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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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    01/17/2019 7:25 AM


Well Gentlemen, we have come to the trading deadline and it's time for us to take a Position on some MLB Futures for this Year's World Series...The Last "FUTURES BLOG" I posted returned a Profit of "19 UNITS", after we went ahead and Hedged a couple of Bets...while allowing others to ride...And with a break here or there, it really could have been even Both UCONN +2000 & OKLAHOMA +5000 really made some noise at great prices in NCAABB...

In the 1st Half, I really couldn't go ahead and take any Positions...because I liked the Favorites but we were too far out and with such a long schedule in MLB...and the possibility for injuries need to be getting good odds to take a Future Position...So I liked the NY Mets early, but they became the perfect example of what I just touched on...and odds of even +1200 at times just isn't enough...

But now, we are into the 2nd Half...and August is usually the month where the better teams hit their strides, plus more importantly for us...the oddsmakers go ahead and Adjust the Prices...So right now is when I like to line up October, and look for those teams that offer me the best opportunity for future earnings...Because that is the reason we make these type of wagers, knowing that in the future they will offer us an opportunity to profit on the move we were willing to make today...

My only regret is that I didn't make it official on yesterday's pod-cast...because the Phillies were still 10-1 even after the trade...I'm seeing +600 right now which is fine by me...Now I'm going to go ahead and get to the National League Representatives...I already passed along the American League Future Bet...Both, in the Forum & Twitter...and as I said before, also on This Week's Pod-Cast...But I'll go ahead and pass it along here as well, so that they are all in one place...



1.) LA DODGERS +500.....(2.5*)

2.) PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES +600.....(2.5*)

3.) BOSTON REDSOX +500.....(5*)


Now we are putting 10 Units in Play,with the expectation for Future Earnings...And fortunately, we are ahead for MLB 2009, which will make it an even better bet for my clients...And with 2+ months to go, there is still plenty of time to continue Grinding in MLB...

I went ahead and passed along my reasons for the Red Sox pick in the Pod-cast...And I feel that the National League Representatives Reasoning is simple...I expect BOTH of these Teams to be in the Post-Season...I expect 1 of these Teams to have Home-Field Throughout...And BOTH to get lesser opponents in the 1st Round...

In fact, I truely believe that these 2 may very well play each other they did in NLCS '08, for the chance to go to the World Series...In which case, we have no reason to make a Series Wager or Hedge Bet to try to earn...And instead should very well get the chance to sit back and see which one gets to represent the National League in this year's World Series...

The Dodgers have shown ALL season long that they may very well be the the best team in ALL of MLB...And we all know the team well enough that I won't waste your time with stats...But I will say that last year's experience of getting to the NLCS, was a big factor in my taking this Position...

Now the Phils already proved they can win it all with this team...And with the addition of Lee, along with better play at home in the 2nd half...and we should see the Phils ready for another World Series run...We all know they are young, and we all know that guys like Howard have proven to turn it up as the season progresses...I believe this team is loaded with talent, and as fall approaches and they remember what it was like last year...that they will step it up even another notch, and get to the NLCS at least...


The Bottom Line is that I truely feel we have an excellent opportunity to actually have BOTH...the NL & AL Representatives in this year's World Series...And over the L/2 World Series, I have a "15-1" Record right here at Pregame...So when it comes to fall MLB, historically I've been at my strongest and I believe these will be the teams we will be betting on in October...And I know that come October, those Units will come in handy as we are in the heart of the football season...and only months away from seeing if we had ourselves another Winning Year Betting Sports...

I'd like to wish you all the best of luck the remainder of the MLB Season, as well as the Post-Season and the rest of '09...Thanks again for all your support, Vegas-Runner...

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