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MLB Monday May 6th, 2024 Transcript Podcast + Best Bets !! Free Picks

MLB Monday May 6th, 2024 Transcript + Best Bets !! Free Picks

[Munaf Manji]
Welcome everyone to the MLB podcast on RJ Bell's dream preview. I'm your host Munaf Manji back here for another episode of the MLB podcast to get you guys ready for a new week of betting in the MLB we'll go through all the games that we do have lines for, for the Monday card, get you guys a promo code as well. And of course our best bets for the Monday card, but joining me here to help me break everything down here on the diamond.

Got my guy here with me. It's Griffin Warner Griffin. What's going on, my man?

How are you doing?

[Griffin Warner]
I'm doing well, a big night in Dallas stars across the street for me, just eliminated Vegas golden Knights. Hopefully I'm not spoiling anything for anybody that's listening to our MLB pod and was trying to watch some NHL post game or something like that afterwards, but a big night. And I gotta say, I'm not sure if you watched it Munaf, but every time they show the stars coach, there's a, a very how do I put this well endowed woman that's cheering every time he's on camera.

So a good product placement by whoever is working in the plastic surgery business.

[Munaf Manji]
I will have to go back and look at that because that did not catch my eye. I am, I was tuned in for the final period there, but now you have generated my curiosity here to go back and look at that. But yeah, like you mentioned, stars get a ton in game seven over the Vegas golden Knights two to one.

There are headed, Hey Mavericks and the star is headed to round two in the playoff. So definitely exciting times around the Dallas area for sure. Griffin, I believe we went one-on-one on our best bets for the last card.

[Griffin Warner]
I think my pick let us down unfortunately, but you know, it's been a really good start to the season and I think we're going to keep that moving.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, it's definitely been a great start to the season. I cannot complain. I know our listeners are happy as well.

I've gotten a lot of tweets, got a lot of DMS as well. So hopefully we can keep churning out the winners here for the MLB card. Anything that's kind of caught your eye here before we do get into the Monday card here, I would do see Justin seal returns.

We'll talk about that for the cubs. But other than that, nothing really has caught my eye here. I don't know if you have noticed anything on the diamond.

[Griffin Warner]
Well, I think the brave is getting swept in Los Angeles by the good version of Los Angeles baseball team was pretty wild, especially seeing the brave is a big favorite today that went down in flames. And I feel like I hate to talk about the Astros. I'm trying to make this not a Texas only podcast.

It's tough when 100% of the speakers are located in a country or state, whichever one you refer to, probably if you're from Texas, you'd call it a country. But I think the Astros, I mean, lost two of three this weekend, the Seattle Mariners, who seem to just own Houston at this point, but could have really been swept back them Friday night and they were in trouble throughout. It felt to me and then did nothing on Logan Gilbert, who looks like a possible Cy Young award winner so far to start this season.

And then today fell behind three, nothing came back for three and then still lost the game blown or I guess a loss for Josh Hader at the top of the ninth through a fastball, probably middle middle to the worst guy you can put it to in the Seattle Mariners lineup. So I feel like every day that goes by, the Astros continue to get priced like they're a really good baseball team and we just haven't seen it yet.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I think it might just come to the point where we and I thought a month of May would go a lot better for them. I mean, they did like we talked about on last pod. They got their first back to back series wins of the entire season, but now they're back to their losing way, especially again with Josh Hader coming out of the bullpen for this Astros team.

So I don't know. I don't want to say the window is closing, but that the season's just not off to a great start. A lot of it like we've talked about Griffin has to do with the pitching for the Houston Astros.

Maybe we have to talk to the boss to start another podcast is talking about Texas stuff since we're both here in Texas. Let's get into the games here for the Monday card here. We'll start it off with a early not early afternoon, but are on a mid afternoon start.

It will be a 406 Eastern start. The two teams that played on Sunday night baseball, the San Francisco Giants. They are in Philadelphia to take on the Phillies in this game.

I am currently seeing that Zach Wheeler will begin to start here for the Philadelphia Phillies and I believe it is a bullpen day for the Giants. I've seen Mason Black is going to get the start here for the Giants and his birthplace. Griffin, I'll put you on the spot.

Where do you think is from?

[Griffin Warner]
Well, I just looked it up to get his first name and it looks like since you're an office guy, it looks like Scranton, Pennsylvania.

