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Pregame Blogs

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 **I highly recommend that Both my Subscribers & Daily Players Read this All Carefully**

The football season is finally in full swing and we continue to grow as a community with so many new members joining us daily. Because of that, I thought it would be a good idea to inform my Subscribers and Daily Players of how we will manage "Releasing Bets" during football. As those who have been with me for a while can tell you, we do things a little differently than most and because I do approach this as an investment for my clients, my priority has and always will be to produce a Profit, while attempting to also pass along the knowledge that it takes to truely profit in this racket.

I know that most bettors would prefer to simply get the package when they wake up and have the bets already in there so they can go on with their other responsibilites, but unfortunately, we just don't work that way. As a Paid Capper it would definately be in my best interest to do it like that because I lose at least 50% in sales due to the fact, working with me requires some work on your part as well. You see, I have always used this market as a means to profit and nothing more. I have worked with some of the "sharpest" bettors and syndicates in the industry and my goal is to bring that to Pregame. Although I now share my bets with others, I will always approach this the same way I have before taking on this venture because I know that's what works.

I have moved "steam" for longer than I care to remember and I know for fact that although many things are set up during the week. The real "steam" comes Game-Day when so much is going on at the books with the recreational bettors that we were always able to sneak in there and do our Damage while never tipping our hand through the week. So I decided from day 1 that I would forgo sales, for the sake of providing the very best information to my clients as possible. And to be totally honest, this has also enabled me to work with serious people who understand that their ability to treat this like a business is what will allow for it to pay like one.

Fortunately, we were able to work out most of the kinks during the NCAABB Season and our method produced OVER "100" UNITS of Profit.and the NCAAFB Season shapes up more or less the same way, especially on Saturdays. The NFL doesn't require as much commitment due to the fact the scheduling is a bit more favorable. So without further delay, here is what you can expect :


NFL WEEKDAYS (MNF) = Between 6:00 & 6:30 pm est

NFL SUNDAYS = 12:00 pm est....7:00 pm est (SNF on NBC)...There may also be times when I know ahead of time that we are awaiting Confirmation for a Late-Afternoon Bet and will Inform you of that in my Daily Thread and those bets will be up by 3:00pm est)

NCAAFB WEEKDAYS = Between 6:00 & 6:30 pm est

NCAAFB SATURDAYS = 11:00 am est....2:00 pm est....6:00 pm est

Now Please keep in mind that we may not always need all of the Updates, especially early in the Season when we have less Bets...but I want to always have the opportunity to get my players the strongest information and this is what worked best for College BB...


Weekday Daily Packages will be Available the same as it has always been with the only difference being that for MNF & WEEKDAY NCAAFB we will have the Package Finalized by 6:00 to 6:30 pm est

SAT NCAAFB = DAY/AFTERNOON "HEAVY HITTERS" 1:00 - 1:30 pm est (w/ Early Bets Loaded at Least 1hr before Game-Time)


SUN NFL = 12:00 pm est....7:00 pm est (SNF on NBC)

As you can see it will be a little different for DAILY Packages and I will try to get Every Bet into the Package that my Subscribers will be receiving...but at times that becomes impossible because when the 1st game in the Package goes off...we are unable to Add any Bets because it comes down off the system.

Also, as you can see there will be "2" DAILY PACKAGES for NCAAFB because there is just so much info coming in throughout Game-Day that splitting them up is the only way that I can best attempt to get you everything Subscribers get. I will do what I did in NCAABB and that is reduce the Price of each Package so that you are able to Join us for the Entire Day without it costing you $50+.

Please keep in mind that we will all do everything in our power to stick to these times as best we can and only stray from them when we have no choice....Because I believe that if you are willing to commit to me as a SUBSCRIBER long-term...well then the least I can do is pass along EVERY BET that I am making for myself and our Fund...

Like I said from the start. I do ask that my clients/partners understand that betting to win and investing in the market like a Professional takes some definate work on your part and I will always attempt to make it as convenient as possible and avoid some updates when we can. But with that said, the reason We Win and the reason my Clients are able to Profit more on this Investment than others is because we do approach this like a Professional, Winning bettor does...and truth be told, that is the only way I know how.

Although I have all the confidence in the world that the Packages I put up Daily offer anyone the best chance of beating the books. In the end, my main responsibility and obligation to my clients is to produce a profit and to do that in this market, like any other, it won't come over night and it won't come from taking shots. Instead, it comes from always approaching this correctly and with discipline and patience. I am not a Gambler and never really was, and as enjoyable as this is for me, I do it for sheer profit and because of that I have been able to provide an excellent living for myself compliments of the books - an excellent investment for anyone who is willing to follow along.

Remember, this isn't an easy market to beat and there are very few people who can actually not only claim they can, but more importantly Prove it. I mean, wouldn't everyone just bet sports if they could?? That is why you will be able to see exactly where we stand for the Month and the Year and I will always provide more than just a record or a marketable streak from me. Instead, you will find in my daily threads a couple of times per week an EXACT DOLLAR AMOUNT WON/LOST based on $100 Per Unit for ALL of my Bets.  I believe you deserve to know if the information you are being asked to pay for is actually valuable and more importantly - capable of producing a Profit. There are very few people willing to do that and we all can figure out the reasons why.

So Welcome to the team, and I want to wish you the best of luck and a very enjoyable and prosperous experience betting on the sports market with us...

Thanks again, Vegas-Runner

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