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Lebron James = Michael Jordan circa 1989


One of the first sports books I ever read was "The Jordan Rules" by Stan Smith. One of the main features of the book was a philosophy by Detroit Pistons head coach Chuck Daly (RIP) on the best way to defend Michael Jordan.

The interesting thing was Daly knew you couldn't totally stop Jordan, but the plan was to force him to play 1 on 5 and to beat his brains in for the entire series.

Fast forward to 2009 and you are Lebron James. You have your "Scottie Pippen" Mo Williams not even playing to a Craig Hodges level (what was up with Mo almost crying after the game, dude is weird). Your big men are either statues (Big Z) or offensively challenged (Side Show Bob). You have a forward that is 100 years old (Joe Smith) and another one that is Wally Freakin Szerbiak for goodness sake. It is truly amazing (do not play that Kanye West song again!!!) that Lebron has kept this series with the Magic as close as it is.

I feel for Lebron he is putting up some crazy NBA2K9 numbers while playing 1 on 5. He has single handily kept the Cavs close in a series that in reality should already be over.

I find the comparisons to the 89 Jordan eerie. Both had coaches (Mike Brown & Doug Collins) who offense strategy consisted of:


Mike Brown doesn't even design his own plays. How are you the coach of the year and you don't design your own plays? Granted the Cavs only have two offensive sets (Iso & Pick and roll), but still. He is like a rapper winning a Grammy, but uses a ghostwriter.

They both had players not quite ready for primetime (a young Scottie Pippen & an overrated Mo Williams).

They both were putting up crazy numbers in the playoffs.

MJ averaged 37, 7 & 7 in the 89 Playoffs

Lebron is averaging 36, 7 & 8 in the 09 Playoffs

Both ran into teams that gave them horrible match up problems (The Pistons for MJ and The Magic for Lebron).

MJ was bounced in the conference finals and Lebron is very close.

We know what eventually happened with Jordan, but what does the future hold for The King?

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