[Munaf Manji]
Yes, sir. Scranton PA currently as it stands on the betting lines, the Phillies are overwhelming minus 198 on the money line plus 166 for the San Francisco Giants. Total is that eight in this game here?

Griffin will be thinking about the Giants and the Phillies.

[Griffin Warner]
Well, this would ruin previous Major League Baseball episodes where my co-host Scott Seidenberg, you can hear on SOV straight out of Vegas AM. He would just I think I think it got to a point where literally he was just going, OK, whoever is the road team on Sunday night baseball and if they have to go to the roads, go on the road somewhere else, I'm betting the other team. In this case, it's a little awkward having a wraparound series, including a Sunday night baseball game.

But I guess day, night, day into night game and today game is not so tough here. I guess that limits the impact of Sunday night baseball, but kind of a tough game for San Francisco, fought their way back into it, had a couple of chances to tie or at least a home run tying run at the plate. Couldn't get it done.

But Philadelphia is very hot. Zach Wheeler looks like one of the best baseball pitchers we've seen in the last few seasons. Certainly one of the healthiest knock on wood.

So I don't really know that I want much to do with San Francisco here. I feel like they I still can't explain. They're like 2020 or 2021 season where they won like over 100 games.

But they've been pretty weak since then. And to me, I just don't really know what to make of San Francisco. They're a great home team.

They're not at home. They're facing a really powerful lineup. They don't have a lot of power themselves.

I feel like this is a really tough ballpark situation series, everything for San Francisco. And they've got a rookie making a debut.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I mean, you mentioned that the Giants six and 13 on the road thus far this season, Philly at home has been really good 13 and six. And like Griffin, you mentioned there, they've won now five games in a row for this on the season, I should say. Now you have your best pitcher on the mound here with Zach Wheeler.

I'd probably look at the run line here for the Phillies right now. That's at minus one and a half plus 108. I know, again, it is the home team here.

A lot of people don't like laying that run line with the home team here. But I do believe that Zach Wheeler could go out and put up another dominant performance here against the San Francisco Giants headed into the evening. We got a 7-11 Eastern start time battle of two AL Central teams here.

The Detroit Tigers. They are in Cleveland to take on the Guardians. Zach Flaherty going to start here for the Detroit Tigers, and it will be Tristan McKenzie for the Cleveland Guardians.

Guardians are a slight home favorite here. Minus 116 on the money line. Minus 102 for the Detroit Tigers.

Total is at seven and a half in this game here. Griffin and Jack Flaherty coming off. A lot of people may not put a maybe a lot of belief in the revenge angle, but he did face his former team in the Cardinals.

It's coming off an absolute brilliant performance. But now he goes up against the Cleveland Guardians, who are off to a fantastic start to the season. What are your thoughts on the Tigers and the Guardians?

[Griffin Warner]
So to me, this is a I mean, I guess until the twins won 12 straight games and that streak ended today, which probably could have been something that I brought up as well earlier. But until that happened, it looked like these two teams might be the race for the AL Central. And now the division looks very competitive.

So these matches were going to mean a lot. I think they mean even more now to really great starting pitchers here that if they live up to expectations, they can control a game. Certainly hit under seven and a half or.

But unfortunately, they've been dealing with a lot of injuries. Jack Flaherty for the last two or so years coming back from her shoulder took a really long time. It's probably why he's not still pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals. Tristan McKenzie just never seems to be able to even give half of the season. So huge upside for him. But I don't really know how much he can be trusted, though.

I think that's more of a season long type of opinion rather than just a Monday, May 6 type of scenario. I think Detroit, they had a weird rain out today or or I guess they just called the game after a long rain delay, knowing they had to then travel to Cleveland from the Bronx in New York. And so I don't know that that changes too much.

But Terrence Google went and they did use some good bullpen. Shelby Miller took the loss today after getting smacked around. I think Detroit's bullpen has been one of their strengths.

I feel like it's starting pitching bullpen and then hope you can score two runs. It seems to be the strategy for the Tigers. I'm not sure that is a brilliant idea.

And probably their bats will heat up as the weather does. But I just think from I mean, this is a betting podcast from a gambling perspective. I like the plus money on Detroit here because I think Jack Flaherty is more consistent at this point in the season.

And I feel like just Tristan McKenzie is so good when he's good. But it's hard to know when that's coming and hard to really predict it to happen here. So I'm interested in the road team.

