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NFL Power Ratings by Tony George

  The season is just past the halfway point and my Power rating systems are honed in, as evidenced by a 4-1 ATS week in the NFL last week.  While power ratings are a guide against the Las Vegas line in terms of an overlay against the number, a myriad of other factors also go into the equation.  Weekly injuries, divisional trends, weather and set up lines by Las Vegas oddsmakers, that can be identified with experience play a part in my selections.  Headed into Week 10 of the season, this is where they stand.  Home field is worth 3 to 4 points depending on the matchup.  The Patriots when in sync to me, seem the team to beat if they continue to play defense, it is a shame that the Jets are in the same division.  The Colts have fallen simply due to injuries and Kansas City off back to back divisional losses have dropped 4 spots, the biggest loser in points.   The Giants and Falcons lead the NFC race with Philly making a 4 spot jump after a more than impressive win on Monday and QB Vick is getting better weekly.  If they can play defense, again which is key down the stretch, they will be deep in the mix along with division foe NY, whom they face this week at home.  Never put stock in just 1 game, you need to average the last 3 or 4 week’s worth of stats in order to maintain objectivity.  The team is listed and then the power ranking number.  1.     New England Patriots 992.    NY Jets 983.    NY Giants 974.    Pittsburg Steelers 965.    Atlanta Falcons 95.56.    Baltimore Ravens 957.    New Orleans Saints 94.58.    Philadelphia Eagles 949.    Indianapolis Colts 9310.  Green Bay Packers 93 (tie with Indy)11.  San Diego Chargers 9112.  Chicago Bears 91 (ties with SD)13.  Tampa Bay Bucs 90.514.  Tennessee Titans 9015.  Kansas City Chiefs 89.516.  Oakland Raiders 8917.  Cleveland Browns 89 (tie with Oakland)18.  Jacksonville Jags 8819.  Miami Dolphins 87.520.  Houston Texans 8721.  Seattle Seahawks 86.522.  Washington Redskins 8623.  Minnesota Vikings 85.524.  St. Louis Rams 8525.  Dallas Cowboys 85 (tie with St. Louis)26.  Denver Broncos 84.527.  San Fran 49ers 8428.  Arizona Cardinals 84 (tie with San Fran)29.  Cincinnati Bengals 8330.  Detroit Lions 82.531.  Carolina Panthers 8232.  Buffalo Bills 81


Tony George is a professional Handicapper and well respected Brand Name nationally and amongst his peers, and a radio personality nationwide as well. In business since 1992, Winner of over 51 Top 10 national... Read more

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