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Since I decided, about two weeks ago, to start releasing Syndicate Selections in my pick packages, I've been getting questions about them.  Here are the answers all in one place.

Question 1:  How often do you release syndicate selections?

The Wall Street Bankers group bets every day, and I release their selections to Crowne Club members and Pregame monthly subscribers everyday.  

I post Syndicate Selections in the pick packages less frequently.  In general, I will post their plays whenever I have one or more before 5:00 PM Eastern time.  I announced in a post two weeks ago that the syndicate selection packages would be posted between 1:00 PM Eastern, at the earliest, and 5:45 PM, at the latest.  You can expect most of the syndicate packages to post toward the later end of that window.  I expect there will be 3 to 7 syndicate packages per week.  Sometimes, if I get a play later than 5:00 PM, I may post it later if I feel the game-time is late enough that people will have time to notice the package.  For example, tonight I posted a play on the 10:35 PM ESPN game at about 6:05 PM.    

The nature of selling individual plays via web commerce packages presents problems that do not exist when releasing selections on a late phone service to subscribers.  With individual pick sales, I must put a package up early enough for people to discover it, buy it, and bet.   Subscribers, on the other hand, call every day at a prescribed time, which can be as late as 1/2 hour before game time.

For reasons that I will discuss in the next question, the syndicate normally bets very late -- often less than one hour before game time.  That has, in the past, kept me from putting up Syndicate selections in the packages except on rare occasions when I would get a very early selection.  

Two weeks ago, I decided to try putting up any syndicate selection I may get by 5:00 PM Eastern time.  If I get the play by 5:00 PM, it can be posted by latest 5:30 -5:45 PM.  So far, posting the plays between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM that has worked out nicely.

For obvious reasons, however, when selling individual selections, there is an advantage in being first to market.  If people see an early promotion that attracts them, they may use their daily budget to make an impulse purchase, without waiting to see what comes up later in the day.   Packages released in the afternoon will be too late to be considered for front-page promo space.  As a result, buyers of the syndicate plays must come to my page on their own initiative, and not spend their budget on something else earlier in the day.  

Whether or not I continue to release syndicate selections in individual pick packages depends on whether buyers get in the habit of coming to my pick page at 5:30 to 5:45 PM everyday to see if there are any syndicate selections that day.  It also depends on how many people are willing to wait with their purchases until they know if I have a syndicate play that day.

I won't always have a syndicate selection available early enough to be posted by 5:45 PM.  Only time will tell how many people keep checking my page if they don't find any syndicate selections for a few days.  

I am hoping the free pick in my package promos for my own plays will keep the syndicate selection buyers coming to my page, even when there are no syndicate selections posted for awhile.  I also hope they will consider purchasing my own personal selections, even if there are no syndicate selections that day.  

I am an exceptionally skilled handicapper in my own right.  I have been a professional sports bettor for 20 years, and my results in most seasons are as good as the best handicappers.  Many of the Crowne Club members prefer my personal selections to the Syndicate plays because I have a better handle on how to rate my own play, and I am better able to explain the reasons for my own plays.

If you are interested in getting every game the Syndicate bets, you will need to subscribe for monthly service.  To do so, you can contact Customer Service or Marco D'Angelo at 1-800 PREGAME.  There was a monthly package posted that you could purchase directly from my pick page, but for unknown reasons, it disappeared.  I'll need to contact Marco or RJ to find out why.

Upcoming questions in future blogs:
Question 2:  Why does the Syndicate bet so late?
Question 3:  How do you get their selections and how did you become connected with them?
Question 4:  How much does the Syndicate bet?
Question 5:  Why do you use the Wall Street Bankers?
Question 6:  Do I need to worry about line moves.
Question 7:  What is a syndicate?  Does it have something to do with organized crime?

The Syndicate won their tournament play again on Thursday, to put them at 6-1 in all Tournament bets.  My Undefeated TNT Dynamite Play remained undefeated with a win in my personal package on Thursday.  Last night, the Syndicate won their ESPN Late Game Selection on the Lakers.  For the week pick packages stand at 5-2 (71%).  For Saturday's Packages and a free pick in the body of the package promo CLICK HERE.

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A professional sports bettor and card player for 24 years, Rob is known as being as an expert handicapper and bettor, as well as one of the few sources for picks of the professional sports betting groups... Read more

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