I got to say, though, I'm hesitant to fade Cleveland because I love what the Guardian has done so far. I am a believer slash buyer in their record, despite it being far above their pay grade. So it's almost a tough scenario for me.

I feel like maybe if I'm making a play on this one, I think I like Detroit and I like under because I think there's just so the ceilings on these two pitchers is so high or are so high, just really hard to know which one you're going to get.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I'm right there with you on the under seven and a half in this game. That was my first look here. I know you and I were talking back and forth about Max Freed going up against the Dodgers and how many runs he's given up over his last 20 innings.

I'm going to give you the quiz right back here. Tracy McKenzie in seven career appearances against the Tigers has pitched 43 innings. How many earned runs you think he's given up?

[Griffin Warner]
43 innings. So the Tigers have been bad probably ever since he's been around. So that's probably a good indicator if he's pitched 43 innings and that would I'll give him.

Oh, man, I'll give him 10 earned runs or 10 run half of that.

[Munaf Manji]
Five earned rounds. He's given up. That's that's pretty good.

Wow. Yeah. 1.05 career ERA against the Detroit Tigers. So yeah, I'm there right there with you. I think that I would be on Tracy McKenzie. You're on the money line.

And 100% I think my more of a play is going to be the under seven and a half in this matchup between the Tigers and the Guardians 640 Eastern start. We've got the let's see here. The LA Angels.

They are in Pittsburgh to take on the Pirates. Tyler Anderson getting the start here for the Angels, and it will be Mitch Keller getting the start here for the Pirates. Pirates are a minus 134 home favorite, plus 116 on the money line for the LA Angels.

Total is that eight in this game here, different with a little bit of juice towards the under at minus 115. What are your thoughts on the Angels and the Pirates here?

[Griffin Warner]
I think you could argue potentially revenge game here, though. I think Tyler Anderson is pitched for every team in the league, so it's probably unfair to assume that sort of thing. Mitch Keller throws a million pitches, but I think figures out which one he likes the best on a given day.

And we'll see how that all goes. I think Pittsburgh again to me after getting swept in Oakland feels like they're getting priced very, very aggressively, though they are certainly a better team here, I think, than the Angels, especially looking at the Angels lineup this weekend, I think on Saturday and just staring at what maybe what it could have been, because I still think of Otani is supposed to be in there. And then I have to check myself and say that he switched sides of Los Angeles and got a different interpreter.

But I think the main thing to me about the Angels is like without trout, Rendon's corpse isn't there, as I think I've probably said on this podcast before. I don't really know how you can get involved with the Angels as a money line, anything really. I'd love to be against them as a home favorite.

That's pretty much, I think, how I've kept my myself and my family, which is just me solvent betting against the Angels at home as a favorite has been extremely lucrative for a very long time. It's not really that situation here, but I think I'll bet few runs being scored in this game, maybe to avoid some bullpens go under first five. But honestly, I don't even know that the bullpens are that scary here.

So I think I just go under eight and hope for no Manfred men in extra innings.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I mean, you take a look at the Pittsburgh parts, I've actually been pretty good against left handed pitching. They're actually number six over the last two weeks in WRC plus at 112 team batting average of the last two weeks against left handed pitching number six at 270. And their OPS is also number six in the entire league over the last two weeks against left handed pitching.

I trust Keller more at home here. I know he's been giving up runs. He's allowed at least three runs in three straight starts, didn't lose the Oakland, didn't lose to the Brewers and do this to the the Boston Red Sox.

And but like you mentioned, right, I mean, you take a look at that Angels lineup, obviously, no Otani now without my drought as well. It's like, where is the production going to come from for that Angels team? So I think the part here can continue their hitting against left handed pitching.

I'll take the pirates here on the money line with Mitch Keller on the mound here. Against the Angels. Next game on the schedule, we got another sorry, 841 Eastern sorry, 741 Eastern start the San Diego Padres.

They are in the Windy City to take on the Chicago Cubs. You Darvish getting the start here for the Padres and Justin Seal returns for the Chicago Cubs. Right now, the Cubs are a minus 126 home favorite plus 108 on the money line for the San Diego Padres here.

Griffin total is at seven. Earlier, I did see it was going to be Magana for the Cubbies, but I was watching the Cubs game against the Brewers. Believe was Friday afternoon, and they did say that Justin still could potentially make his start and return on Monday.

And here he is right now as a listed pitcher for the Cubbies. But what do you think about this matchup between the Padres and the Cubs?

