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Get Your Free Widgets Here!!!

As the top tech here at, I'm frequently asked about sharing or syndicating our unique content with other sites.  There are many ways that we go about doing this; RSS Feeds, Web Services, API's, and other methods too.  One of the more exciting methods that we've begun to employ lately is the use of widgets.

 Web Widgets are small applications that can be installed and executed within a web browser. Video Widget 300 X 500 

In our partnership with, we've developed many useful and engaging widgets that allow our affiliates to share content with their own online communities.  Now we are making some of these widgets available to you.  Just click the links below to view the widgets and then follow the simple instructions on the page to download and install the widgets on your site.

 If you have a site with a lot of traffic and wish to become a pregame affiliate, email us at

 Here are your free widgets:

 Enjoy!!! And if you have any questions or comments I'm always glad to hear from you.


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