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Pregame Blogs

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Station Casinos Football Contests & Week One Picks



A few years ago I realized that the only fun for me in fantasy football was the draft. I was egged into a couple fantasy leagues the past couple of years, but hardly paid attention. This year I finally cut fantasy football out of my life and I feel much better for it. I was stoked just to bet on a couple of NFL and NCAA games a week and be done. However, over the past couple years I’ve been hearing about these football contests at the casinos so I considered entering one. One contest turned into seven, so my time that I used to devote to fantasy football will now be given to these contests.

There were lots of options but, because I am new to contests, I didn’t plan on dropping $10k on the world famous Hilton SuperContest. I ended up choosing Station CasinosLast Man Standing” contests for a variety of reasons. The “Last Man Standing” contests are only $25 each and end as soon as I lose a game (which could be this week). There is an NFL and NCAA contest and since I’m researching both each week anyway, I figured that I would do both and I’m doing two of each so I have a total of four entries for “Last Man Standing.” The other reason is that Red Rock Casino is down the street (and my home casino) from my house so putting in my picks is easy. This contest is simple. Pick one game from a list made up every Wednesday against the spread per entry. Done.

The other contest I ended up joining was the “My Great Giveaway” Contest. This was also a $25 contest and I purchased two and I got a third entry for free. All fees are returned as slot dollars at the end of the season so this is, theoretically, free.  This contest involves just picking winners and there are a lot of prizes beyond cash.

I’m stoked for football season and having a few bucks riding on the games doesn’t hurt. Much like in the past contests I’ve done, I’ll be listing my picks for “Last Man Standing” only. I look at the “My Great Giveaway” as more pot luck than skill. Since I have Free Picks and Fun for my sports content, I’ll post picks there weekly instead of here. I’ll also tweet the info if you follow me.

This will be the only blog that will go on both AC2LV and Free Picks and Fun, so keep your eyes peeled. Here are my picks for the week if you’re still reading.

Last Man Standing – NFL

  • Eagles – 4.5
  • Bucs -1.5

Last Man Standing – NCAA

  • Miss State – 6.5
  • Iowa -7.5
  • I wanted to go with Ohio State, but the game wasn’t on their list.

Originally posted on AC2LV

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