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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The Clemson Injury Report: Depth Chart Posted!


 The Offensive Line:

Chris Hairston (OT) left the SC State game with a bum knee. The coaching staff seemed upbeat, and stated that he's pretty close to 100%. (Bowden's Tuesday Media appearance). Based on his brief statement, it seems like Chris has been practicing. He's listed as the #1 LT in the depth chart for the Wake game.

Jamarcus Grant (LG), is listed at Probable with a shoulder Stinger. He's listed as #2 on the Depth Chart for the Wake game.

We have 2 Guards OUT:

The first Guard WAS the back-up Center. His name is Barry Humphries, and he benches 460 pounds. This guy was a PS #91, backing up a PS #40 Center, so the hit to the depth chart must have been significant.

The second Guard listed as OUT is David Smith, and I had him graded as second in depth on the left side at the start of the season.

The LEFT SIDE of the Clemson O-line is big and old, but they are a bit hobbled. I placed a cautionary grade on them.


Running Back:

Spiller is probable with his recurring foot ailment. Not a big concern.


Wide Reciever:

Terrence Ashe is listed as Day-to-Day after he injured his ankle. He's a replacement level player, but this is a system that likes to use 3 WR sets, so any loss is significant, especially when facing Wake's tough secondary.


According to my Tuesday information the Defensive Tackle position is in serious trouble. Clemson should have strong penetration from the Defensive Ends, but they are thin at Tackle. Here's what I heard:

DT Rashaad Jackson is OUT with that torn Quad from August. (That was a big loss)

DT Jamie Cumbie has a broken wrist. This was significant, because he is generally the backup (starter) in Jackson's vacated lanes. This kid was a PS #9, so his loss is significant, especially in terms of depth.

DT Antwon Murchison is nursing a hamstring injury, and is listed as probable. He's a smallish NG, and NOT listed in the 3 deep at NG for the Wake game.

Depth at DT is suspect!

This is fairly significant, because its been a big fear at Wake that they will be forced to double team on the edges. But if the depth at Clemson's tackle spot is as bad as it seems, then man-blocking on the inside might be easier than expected. YOU HAVE A TRUE FRESHMAN BACKING UP DORELL SCOTT AT THE NOSE. Somehwere in the 4th quarter you will see this issue popping up.

Those appear to be the important injuries on Clemson's side of the ball.


From the looks of it we see a Clemson starting O-line that averages 311 pounds.

The Right Side is YOUNG, with a Freshman at RG and a Freshman at RT: Those two guys have SEVEN 4th and 5th year guys bearing down on them (3-deep) from the OLB, DE, and Tackle spot.

In fact: This is what the #1 starters on that Wake defense look like as far as class rank:

DE: Grad Student

NG: Junior

DT: Junior

DE: Senior

SAM: Senior

Middle: Senior

WILL: Senior

CB: Senior

FS: Senior

SS: Senior

CB: Junior


You will rarely see that kind of age on any other roster outside of the service academies. This is a factor that you need to take into account. Home field advanteage can be multiplied if you have an upperclassman defense working hard on an underclassmen O-line.......



I hope this helps.

Good Luck!

Kevin (The KM)





After retiring as a stock trader, The King Maker became a professional bettor. A legend on the Pregame Forums, The King Maker developed the unique and winning "Kingmaker" MLB system; in football, his personal... Read more

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