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Money Back to Comback Insurance

Highly rated picks, like Games of the Year, can be profitable and exciting. A big pick from a quality handicapper offers a great chance to win.


If you don't understand that, you need to stop betting and start educating yourself.

But even those who understand this tend to over-bet big games. This is a habit you have to break. You should NEVER bet more than double your normal bet on a game (personally, my max bet is 1.5 times my normal wager).

Big games naturally have a higher price tag. This is reasonable, but what happens is the customer tends to bet more to compensate for the higher charge. To combat this, we are offering MONEY BACK TO COMEBACK insurance on our biggest games.

* On specially designated BIG games, you will receive 100% of your money back in Pregame Dollars if the pick does not cover.

There are no true guarantees with picks (a marketing ploy other sites use). When you lose, the amount bet is lost no matter what. Attempts to obscure that fact with "guarantees" is deceptive and dangerous.  Worse yet, such sites charge you DOUBLE for the pick, and collect double the amount when the pick wins. But one pick winning is not the same as earning you a profit! For example, these sites typically charge $50 per pick . . . so you buy two picks . . . win one, lose one . . . so they end up with $50 of your money. If they hit even 50% they collect the same amount since they charge double (and if they happen to actually win, they collect even MORE).

What makes MONEY BACK TO COMEBACK different is we are not doubling the price of the picks to compensate for the insurance.  Rather, we are discouraging you from the dangerous practice of over-betting our biggest picks.

60% of the time you will win your bet MINUS the cost of the pick.
40% of the time you will lose your bet (but no true cost of pick)

The Pro who offers this insurance is risking his money for your long-term profits. Because the only way to win is to be back in action the next day after a tough loss, grinding out the edge winning information offers. Getting your money back funds the cost of the winning info you need for your comeback.

Big picks can be a great profit opportunity if played correctly.

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