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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs

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Inside the Steam - Week of Oct 20th


The following article is from Stan Sharp as told to (and posted by) a staff writer. We have convinced Stan to sit for an occassional interview that we'd convert into an article.

Stan Sharp took the time to discuss some of the Key Line Moves this week as we will call this series "Inside the Steam

Iowa @ Michigan St
Michigan St opened +1.5 now Pick and -1

Stan notes that we saw this exact situation last week with Iowa and Wisconsin. Stan noted that he believed the Wisconsin move was as much public money as wise guy  money and he said the line would drop back down on Saturday as the Sharp outfits would buy Iowa at +3. Iowa did drop down and Iowa did get the money. This week Stan says this move is for real as after last week the public won't want Michigan St they will now believe that Iowa is for real. After all, the Public just lost their money going against Iowa by betting Wisconsin last week. Earlier this year Wisconsin went into Michigan St and beat Michigan St 38-30. So how can Michigan St beat Iowa if they couldn't beat Wisconsin. Stan says RESPECT this Move this Week Michigan St money is for real.

TCU Opened Pick now -2.5

In what may be one of the best games of the weekend the Sharps wasted no time in taking a position on this game. When a game of this magnitude ( Both in Top 25) gets bet on Monday and Tuesday you have to take notice of what is going on. They bet TCU hard right up to -2.5. TCU is a team that is good that the public doesn't know a lot about because they don't get to see them. Stan says that this looks like the Wise Guys making a definitive stand on the TCU side and says you should respect this move.

Clemson @ Miami-Fl
Clemson Opened +7 now +5

Stan notes that the Wise Guys jumped on Clemson right away as the thought of getting a full TD was too good to pass up. Looking at the game closer Clemson is 3-3 with their 3 losses coming by a total of 10 points. So why wouldn't they take the Dog plus a TD. If this line continues to creep down to 4.5 or 4 The Sharps will buy this game back and take Miami-Fl on the Weekend looking for a live middle situation based on the closeness of Clemson's games. But generally speaking Stan notes that early money on the Dog is usually the real deal.

Wake Forest @ Navy
Navy Opened -1 & -1.5 now -3

Stan notes that this move is a move where the public will jump on and follow the steam. Navy scored 38 last week while Wake Forest scored 3 so the public will love Navy in a pick the winner situation. The sharps buy Navy at -1 and the line goes up then the public jumps on to piggy back the so called steam and this line hits 3 maybe even 3.5 late in the week. When that happens the sharps will be back only this time buying the dog for value. Stan says this move is not true steam but more of a position play that will be created by the public.

Stan Sharp is a Professional Bettor in Las Vegas that has won 57.5% of his plays over a 31 month period. Stan only bets one game a day but the work begins early in the week as Stan monitors how the lines move and why the money is being bet the way it is.

Click here to see Stan's Sharp's homepage

Stan based in Las Vegas makes his living solely from Betting on Sports his Winning is geared by playing just One Game a Day the absolute Best Bet he finds on the Card.

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