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NBA - Inside the Steam - for Mon Nov 9th


The following article is from Stan Sharp as told to (and posted by) a staff writer. We have convinced Stan to sit for an occassional interview that we'd convert into an article.

Stan Sharp took the time to discuss some of the Key Line Moves today as we will call this series "Inside the Steam

Toronto @ San Antonio
Total Opened 201 now 204

Stan notes this total opened at 201 at both Cris and the Greek and was immediately bet up. At this time of the season and early in the day a move coming in this big isn't public money it's sharp money. The public isn't betting NBA totals on Monday morning. Stan says you have to respect this move and suggest you follow the money here. Note both of San Antonio's Home games have gone over and Toronto has scored over 100 points in every ball game. Stan's take the Wise Guys have spoken so you listen or pass.  

Stan is releasing a NBA Wise Guy Game tonight. Stan is 3-1 the last 4 Days including 2-0 on NBA Games. Remember Stan went 85-57 last Baseball Season.

Click here to see Stan's Sharp's homepage



Stan based in Las Vegas makes his living solely from Betting on Sports his Winning is geared by playing just One Game a Day the absolute Best Bet he finds on the Card.

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