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Pregame Blogs

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    09/07/2011 9:56 PM
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The Detroit Lions suck worse than you think......

I have been a Detroit Lion's season ticket holder since #20, Barry Sanders, dazzled football fans everywhere with a playoff victory against the Dallas Cowboys. I saw numerous choke jobs (cough cough, playoff game against the Packers with the infamous Favre to Sharpe Hail Mary). Despite all the heartbreak and disappointment, each year I sign the check and set myself up for another year of misery. But, according to almost all of the publications and T.V. experts, the Lions offense would be so exciting this season they could make a push toward a division title. Well, four games into the season, Kitna was benched in the 4th game and the Lions have only been close to winning one game (the Packers). Outside of that they have been beyond horrible. One friend of mine has made a point to try and start the defense and the QB playing each week against the Lions. I personally took a shot on Kyle Orton on Sunday and was able to put up 30+ fantasy points.

If you break down the first four games of the season, you find that the Detroit Lions have allowed teams to break records and have career days. Not bad considering they are only 4 games into the damn season!

Game #1: Matt Ryan became the 1st QB in 8+ years to start his career with a touchdown pass. Turner goes for 220 with two TDs to break the team record for yards (the Falcons as a whole also set a team rushing record at 318) AND set the NFL record for most yards by a runner in their first start for a new team.

Game #2: Aaron Rodgers said "Brett Who?" and tossed for a meager 328 yards (24 of 38) with 3 touchdown passes.

Game #3: Detroit Lions kicked Mike Martz to the curb and ended up coaching the 49ers. So in game #3, Martz humilated his former team 31-13. San Francisco put up more yards in this game than they did in almost any game all of last year. How bad is the Lion's defense? Well, SF quarterback O'Sullivan was sacked 12 times in the first two games but only was taken down ONCE by Detroit.

Game #4: Kyle Orton: Career day against the Lion's defense, 24-34 for 334 yards and 2 TDs (no INTS)

Alas, another season of misery and disappointment. When the season is all said and done, I will (sigh) sign that check yet again on the promose of new management and some stud draft pick. Is there any hope for this franchise or will my children's children be forced to endure the same disappointment I have lived through?

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