[Griffin Warner]
Yeah, still has been confirmed. I think I was looking at the Cubs today and they had some weird thing on roster resource that I use and really great, great spot to see who's been working in the bullpen. And a very quick way to check.

Okay, this is what their lineup is normally versus what it is today. So shout out to them. I think one of the bigger baseball sites bought them, but been loving them for a while.

Anyway, Justin Steel, I guess he missed a month because I think he got hurt his first start trying to grab a bun or a swinging bun or something like that. Pulled his hamstring. I feel like, like, yeah, it doesn't sound like a lot for a pitcher because you're mainly worried about arm injuries, but it all is connected.

And it's tough for me because then we have you Darvish on their side who got put on the IL with a stiff neck for 16 days between starts. So that tells me that kind of these pictures are very healthy with a tiny total today at six and a half. I think it still went under.

Wind was blowing all the way in. I think only Dansby Swanson at a home run today because he hit a ball 109 miles an hour. So I guess it fought through that wind.

But I think you Darvish was okay. His return from the IL is last start, but to me, not that impressive. Justin Steel.

I don't know what he's going to look like. I think a lot of people out there don't believe in Justin Steel. He's had, I think, a decent K rate when he came into the bigs.

And then that kind of has withered away. You Darvish isn't striking out as many batters. So I'm seeing San Diego with a million runs scored in their game today.

I think I'll go over this number when it comes out. We don't have it yet. Just don't really have a great feel for either these sides and want to be against both the pitchers.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I'm not sure if there's going to be a limitation here on Justin Steel coming back from the hamstring injury, like you mentioned there. Padres also struggling against left-handed pitching as well. Over the last two weeks, WRC plus the fifth worst team team batting average right now at 159 in that span, which is a third worst in the entire MLB.

And then OPS, they are also the fifth worst as well against left-handed pitching here. So Darvish should actually face this Cubs team earlier this season back on April 8th. Did get hit in that game.

Three innings pitched. He allowed four earned runs, four hits. Did have three walks in that game.

And like you mentioned, he was pretty good in his return from the IL in his last start, which was against the Reds. Five shutout innings, three hits, three strikeouts. But I think that depending on where the wind is blowing, I'll lean to the Cubs here.

I want to see if there's going to be some type of limitation on Justin Steel coming back from a hamstring injury here.

[Griffin Warner]
So he went 63 pitches in his lone rehab start, apparently through a bullpen on Saturday. But I think it was like three plus innings, which to me is not a great sign, especially with Chicago trying to figure out their bullpen on the fly. Hector Neres, however you pronounce that.

I know you saw him in Houston a lot where he was great. I feel like we're back to the Phillies. Hector Neres.

And that is a scary thing to watch trying to close down games.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, and I think that's a great point that you make about that Cubs bullpen there. So if you want to back the Cubs, I think you probably want to get them in the first five innings again. It might just be a cap of 70, 75 pitches for Justin Steel or five innings coming back after missing a month, like Griffin mentioned there.

So I'll leave with the Cubs here. Don't love it. But again, you Darvish just any time I do back him, it completely goes the opposite way for me, especially him being on the road here.

[Griffin Warner]
So one of those. Yes, we both have plenty.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, so I'll leave with the Cubs here in the first five innings, 741 Eastern start as well. The Seattle Mariners, they are headed to the Twin City to take on the Minnesota Twins. I see Louis Castillo going to start here for the Seattle Mariners and Simon Woods Richardson getting started here for the Minnesota Twins.

The Mariners are a minus 122 road favorite, plus 104 on the money line for the Twins. Total is that seven and a half in this game here, Griffin. And like you alluded to earlier, Minnesota Twins winning streak comes to an end on Sunday at the hands of the Boston Red Sox.

You're looking to start a new streak here. But what are your thoughts on the Mariners and the Twins here?

[Griffin Warner]
Kind of surprised that Louis Castillo is getting this much respect, love, whatever from the marketplace. He's been awesome, had a few bad starts, I think, earlier in the year where really they just were one bad inning dominance and then a three run inning. And that was enough to get him some losses.

I feel now he goes to Minnesota where weathers are temperatures are improving climbing, which I think is important for a Minnesota team that really wants to hit the ball out of the ballpark. I don't know that they're really built the same way that they've been in the past, but that's kind of been their mantra in the past with a lot of platooning and such. I think Louis Castillo, one of his best assets is keeping the ball in the yard.

