allowed 121.2 ppg on the year, including 120.3 ypg in the playoffs so far. The Pats also ran for 106 yards in the first meeting this year. 

Victor Cruz - Total Receiving Yards On First Reception  OU 11.5 Yards

I like the OVER 11.5 Yards in this one. Victor Cruz is the leading receiver for the Giants with 1536 yards and he has averaged 18.7 yards per catch on the year as well, while in his last 5 games he has averaged 20.8 ypc. It also doesn't hurt the the Giants are facing the 31st ranked passing defense in the league or the fact the the Patriots have allowed 12.2 ypc on the year. This one looks easy.

Head-To-Head Ahmad Brashaw -38.5 (-125) Rushing Yards Over Danny Woodhead

Just like the one above I feel this one is easy. Ahmad Bradshaw has been running the ball very good of late as he has averaged 61.5 yards per game in his last 6 games, including averaging 66.7 ypg in the playoffs. Last week he compiled 73 yards vs a Niners team that is first in the league vs the run and today he will face a Patriots team that has allowed 117.1 ypg on the ground, which is 17th. Danny Woodhead comes in averaging just 17 ypg in his last 4 games, while overall he has topped 30 yards or more just 3 times this year. The Giants have allowed 117 ypg on the ground, but the lawfirm is the Mmain RB and I just don't expect Danny to get enough touches to come close to Bradshaw.

Player Prop  Eli Manning Passing Yards  OU  310.5

I like the OVER 310.5 in this one. Eli Has threw for 316 yards last week vs the number 1 pass defense in the league (San Fran), while he also lit up the worst passing defense (Green Bay) in the league for 330 yards, two weeks ago. Now he gets a chance at the 2nd worst pass defense in the league as the Patriots have allowed 293 ypg through the air this year. You also have to figure that the giants will need to through the ball in order to stay in this one, especially if they fall behind by a couple of scores which could easily happen. I say he get around 325 in this one.  

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