And he really harnessed that in Cincinnati should be a plenty good ballpark for him here on the Minnesota side, which Richardson, I feel like came up from the miners kind of make a spot start through really well, but there just wasn't enough room in the rotation for him. Well, I guess clearly he's back. Seattle still has a huge strikeout rate, which is a concern.

I feel like there's a good chance is a low scoring game in a big ballpark, which seems like when the ball, when it's hot and ball seems to fly, but I'm still not a believer that in Minnesota on may six, it's going to be that warm. So I think my biggest interest here is in a low scoring game. I don't love having so many underlings already on this guard, but I think under eight looks good to me.

Seattle bullpen does worry me a little bit. Minnesota does have you on Duran back and he's floating all around closing or pitching the eighth. If there's a high leverage spot, but I think I actually would rather go first five under because I think Seattle coming off a big Houston series, you might see a little bit of let down.

They've used a lot of pictures Munoz through one and a third innings today, et cetera, et cetera.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah. I mean, that's a great point about Seattle manners coming off of that series against the Houston Astros that, you know, definitely they're going to get up for against a division rival. Woods Richardson has made three starts thus far.

This season's last one was last Tuesday on April 30th against the Chicago White Sox. Actually has two starts this season against the White Sox. The other one was against the Detroit Tigers three and two thirds in his last start, seven hits allowed.

He's a lot seven hits in back to back innings, sorry, back to back starts in just eight and two thirds innings pitch was a little bit of concern for me there. I think SEO can go along well here. And like you mentioned, he's coming off of a really great start against the Atlanta Braves, seven shutout innings in about three hits.

The Atlanta Braves lineup, seven strikeouts he did have in that game. And, you know, he's been really good after that slow start that he did have against the Cubs and the Toronto Blue Jays. But for his last three starts, he's pitched 20 innings, only allowed to earn runs.

I think that he can continue that here. So I'm not afraid here with the Mariners here. I want to back Lewis Castillo here, maybe first five innings money line, or maybe a twins team total under.

I think that would be a look here for me as well. But I, I, I agree with you. I think that this could be a low scoring game, maybe like a four, two type of victory here for the Seattle Mariners.

All right, Griffin, let's get over to the next game on the card here. We'll go over to another 741 Eastern start. The Milwaukee Brewers.

They are in Kansas City to take on the Royals. Reese Wilson going to start here. I'm sorry, Bryce Wilson going to start here for the Brewers.

It'll be Cole Ragans here for the Kansas City Royals. Royals are a minus 148 home favorite here, plus 126 on the money line for the Milwaukee Brewers. Total is that eight and a half in this game here at Griffin with him at the Brewers and the Royals.

[Griffin Warner]
Well, I think Bryce Wilson has been on this podcast a lot, maybe because he keeps getting rumor to start and gets pushed back or something of that nature. But he's been around, doesn't go very deep in games, is a little bit of a concern, but does feel like Kansas City is getting a lot of respect here with this price. Cole Ragans is a big part of the Eroldas Chapman deal from the Texas Rangers, which guess they won a World Series.

It worked out for them, but they gave away a big arm that they hadn't really figured out. But Reagan's is really good. End of last season.

Good this season as well. It just feels like a really big price to me, but and feels even bigger considering Milwaukee with Freddie Peralta closed a pretty substantial favorite on the road at Wrigley today. Sunday as a report Sunday night for Monday podcast.

I just feel like Milwaukee to me, I'd start off the year hitting really well. I think we both talked about on this podcast, and I just feel like we haven't seen it ever since Kristen Yellich went down. Maybe that explains why this numbers in the minus 140 is considering the Royals were, I think, a home underdog or a slight home favorite in each game of the Texas Rangers series that just ended.

They won the first and lost Saturday and Sunday. So I feel like Kansas City is coming back to earth. Milwaukee's lineup certainly is for that reason in a really big park where it's hard to hit home runs.

I feel like I'm going to go. I'll go under either eight or under four and a half. First five, maybe split the two so you don't have the oh, I picked the wrong one type of feeling.

Just don't see a lot of runs come from either of these lineups in a really big park. And I think the lack of home runs is not really as understood as it should be in Kansas City.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I mean, this car just seems like it's going to be a whole lot of unders here again. I agree with you on this as well. You know, Cole Ragan is coming off of two stellar performances.

I mind you, it was against the Toronto Blue Jays, but he's only really had one bad start this season, which was against the Baltimore Orioles. Real out seven earned runs in a one and two thirds inning space. Rather than that, he's been really solid for this Royals team.

I do trust him here at home as well here. So under for me in this game here as well, I'll lean here to the world. But again, under is my more favorite play here.

Griffin, a lot of great things happening right now on Obviously, NHL playoffs, like we talked about at the top of the episode, NBA playoffs, spring football going on. Win totals are starting to pop up here for the NFL as well.

And obviously, we're in full swing of the MLB season. But let our listeners know what can they take advantage of right now on

[Griffin Warner]
So use the pro code ball 20 B-A-L-L 20. Like the thing Angel Hernandez refuses to call no matter if the ball is caught. He does not call it anything but a strike.

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As Munaf and I both get to continue to do more shows every time you use it.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, make sure you guys use that promo code ball 20. Let's not kid ourselves. Everybody's favorite handicapper on the website is Griffin Warner.

Let's not kid ourselves. Let's not. Next game on the schedule here, Griffin.

We've got a 7.46 Eastern start time. New York Mets. They are headed to St. Louis to take on the Cardinals. Sean and I, again, the start here for the Mets. Be Kyle Gibson on the mound here for the Cardinals. Cardinals are a minus 130 home favorite.

Plus 110 on the money line for the New York Mets. Your total is at eight in this game here, Griffin. What are your thoughts on the Mets and the Cardinals?

[Griffin Warner]
Yeah, wild game for the Mets today. Moved to closing a favorite at Tampa. Ended up blowing a save in the ninth.

And then worse than the 10th, a line drive got by Senator Feeler. Scored the tying and game-winning runs for Tampa Bay. Not great.

Sean Minaya also probably not great in general. But he does get a St. Louis lineup that I think isn't underachieving. Or maybe just isn't very good.

Kyle Gibson is another hard to predict type of pitcher. He has some great outings in him. I just don't feel like I'm very good at knowing when they come.

And I still really like the Mets bullpen even after the kind of mistake today. I think it was down to the last strike. Randy Rosarana had a home run on Edwin Diaz.

I wouldn't expect that two days in a row. So give me those Mets. I'll take that plus money, slight plus money on the road.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I'm on the Mets here as well. The St. Louis Cardinals also struggling against left-handed pitching over the last two weeks. Like we talked about with the Padres there as well.

I just don't trust Kyle Gibson. I know he's coming off of three straight great starts against the Brewers, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Detroit Tigers. But I think it's an opportunity for the Mets who feel like they've figured it out.

You know, after their early season woes offensively. And I think that, again, this is an opportunity where they can carry the momentum going into St. Louis here. So I like the plus price here with Sean Mania and the St. Louis Cardinals. Next game on the schedule, we have a 941 Eastern start time. The Texas Rangers, they are in Oakland to take on the A's. Andrew Haney getting started here for the Rangers.

And Alex Wood on the mound here for the Oakland A's. Rangers a minus 142 road favorite, plus 120 on the money line for the Oakland A's. Eight in this game here, Griffin, Rangers and A's.

What are you thinking?

[Griffin Warner]
Wish I had something coherent to say. Andrew Haney, great start last time out. Seemed really fortunate against the Washington Nationals.

But now he gets a really bad lineup here as well. I feel like Oakland, Alex Wood, we know what he is. I actually saw these two teams against each other.

Alex Wood on the mound in Arlington probably about a month ago now. And Wood was good. I don't really know how it's going to happen, but I'll take under eight and just dare these teams to score a bunch of runs.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I think the one concern about Alex Wood is that he's given up a at least a home run or exactly one home run in all five of his starts thus far this season. He's not long. He's not going for very many innings.

I mean, his cap right now is around five innings. The most he's gone is five and two thirds. He's coming off.

Coincidentally, the Oakland A's have actually won four out of five starts thus far this season. But again, the Texas Rangers often just struggling here a little bit as well. I think the Oakland A's, you know, come back down to earth as well.

They put on, what, 20 runs in that black all Blackburn start a few days ago here. So lean with the Rangers here. Don't love this game.

But I'll be with you on the under in this game here as well. Last game of the night. We have the debut season debut of Walker Bueller for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He will make his season debut and returning for this Dodgers team. They are hosting the Miami Marlins, who just traded Luis Araiz over to the San Diego Padres. Right now, the starter listed for the Miami Marlins is Rodri Munoz is going to start here for the Marlins.

The Dodgers are a minus 260 home favorite in this game, plus 215 on the money line for the Miami Marlins. Eight and a half is a total here. Griffin, what are your thoughts on this game of the Dodgers and the Marlins?

[Griffin Warner]
Yeah, Walker Bueller. Welcome back. He's a Vandy guy actually went to a baseball game at Vanderbilt, and they're handing out bobbleheads of his.

I have it probably somewhere in this apartment along the list of too many things that I have in here. I'm not really sure what we're going to see from Walker Bueller. I feel like we've been waiting for this return.

I thought it was going to happen last season. End of the year didn't happen. Probably going to be treating him with kid gloves, say the least.

But Miami looks really bad to start the season are selling off assets before. Before they go to mile. That's scary.

I don't know what to do with Miami here. I just feel like there's a good chance Walker Bueller is a little bit rusty coming back. We might see some runs.

So maybe over eight and a half or maybe a Dodgers run line despite it at bats.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, I think it was just simple for me. I mean, just going to continue famous Marlins team on the road. You mentioned the runs.

Maybe we had Dodgers team total over. Oh, tiny guys. 10th home run today for the Dodgers.

You know, he's swinging the bat. Well, top three guys. Freeman bets.

Oh, Tony had just been absolutely amazing here. So I'm going to keep this one simple. Dodgers run line and the team total over for the Dodgers in this game.

All right. That is a schedule for the Monday card light schedule. Well, they're usually what we're used to.

Only about 10 games on the schedule for the Monday card, which will lead us to our best bets here. Griffin, you want to lead us off with your best bet?

[Griffin Warner]
Yeah, I'll go with the Chicago Cubs. Actually, slight home favorites. I don't think that Justin Steele is going to go so long here.

But and I am concerned about the Chicago Cubs bullpen as well. But I feel like they're a relatively short home favorite with no travel. San Diego had to go from their home digs all the way to the Windy City.

And I'm just looking to be against you, Darvish, until we figure out if he's back. I guess he looks fairly good. Numbers looked OK, but only three Ks and five innings against the Reds.

I think there's a long way to go for you, Darvish. So give me the Chicago Cubs minus 118 right now, DraftKings.

[Munaf Manji]
Yep, couldn't talk you off of that one. Justin Steele does return for the Cubs. And again, like I mentioned, I don't trust you, Darvish, on the road.

He's burned my money too many times. Speaking of road teams, I'm going to go with the road team here. I think they can carry the momentum.

I know we mentioned that it may be a letdown spot for them. But this team coming off of their losing their or sorry, their winnings to get and snap in the Minnesota Twins. I'm gonna go with the Seattle Mariners here.

Like what I've seen from Luis Castillo over the past several starts here. I think they can carry that momentum into this game against the Twins. I feel like the bats may be heating up here for the Mariners as well after a slow start here.

And I think that it's gonna be a good spot here for Castillo. I think if you go at least six to seven innings here, I think you can put out another dominant performance here against the Minnesota Twins. So right now, currently over on FanDuel, I do see a minus 126 price on the Seattle Mariners.

So I will take that as my best bet for this Monday card. All right. Yeah, shorter pod than usual, which there was more games for us to talk about.

But here we are. Griffin, anything else we want to mention before we go our separate ways?

[Griffin Warner]
The plastic surgeon behind the Dallas Stars coach just made another appearance. So I'm not sure what I heard you were saying. I felt like you're doing a little play action fake on your best bet.

I mean, I was like, where are we going? Which teams are we going? I don't know.

It's a nice surprise behind a little bit behind the music. We don't know everyone's best bet until they're revealed live or I guess live on this recorded line. But anyway, please use the promo code ball 20 good for $20 off for any major league baseball pro for the next month and supports the pod and gets us doing more and more of these recordings.

So thank you all for your support. And we will see you Thursday night for a Friday card.

[Munaf Manji]
Yeah, definitely excited. Number one to see this plastic surgeon slash whoever was behind the Dallas Stars coach. Maybe somebody can screenshot it to me and tweet it as but I will turn on my TV as soon as we are done here and try to find that.

Like Griffin mentioned, I'll be back on Thursday for the Friday cards. Hopefully it's another winning podcast for us and we'll talk to you guys then. Till then, good luck with your bets.

Let's break these books off and we'll talk to you guys down the road.

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